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German Police Spend €100,000 on Windows Phones

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Windows phones are good choice for police operations, German authorities say


Windows phones might not be compelling devices for consumers across the world, but as far as the German police are concerned, these smartphones are simply the best choice for optimizing the workflow and completing certain tasks faster and more easily.


Hamburg police officers recently spent no less than 100,000 Euro on Windows phones, with local media revealing that local authorities decided to buy 900 Lumia devices because of their capabilities to connect to bigger displays and offer a PC-like experience with Continuum.


The specific Lumia model that was purchased as part of this investment was not disclosed, but the average price was $111, so there’s a good chance that Hamburg police didn’t get the Lumia 950 or 950 XL flagships. Or if it did, the police possibly signed a partnership with Microsoft for a special price.


German officials explain in documents that Windows phones make it possible for police officers to file incident reports a lot faster thanks to dedicated apps, while then allowing them to work on these reports at the desk by simply connecting them to a bigger screen with Continuum.


The lack of apps is not a problem

Police documents also praise Windows 10 Mobile security and explain that easy integration with Microsoft services and its own systems contribute to smoother operations both at the desk and on the go.


It goes without saying that German police has absolutely no problem with the lack of apps, mostly because they have custom solutions to connect to their services and no third-party applications posted in the Windows Store are being used. This indeed makes Windows phones pretty good choices for police operations, as the lack of apps has long been considered one of the biggest problems for Microsoft’s mobile operating system.


Unfortunately, even though German police seems to love Windows phones, adoption of the platform remains low. Approximately 0.5 percent of the new phones sold the last quarter were Windows phones and the share is likely to drop in the coming years to eventually reach 0.0 percent, according to forecasts.



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