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Samsung's Galaxy S9 battery 'issues' are all about Apple

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By now you've probably heard that the Exynos-powered international version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 doesn't have the greatest battery life. Some say it's fair, some say it's the most horrible thing ever, so that means it's somewhere in the middle and that's not good enough for a phone in 2018. Especially a very expensive phone.


I say you've heard because most of the people reading this will be in a place where Samsung uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 inside the S9 instead of the Exynos and we get to experience the issues second-hand. Usually, it's the other way around, and in North America we have to hear about how the Exynos version is the better of the two so it's a bit refreshing to know "we" have the best S9. But we don't, really, because the Exynos version is still the best version. Or will be when Samsung fixes the problem.

That's the most important part of this whole thing (please don't become a -gate). The problems the Exynos chip is having when it comes to battery life are directly related to software and easy to "fix" so that it is as good as the Snapdragon version. Some code in the kernel helps decide when to run at full power and when to run slower based on what the phone is trying to do and it's all fouled up. Going back to the older way Samsung has done it gives battery life on par with the Snapdragon 845 version. If you don't bother to take away anything else, that's what you need to know here. But it's always fun to look at the why instead of just the how.


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