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WinNTSetup v3.8.8 Final portable multilang

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WinNTSetup v3.8.8  Final portable multilang














  • - Install Windows 2k/XP/2003/2008/2012/Vista/7/8.x x86/x64
  • - Practically runs even on the most minimalistic WinPE
  • - Choose able drive letter for the new Windows installation
  • - Install Windows also if nlite/vlite has remove winnt32.exe/setup.exe
  • - Integrate Drivers: normal PNP and Textmode Drivers also
  • - patch uxtheme to allow unsigned Themes
  • - Some tweaks
  • - Support "Windows to Go" for Windows 7 and later installs
  • - Supports WimBoot option for Windows 8.1 Update 1
  • - supports all current WIM files: WIM/SWM (XPRESS / LZX / XPRESS HUFFMAN = Wimboot compression)
  • - supports unencrypted ESD files (LZMS compressed WIM)


Not Supported:


  • - No Windows embedded version (this includes WinFLP)
  • - No Installation onto USB disk *New* only Windows 7 and later
  • - No upgrades of existing installations






WinNTSetup 3.8.8

- minor fixes for Windows 10 Creators Update
- optimized reg import
- fixed a bug in offline password reset
- uxtheme patch for all windows versions
- support for splitted esd files
- applying extended attributes (WIMGAPI only)



- updated ini file
- removed Minhook
- fixed appcrash
- $OEM$ copy ignores NTFS permissons
- fixed IATHook did not work with Win10 wimgapi.dll
- changed tooltip used default system time
- added imdisk on the fly driver install for Windows 7 and earlier
- customize Win7 USB Boot with Tools\Win7USBBoot.ini
- fixed iso mount for esd and multi arch ISOs
- new ini option Lang=xxxx


WinNTSetup 3.8.6

- fix boot partition mounted as A: or B: wasn't recognized
- fixed Windows 10 installing from Windows XP host
- minor improvements
- fixed wimgapi loading bug running on windows 8.x
- added GUI option for compact mode
- downloads WofAdk and makes volatile driver install
- offline windows tools will attach WofAdk
- adding WofAdk driver to new installations, if compact or wimboot made is set
- using exclusion filter to enable wimboot/compact mode for all Win7 sources and later
- fixed esd files could not be applied in compact mode
- support compact mode with wimlib v.1.8.2
- win10 with XPREES4K compact mode does not use additional compression exclusions
- resized tweaks window
- fixed bug in commandline options
- fixed command line oem switch did not support relative pathes
- default folder for file and folder browse dialogs can be defined in the ini file
- fixed download command line option did not end WinNTSetup
- accept WIM files that lacks XML information
- improvements for Windows 10 TH2
- added commandline option timeout:n, to set the boot menu timeout


Version 3.8.0

- fix VHD checks for windows 8 Core edition
- fix dpi issues
- fix reg import of empty values
- fix win 10 bcd error
- fix VHD GUI
- fix user creation
- fix gui issues
- fix vhd creation may trigger format dialog
- XP/Vista will try to load Tools\x??\wingapi.old if exists
- added support for new WofADK driver
- post processing PrepopulateList
- support for METADATA_ONLY Wimfiles
- downloads ADK 10 RC wimgapi.dll
- support for custom.wim wimboot images
- new command line option -ref:{reference.wim}
- new command line option -wbc:{custom_wimbootcompressed.ini}
- new command line option -compact
- reattach Wof(ADK) after bootsect volume dismount
- commandline option setup now respects ini file settings
- workaround win10 bug, disable UAC only works correct on unattend setups
- disable defender on windows 10 build 10xxx via group policy


Version 3.7.5

- Windows Threshold compatibility
- fixed wimboot check
- disabled diskcopy.dll fix for Windows 10 (no longer needed)
- removed freespace check for Wimboot installations
- added BCDBoot option NONE, to ignore BCD entirely
- added command line option -noreg, to not touch registry at all
- fixed splited wim (swm) files could cause app crash
- changed handling of wimboot and encrypted esd files
- workaround for bcdedit bug
- replaced deprecated GetVersionEx() with RTLGetVersion()
- wimlib 1.7.4 or later can be used
- some still hard coded string are now possible translate
- fixed regimport not working in certain cases
- fixed driver integration problems
- fixed taskbar tweaks for newer Win10 builds
- nolonger uses lying WinAPI IsProcessorFeaturePresent
- prevent driver inetegration to win8.1 from Vista or older host system
- driver integration recommands latest ADK DISM in Tools\x??\DISM *

* This is required if the OS to install is newer than the one currently running.
As a minimum the api-ms-win-downlevel*.dll are required


Version 3.6.5

- fixed regression XP sysprep offline registry error
- fixed About dialog DPI issues
- using Descrition XML node if Name and Displayname are not defined
- logging error code and hive path, if offline registry fails to load
- boot entry now contains (WIMBOOT) or (VHDX) if these option are used
- moved WinNTSetup_iso.cmd into Tools folder


Version 3.6.0

- new option to use wimlib 1.7.0 for all WIM operations*
- wrong error message for VHD checks
- fixed applying failed on to low system freespace
- fixed avoid wimboot uses on server type OS
- fixed applying to a folder if current working dir has the same root as install drive
- added -regtweaks:{path} commandline and gui option

*You have to add the wimlib dll files to "Tool\x??\wimlib" folder
and add "-wimlib" commandline parameter


Version 3.5.0

- added support for WimBoot
- fixed mounted ISO files on Windows 8 was not unmounted on exit
- fixed EditionID was not detected on self made  WIM files
- fixed missing English fallback on not translated strings
- added combo box to select bcdboot firmware option
- added new cmdline switch: -bcd:{ALL|BIOS|UEFI} to specific bcdboot firmware option


Version 3.4.0
- adding support for XP/2003 WIM files
- fixed problems with Final OnePiece XP Update packs
- EFI Boot files are now only created on EFI partitions
- UAC tweak disables now also defender


Version 3.3.0

- fixed sfc disable patch did not delete *.cat in dllcache folder
- removed dll dependencies: imagehlp, netapi32, psapi
- removed all deprecated win32 API's
- fixed xp user creation, when setup an x64 OS from WinNTSetup_x86.exe
- accepts bootice???.exe names in Tools folder and appdir
- fixed swm files where detected by extention instead of attributes
- fixed updating bootsector could use wrong tool


Version 3.2.1

- reduce ADK download size by 600KB
- new download command line option to download ADK silently
- added links to about gui
- removed bootice from tools


Version 3.2.0

- fixed problem with "subst" drives
- fixed drive label still not displayed on some systems
- new support for esd files
- command line accept relative pathes
- on windows 8.1 system32 wimgapi.dll will be preferred
- admin check now token based
- updated offreg library to latest version


Version 3.1.0

- fixed splited wim (swm) files could not be applied
- using vista style folder browse dialogs if available
- new runafter program selection on Ready GUI
- fixed existing cmdlines.txt became corrupted
- minor bugfixes
- new hotkey: Shift+F10 to bring up Command Prompt
- fixed Disable Hibernate tweak does not work on Windows 8.x
- mount system drive check box is gone
- tweaks that are not compatible with the OS to install are now hidden
- new cmdline option to load a language, ex.: -lng:1234 will load the file Lang\1234.dll


Version 3.0.0

- complete new written in a more suited language
- new offline windows and office key viewer
- new offline password reset
- new VHDX support
- fully supporting Windows 8.1





Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/0DJRNZQN/WinNTSetup3.rar_links



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