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Abelssoft FileFusion 2018 

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[Image: 1801191220110118.jpg]


Abelssoft FileFusion 2018 

Features of FileFusion 2018:

  • 1-Click Optimization – Search & replace the duplicate files
  • Smart: When fusing duplicate files, only one copy is kept physically on the drive.
  • Work perfectly with all NTFS-based hard drives
  • Display a detailed report about the amount of freed storage, the number of all fusioned, duplicate files and more.
  • Clears up to 31% of disk space even with already cleaned hard disks.
  • Analysis of all files that are on the hard disk.
  • Creates a digital fingerprint for each file and matches these prints with all other files
  • Deletes the disk space on the hard disk and instead creates a hard link that points to the remaining file.





NB:  Installation file is in English (Tested:2/12/2018)



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