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Record Your Android Screen With AZ Screen Recorder

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Record Your Android Screen With AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a free application for Google Android devices that lets you record the screen of your Android device easily.

A couple of things are interested about the app. First, it does not require root so that you can make use of it without having to root your device first.


Second, the free version does not restrict you in any way. Recordings have no time limit, and there is no watermark on the captured content either.

A premium version is provided that adds features such as GIF conversion, screen drawing, trimming and cutting, or magic button functionality to the app.

AZ Screen Recorder

az screen recorder android


The application requires quite a few permissions to do its work. You may have to allow certain permissions before you can start using it depending on your Android version and flavor.

Once that is out of the way, you can start it up just like any other app. The application displays a bubble-control on the left side that you can interact with. You may interact with it from the notifications area instead if you prefer that.


Please note that the bubble hides automatically once you start to record a video. This means that you have to stop playback from the notification area.

Since that is not ideal, as you pulling down the notification area and stopping the video is recorded as well, you may want to add other supported stop methods.


You do that in the options, and may add the following:

  1. Stop on screen off.
  2. Stop on shake.
  3. Enable time limit.
  4. Show red blinking dot.


The "stop on screen off" method worked best for me but it is up to you how to handle this.

While we are at it; the settings offer a variety of options that you may want to go through on first start. There you set the capturing resolution and frames per second for instance. Resolution may not be the phone's native resolution but a lower one.


This is probably done to improve the recording performance and reduce the size of the captured data on the device's storage memory.

You may increase the value up to the Android device's native resolution, and may push fps from 30 to a maximum of 60 as well.


Options to change the bitrate from auto to a value between 1 Mbps and 12 Mbps, to record audio, show a text or logo, or change camera related settings are provided as well.

Another useful option is the output directory path. This can be useful if your phone supports SD cards as you may save recordings to them directly.


You may start your first recording once you are done. Either hit the bubble and select record video from it, or bring down the notifications area and select the recording option there.

AZ Screen Recorder counts down from three before recordings start. You can disable that completely in the options, or set it to another value in seconds if you need more or less time.


The first frame of the recording is displayed on the screen when the recording stops. You may hit the play button there right away to preview it. Options are provided to share it, thrash the recorded video, or dismiss it. Ads are displayed on the screen, but not in the video itself.

Closing Words

AZ Screen Recorder is a great video capture application for Android that is easy to use yet powerful enough. While it does not offer the same level of recording as capture hardware does, it is performing a remarkable job.


Get the Free version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hecorat.screenrecorder.free



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