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X-Files to return in 2018?

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Do we get to see more murder drama? the cult series involving Mulder and Scully?. Well that's what fans hope for atleast. And according to Fox studios it's very likely to continue with the series in 2018. After having a short stint of 6 episodes only last year.


The very popular series from the 90's brought back good memories of old days. The X-Files continued with their original main characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively and we must say it was quite popular now too with becoming the network's most popular in the newcomer category.


Though it would have been unfair to the iconic show of criminal investigations to not being renewed after having ended on a cliffhanger episode with very wicked experience.

the x-files 2018 season 11

Fans hope that it surely should come back and just as the studios signalling their prayers would be answered as well. People can expect a still larger no. of episodes this new season but not like the network's usual 22 episode run.


By giving the tentative signal, Fox is clearly hoping that the necessary deals will be made and if goes well fans can get season 11 in 2018.

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Few people know that the X-Files had a continuation called The Lone Gunmen, which was a "conspiracy series", the main source being a real CIA operative, who joked about the most ludicrous and far fetched plots he heard at work.

Although very popular, IMDB score 7.5, see:




Fox killed it after episode one aired, by shifting it's timeslot, giving it ludicrous plots and eventually killing all the characters in the story.

Why ? Watch the Pilot. It aired in 2001. At the BEGINNING of 2001.

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