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FlashBoot 3.1b

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FlashBoot 3.1b



FlashBoot allows you to create bootable USB disks, Flash Memory keys as well as the added ability to install a mini OS on bootable USB devices. What sets this apart from other similar utilities is its ability to create FAT32 filesystems on USB thumb drives larger than 32 Gb. This will be of particular use in the UEFI environment where a USB thumb drive filesystem must be recognized by the motherboard's firmware. FlashBoot can also smoothly work with thumb drives which have no partitions or a drive letter assigned. It can also recover a thumb drive's full capacity in the event that other tools have reduced the available space.

FlashBoot supports ESD format of source Windows installation images (in addition to ISO image files and directly-accessed DVD disks). And it is also fully functional under Windows XP; this is due to it not mounting any registry hives, FAT filesystems, WIM and VHD images via the Windows kernel. These features are implemented within FlashBoot, without the need of calling on platform-specific tools.


FlashBoot Features:
-Prepares USB thumb drives for installation of Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Vista to an internal HDD/SSD
-Installs full-featured Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1 to a USB thumb drive, which will boot independently from the main OS on HDD/SSD
-Saves USB thumb drive to an image file
-Restores USB thumb drive from an image file
-Can copy a USB thumb drive to another USB thumb drive, retaining full bootability
-Install DOS to a USB thumb drive
-Can Install UEFI shell to a USB thumb drive
-Quickly formats USB thumb drives
-Wipes USB thumb drives (securely erase all data)



Apr, 21 of 2018 Minor update 3.1b released.

Starting from this version, FlashBoot driver integration feature supports Windows Setup images with mixed bitness (32-bit/64-bit).


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This is the free version. :)

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