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Western Digital's SanDisk Skyhawk NVMe SSDs Fly High For Enterprise At Up To 3.84TB

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Western Digital is expanding SanDisk's storage portfolio with the release of new Skyhawk-branded SSDs. Skyhawk SSDs are destined for the enterprise market, and as such come with an NVMe 1.2 PCIe interface and are available in capacities up to 3.84TB.


Skyhawk is available in both Standard and Ultra variants. Skyhawk offers sequential reads and writes of up to 1,500MB/sec and 1,170MB/sec respectively, along with random reads and writes of 250,000 IOPs and 47,000 IOPs respectively. Customers will be able to choose from both 1.92TB and 3.84TB capacities to fit their storage needs


sandisk skyhawk


The Skyhawk Ultra improves upon those performance figures with sequential reads/writes of 1,700MB/sec and 1,200MB/sec respectively. Random read/writes speeds are rated for 250,000 IOPs and 83,000 IOPs respectively. Those loftier performance figures come at the expense of maximum storage capabilities -- the Skyhawk Ultra is only available in 1.6TB and 3.2TB capacities.


SanDisk claims that the Skyhawk offer 3x the sequential performance of comparable enterprise SATA SSDs and operates within a low 12W power envelope. The SSD family is built using 15nm NAND flash technology and uses Guardian Technology to ensure that its performance, endurance and reliability are up to enterprise level. And no matter which series you select, you get a MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rating of 2 million hours and a 5-year warranty.


SanDisk is already sampling the Skyhawk SSDs to “select” OEM partners, and they will be widely available in the marketplace during the second quarter.


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