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Not only Win10... Also DX12 suxx!

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WoW  he can read this article  at Steam  and made a video about it.


if you play games on PCs  there's  very little you can do about it  but complain .



MS did the same thing with DX10.
They just want people to keep using DirectX and not go to other alternatives, like opengl or vulkan.


People will  always believe the hype and most all new PC games will end up DX 12 only , on Linux with opengl or vulkan. they have very little users so always Microsoft have the best games . You talk too most people who  dual boot Windows and Linux  most say they only use Windows to game . 



The current state of DirectX 12 in PC gaming, was it worth the hype?




DirectX 12 is an interesting low-level API, no doubt about that. However, it’s quite obvious that its current implementations in today’s games are really, really awful. These current implementations also prove that DX12 won’t magically improve performance. On the contrary. As it’s been proven, it can actually decrease performance.

In order to take proper advantage of it, developers will have to re-write their engines and built them around it. Whether developers will do such a thing in 2017 remains to be seen!



The thing about Windows 10  not every one has DX 12  many PCs  that came with Vista trough Windows 8.1  have  Windows 10 and dont have DX 12. Only those with newer hardware do and Gamers  are more likely to go out and waste there money based on Hype for a upgrade  when game Devs  still never wrote proper games for DX12 yet one day they will have too when these old boxes with DX 11 and lower blow up  lol . I never been a fan of PC games so i will upgrade once most new pcs have better support  for HEVC and 4k and I always wait on the real world bench marks  to come out  I never buy anything based on Hype.


most all games so far with  DX 12 support are from Microsoft


Rise of the Tomb Raider is a non Microsoft  game that has a patch for that but other than that most non Microsoft games will be for DX 11 upcoming so why would you rush out for Dx 12 upgrade  its not free like Windows 10  was its going cost you money for hardware and tell NON Microsoft ententes  start making games the technology for DX 12  is not even there yet.


This explains  that unless game makers make games for DX 12 they will not run better with DX 12.Also it explains about Vulkan and AmD.


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