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Light Alloy 4.9.3 Build 2538 + Portable

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Light Alloy 4.9.3 Build 2538 + Portable



Light Alloy - is a completely free, compact multimedia player. It supports all popular multimedia formats. Player is optimized for quick launch and minimum load of the system resources.

The main feature - it is very easy in use but at the same time has lots of configuration settings. Like fast video rewind, load subtitles, make bookmarks in the list or on the timeline, preview window on timeline, select audio tracks and subtitles in multilingual films, minimize to tray, infrared remote control (WinLIRC), make screenshots. The brightness/contrast/saturation of the image van be adjust, it supports multimedia keyboards and has full support for DVD/Blu-ray and MKV/OGM/MP4 features.




So you can see graphically how much is played and how much is still to play

Allows you to remotely control Light Alloy, for example if you are laying on the sofa

Live Preview
Just like on YouTube you can navigate with a preview window while searching on the timeline

IPTV support
Allows you to watch tv over the internet and online videos like youtube

Internet Radio
Contains an expandable list of online radio stations which you can play and record, and a list to store your favorites

Streams switch
In case of multiple audio/subtitles streams you can easily switch from stream

Contains Dutch, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and others

Built-in codecs
You don't have to install a codec pack anymore: you can use the player immediately after installation

Blu-Ray & DVD
You also can watch Blu-Ray and DVD with Light Alloy


Experimental optimization of fullscreen/windowed modes switching. Should be much faster now.

Omega skin: colorize volume control background when you go over 100%.

Some more settings can now be migrated when preferences are upgraded to newest version.

Updated OpenSSL libraries.

Preferences->Interface: fixed broken windowed mode for two options in "Control Panel" dropdown. [regression]

Fixed skins that located in folder were not shown anymore in "?" button popup.

Fixed some issues with remembering state of panels. 

Homepage: http://light-alloy.ru
Changelog (latest version): http://www.light-alloy.ru/download/
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Language: Multilingual
Download Page: http://www.light-alloy.ru/download/

Installer (22.62 MB): http://light-alloy.ru/LA_Setup_v4.9.3.exe

Portable (13.00 MB): http://light-alloy.ru/LA_Portable_v4.9.3.rar


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15 minutes ago, VIKTOR PAVEL said:

Installer (22.62 MB): http://light-alloy.ru/LA_Setup_v4.9.2.exe

Portable (13.00 MB): http://light-alloy.ru/LA_Portable_v4.9.2.rar


You forget to change the links:)


Download Links for v4.9.3



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