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Radixx11's message for Nsane Community!

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On 2/12/2018 at 6:50 PM, KRS said:

Give an appreciative greeting from our side to @RadiXX11

Count me in this one!

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Posted (edited)
On 2/12/2018 at 3:27 PM, Recruit said:

Hello People,



Radi asked me to send this message for all nsane community ( screenshot ) :

In these days he is caught with some projects, at least for now, and he does not have enough time for being in here, but there are and good news below.




I have a little addition here in his name ( I am sure he will not be upset for that ) : the message suits also gals, concerning all the girls who are members in nsane community. Not too cool to forget the womens : them are making our life more beautiful everyday. :P


After this exchange of kindness, it is the time to concentrate on important things.


As you known already, he opened a new blog : https://radixx11rce.blogspot.com


He decided in this way because he feels that his job in reverse engineering needs to go further, to a next level, where he wish to share & exchange knowledge with other passionates in this world.


This is the main reason for which he decided to publish some of source codes to certain projects that he is working for.


Anyone who would be interested in this project is welcome to his blog.


Also, if anyone has a message for him I can help, but please : - no crack request !


In the same time his older releases ( most of them posted and on nsaneforums ) are available here.


Closing words : Radi will remain same nice guy as you already known him . This blog is not a source of revenues for him, it is only ( quote from him : screenshot : He will kill me about that, but I assumed it ) :






Wish you good luck to everyone ! F3h9xqz.gif



To be updated from time to time according with his wishes.






Keep the good work to both. Congratulations Recruit for reaching veteran category recently!!!

Also for the first place in the leaderboard this days, which is way to helping others.

Edited by vitorio

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5 hours ago, vitorio said:

Congratulations Recruit for reaching veteran category recently!!!


Thanks for your appreciation, friend ! Also, totally appreciation from my side to you @vitorio :)
However, I have explained here what I think about these things : http://www.nsaneforums.com/profile/82921-recruit/?status=37230&type=status


5 hours ago, vitorio said:

Also for the first place in the leaderboard


Fortunately, "The Leaderboard"  reflects only a situation by the moment and none is able to stay there forever......^_^


Wish you all the best ! ;)

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