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NASA mission best chance of meeting aliens...

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NASA mission best chance of meeting aliens...

Nasa preparing mission to send lander to Europa, offering humanity's best ever chance of meeting aliens

The mission is complicated by the fact that scientists know almost nothing about what Europa’s surface is like

Nasa might soon launch our best ever chance of meeting aliens.



The space agency is putting together plans to send a lander to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons and perhaps the most likely place to harbour extraterrestrial life anywhere near us. 

But first it will have to work out how it can actually land on a surface about which it knows next to nothing.

The agency started seriously exploring the possibility by commissioning a report on the value of sending a lander onto the icy surface of the moon. 

That report has now arrived and Nasa is looking to explore its findings with the scientific community.

The mission’s work will be divided up into three goals. 

The first and most important will be the search for life, but the other two are to look at how habitable Europa might be, and to explore the possibility of future robotic exploration of the moon and its oceans.


Scientists expect that Europa has a large saltwater ocean underneath the icy crust that we can see. 

That has twice as much water as the oceans on Earth do, scientists expect. 

Those circumstances and others have led scientists to conclude that Europe is probably one of the most likely places to find present-day life outside of Earth, and it is relatively close by.

As such, scientists hope that the plan to send a life-detecting robot to the planet – the first time that has happened at Nasa since the Viking mission more than 40 years ago.

 But they also have to cope with the fact that the icy surface of the moon is almost entirely unknown, and that it has no atmosphere and so can’t make use of things like a heat shield or parachutes.

The lander is being prepared ready for after Nasa’s solar-powered flyby of Europa is expected to launch in the early 2020s. 

That will be able to take a variety of high-definition images of the ocean and the icy shell that surrounds it, helping us learn more about the surface before sending a lander onto the planet.

Space exploration is not a useless endeavour as some here believe. 

Instead it's the only prospect the human race has for any chance of a long term survival. 

I totally support this mission but am highly dissapointed in previous missions lack of abundance in high quality images or video being released to the public. 

Stop treating these missions like some secret mission for a secret space cabal. I want more images. 

The images we pay for do not belong to NASA exclusively - they belong to the American people.

 You want my support, then stop playing games with my space images. 

Like it or not, NASA needs "hype" That's how things get funded. 

This probe is just one small project compared to the overall budget. 

Hardly a drop in the bucket over the years it will be in development before it even gets built and sent off. 

Complaining about it's funding and how that money could help in other ways is meaningless when thousands of times more that that will be spent on welfare and "social programs" during those same years. 

Funding the illegal aliens costs more in a month (maybe a week) than that project will take in it's entirety. 

Buy some perspective before droning on endlessly about the cost and how that money could be spent "better" on other pet projects you happen to like. 

Remember it's not even going to launch until about 2025. 

In a budget that will total in the trillions of dollars over the next 6 or 7 years it comes out to a very tiny fraction of 1% of the cumulative Federal budget.

NASA needs hype so that other things get funded as well as that particular project. 

It's like a college football team. People complain about all the money they spend on the team, totally disregarding the extra tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars the team's activity brings into the college. 

Money way over and above the cost to have the team. In some cases millions of extra dollars. 

Money spent on the college itself. Not to mention much of the team's expenses is originally paid for with donations to the team from private individuals. 

People who get no monetary return on their investment.

So it will be with NASA. That sort of thing grabs the public's attention, making it more likely they will vote to fund that and other projects. That's they way the system works. Like it or not.




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If any alien, probably it will be a bacteria sized something. Just hope not to bring one to Earth. You never know, it might grow and convert to the  amazing blob from Europa

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