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A robot grocery store that comes to you...

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A robot grocery store that comes to you...

isn't a sci-fi fantasy anymore

If you thought convenience stores weren’t convenient enough, the Moby Mart is here to make your shopping dreams come true.

There is currently a prototype running in Shanghai, China.

Wheelys Moby Mart is an on demand, automated, mobile store that comes to you.

Any time day or night the Moby Mart is on call to bring you snacks, medicine, toiletries, magazines, and a variety of other products you’d normally have to make a trip to a local CVS to pick up.


The Moby Mart uses AI to create a mobile store that is completely staff-less. The stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

You just swipe the app to get inside and sensors detect whenever you’ve picked something up. If you decide to purchase something just swipe it and your card is charged automatically.

    “The death of retail is slowly killing whole villages.

There is a simple solution to turn this around.

Create unmanned stores that removes the need for humans to be present in stores at all times”?

The Moby Mart is even Wall-E approved.

The Moby is the most environmentally friendly store on the market.

It’s equipped with solar panels, an integrated air purifier and cleans up after itself.

For more information and updates on when you can expect a Moby Mart near you, check out www.themobymart dot com.




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