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What do you think about Electric Cars?

Will your next car be electric?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Will your next car be electric?

    • My next car will be electric
    • I’m not convinced by them, I’ll buy conventional
    • I am undecided. More time and development is needed

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Electric cars are the latest major development in automobile technology. They are quiet and clean, contributing to drastic reduction in air pollution in the cities, much needed in some places. And they are claimed to be environmentally friendlier than conventional internal combustion vehicles. Finally, some even claim they work out cheaper in the long run, despite their high acquisition cost.


But at the same time, they have serious disadvantages. They’re expensive to buy, have a limited range per battery charge, charging takes a long time, and their long term viability hasn't been proven.


There’s also the concern, in declaring them cleaner overall, whether all factors have been correctly taken into account, or the industry is just cooking the calculations in order to boost sales, akin to bringing out a new model, only far more so. After all, these calculations are very complex and rely on many volatile and unpredictable parameters.


So what is your position?

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Electric cars are not clean at all. Though they don't pollute the place where they run, they need electricity to run which emits a lot of pollution at the time of generation.

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