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McAfee Report: Mac Malware Grew 744%, Most Is Adware

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Threats against Mac users grow


Mac computers may still be "safer" than Windows PCs, as less focus is put on them, but the number of attacks is rapidly rising. In fact, according to the recent McAfee Threat Report, macOS malware grew by 744% in 2016, with some 460,000 instances detected. 


Of course, when it comes to comparing macOS infections with those of Windows PCs, Mac numbers are minimal. All malware detected last year rose up to some 600 million instances, with some 15 million being mobile malware.


Thankfully, if you could put it there, most macOS malware was adware, which means it pretty much just annoys victims, rather than do a lot of damage, such is the situation with most Windows or Android malware.


This doesn't mean there are no instances of truly malicious infections. In fact, there are plenty of those to go around, such as the Word macro instances where Mac users were targeted, or the Fruitfly malware used to attack computers in biomedical research institutions.


Of course, in order to protect yourself and your device from malware, it's best to only install software from verified sources and to avoid suspicious emails and their attachments.


The dangers of IoT

The McAfee report puts the focus on another type of issue - the growing number of malware infections on Internet of Things devices which enables them to be used as part of botnets for various purposes, like DDoS attacks on websites.


"IoT devices are being hijacked and used to carry out serious crimes in cyberspace. Attackers, after gaining control of IoT devices, can use them to attack business, consumers, or Internet infrastructure. The Mirai botnet is just the beginning," reads the report, setting down an ominous prediction.


This situation, however, highlights the modern problems of the world where more and more devices come with an Internet connection and not enough security to make them safe against attacks. There have been numerous reports in recent months about all types of attacks against IoT devices, including smart toys for kids and smart toys for... adults.



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Some condenser McAfee to be adware itself  Even the guy invented and sold it said 


John McAfee: McAfee antivirus is one of the worst products


There may be more malware but  they dont want you too know the truth that people are far less likely to be infected in like say 2001 when it was easy too get infected  also you have a lot of people on different platforms  . But McAfee they just want too sell you some crap full of false positives. I keep pup detection turned  off  in my AV because if you install adware that's you're own fault. that can prevented by using conman sense. I use a on demand scanner as well sometimes that have  pup and malware detection i come up clean for many years now. So i guess they have to make more malware or no one would get infected the less its a problem the more they will make Alot of the malware on MAC is because they use a Microsoft product called Office .


So most Malware on Apple products, depends on using Microsoft products because Microsoft still uses  macros  but if you use Little Snitch Firewall it want even infect you Just like if you use a add blocker ads and  stuff want even infect from you're browser. I was reading a IT guy say there are a lot of mac users who get infected because a.they dont use a adblocker.. B. there too dumb  too clean there browser catch and history too remove it so they call support and pay 300 bucks for something anyone could of done :)



OldSchoolMacGuy 5 hours ago at 02:26 pm

Settle down. Doesn't take much to have increases like that when you have such low levels to start with.

If you have 1 case and now you have 100, you've had a 9900% increase. It's still not a lot considering how many Mac users there are, but it makes for great attention grabbing stats to get people to pay attention to your website article or get them to buy your security product.



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McAfee...once upon a time...late 90's...


Now? McCrappy..




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