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Yandex Browser Beta Released With More Security & Privacy Features


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Hi, this is the new beta! Yandex just Added more security features:notworthy:
It can protect the browser form almost everything! High-quality browser:D
Give it a try ;)
The objects of protection:

  • the file browser
  • your browser settings
  • extensions
  • user data (credit card numbers, pins, bookmarks, browsing history)
  • confidential information (passwords, keyboard input, screen contents, etc.)
  • other resources of the browser, affecting its security
  • operating system settings that affect browser security

Threats, which protects the module

  • change the files of the browser extension and third-party applications (can be embedded malicious code);
  • theft of user data (passwords, credit card numbers, bookmarks, browsing history);
  • the interception or substitution of downloaded and sent data (MITM attack);
  • any unauthorized changes to browser settings such as default search or security settings;
  • the withdrawal of the application screenshots (used to collect user information);
  • record the application sequence of keystrokes on the keyboard (used to steal passwords);
  • unauthorized removal of the browser or module protection third-party applications.

How protection works

The protection module is installed with the browser but is a separate application. It only takes a small amount of virtual memory that protects all the user's browser and works even when the browser is closed.

The module uses the technology of HIPS. It monitors and warns of potentially dangerous activity programs in the operating system. If the application performs an action that threatens the integrity of the browser protection module blocks the action and reports it.

Download it from here Download Yandex Browser (beta)


It's beta but stable and reliable.




Lite - Online Installer:

Win (1.3 MB): https://cache-mskdataline01.cdn.yandex.net/download.yandex.ru/browser/beta-custo-int/en/lite/Yandex.exe


Standalone Direct links:

Win (66.1 MB): https://cache-mskdataline02.cdn.yandex.net/download.cdn.yandex.net/browser/beta-custo-int/en/Yandex.exe

Mac (65.3 MB): https://cache-mskdataline11.cdn.yandex.net/download.cdn.yandex.net/browser/beta-custo-int/en/Yandex.dmg

Linux - deb x64 (63.7 MB): https://cache-mskdataline03.cdn.yandex.net/download.cdn.yandex.net/browser/yandex/ru/beta/Yandex.deb

Linux - rpm x64 (63.5 MB): https://cache-mskdataline05.cdn.yandex.net/download.cdn.yandex.net/browser/yandex/ru/beta/Yandex.rpm

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Sir Vissha, no hard feelings :hug:, You can post this beta so many times as you will, because this hottie is so brilliant! I've tested it about a month and never seen anybody like her: how cryptic she is with dnscrypt and nolog dns servers, and how she uses Kaspersky to protect herself. Amazing! :thumbsup:


Forum search is hard to use for such a newcomer and amateur like me and I don't know what is wrong or right, but anyway, at first I type a search term 'yandex' in the search box, then I choose 'Topics' instead of 'All content' and then my mouse hits tool on the right corner in the search box. I get 33 results. If I type, I get only 4 results. To mention, last one is irrelevant in beta case.



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