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7 Tips to Stay Safe from Attacks like the Fappening

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Online security needs to taken seriously to prevent attacks


Sure, you may not be a celebrity, but who's to say your account may not become interesting to a hacker? Who's to say said hacker won't keep your content captive in turn for a ransom? 


The Fappening is happening again, as you may have heard already. Just like in 2014, hackers are dumping photos and videos of female celebrities on platforms such as 4chan and reddit, exposing intimate footage that was never meant to see the light of day.


The morality of such a move can only be expressed through one word - "lacking." It does not matter who you are, you have the right to privacy, just as these actresses and models did. Just because they are public persons does not mean that every little thing they do is public too. Victim blaming, like in many other instances, is not the way to go; because that's what these women are: victims of what one reader perfectly described as "digital sexual assault." We're not even going to bring into discussion those who think these women took personal, private, pictures just so they could get hacked and exposed.


Then and now

In 2014, hackers managed to get into celebrities' accounts by hacking into their iCloud and Gmail accounts via a simple phishing scam. This time around, it's unclear how they managed to do this, but there are so many ways this could have been achieved. An obvious one is a phishing attack - one inconspicuous email sent to these women, have them click a link, get them to sign in their data, and you're in.


Then, there have been so many data breaches in recent months and years that it's quite possible their information was already out there. Reusing your password is a surefire way to get hacked if someone really wants a way into your account. Even tweaking it just a bit will not keep a hacker away for long.


There's also Twitter, a place where every celebrity has an account. As one hacker pointed out after President Trump entered the White House, it's quite easy to guess what email address one is using by trying to reset their password, unless proper steps are taken to secure the account, namely to have them ask you for personal information (your phone number) when resetting your password).


Upgrade your security

So what are a few steps to avoid getting hacked like these ladies have?


1. never use the same password twice and use complicated passwords that are (preferably) at least 10 characters long.

2. secure your email and cloud accounts with two-step authentication

3. don't download suspicious files on your computer or phone

4. don't tap on links sent to you via email from people you don't know

5. don't install apps that have not been verified - they might carry malware

6. secure your social media accounts with two-step authentication and any other steps they offer to keep your details private

7. take the time every so often to update your passwords and security questions


Online security is extremely important nowadays and it will only continue to grow in importance. It is hacks like these, affecting people's privacy, that stress just how crucial it is to safeguard all your data.



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Agent 86

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I will look at naked pics of good looking women, famous or not, so please keep be ignorant you young females!!!!!

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