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LG Faces Class-Action Suit Over G4 and V10 Bootloop Issue

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LG V10


A year ago, LG acknowledged that a large number of G4 smartphones sold worldwide were affected by a bootloop issue, presumably caused by loose contact between components. Now it seems that a number of G4 owners have decided to sue the Korean company.


LG G4 owners were joined by V10 users. LG released the V10 in October 2015, and the phone was affected the same issue that caused the device to enter an endless bootloop. In terms of hardware, the V10 is similar to the G4, with some minor differences, like the additional camera and expanded storage.


Apparently, in an attempt to offer owners the option to expand the 32 or 64GB internal memory to 256GB using a microSD card, LG made the V10 susceptible to the same problem that plagued G4 devices.


Users demand LG starts a program to repair defect phones

After acknowledging the problem in G4 units, LG started replacing defect phones with new ones, but the suit says that LG continued to manufacture LG phones with the bootloop defect, according to ArsTechnica.


The lawsuit says that LG didn’t undertake a recall or offer adequate remedy to consumers, one user saying that LG replaced two of his G4 phones, while the third one continues to freeze and display signs of the same defect.


In addition, LG didn’t provide any remedy to owners of LG G4 phones that “failed outside the warranty period because of the bootloop defect.” The lawsuit claims that both phone models were inadequately soldered to the motherboard, making them unable to withstand heat. Before experiencing bootloop, the phones start freezing, slowing down, overheating and rebooting at random. The suit says that they eventually fail entirely.


G4 and V10 owners who filed the suit claim unjust enrichment, unfair trade and breaches of warranty laws. Users are seeking "damages in an amount to be determined at trial", aside from legal fees and costs. They also want LG to launch a program to repair all phones affected by the bootloop defect.



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