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## For the record, the section called "Performance" is at the bottom (on the page "about:preferences#general").
// lockPref("dom.ipc.processCount.web",2);
## Which one ? As today, I guess this one doesn't anymore. Unless you're using another browser such as WaterFox (etc).
## Otherwise this settings has been rename :

Otherwise you can proceed manually because Mozilla has publish one article on this matter.

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16 hours ago, knowledge said:

is a way to make it so when open firefox it not open with 7 exes ?

Sir, do you mean a user can open Firefox without 7 exes or so with the help of LockPref ?

16 hours ago, dcs18 said:

Windows 10 Firewall Control (W10FC) may not be the best firewall but it's truly fabulous — the ideal firewall companion to those who depend on AdGuard (or any such network-level apps & programs.) F3h9xqz.gif

Sir, I still use DNS crypt and AdGuard and SeriousBit.NetBalancer 

 would you recommend to switch to W10FC from WFC ?

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4 hours ago, Jime234 said:

would you recommend to switch to W10FC from WFC ?

In addition to blocking IPs, Windows 10 Firewall Control (W10FC) has the capability of blocking domains — this is an extremely useful feature (for me) to prevent my apps. & programs from calling home. F3h9xqz.gif


There are some other advantages that Windows 10 Firewall Control (W10FC) brings over Windows Firewall Control (WFC) — shall be writing a review of Windows 10 Firewall Control (W10FC) at this reserved post (whenever time permits.) ;)


You may want to take Windows 10 Firewall Control (W10FC) for a test-drive to find-out whether it suits you — gotta admit . . . . it's far more complicated than Windows Firewall Control (WFC.)

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Nothing on extra Av  for what ? Using Win defender on Board  and 2-3 Time in the year Malwarebyte Free ..

and using Win 10 Enterprise 64bit System and many years Nothing was happen ....

by the way i am Using the Brain too before i Klick on .exe START.... and if the feeling nood good Using the VMWare

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It's good to see W10FC being mentioned here. I've used that for several years and eventually bought the network edition to put it on all my PCs. Even the free version is good though, for basic use.


I spent a few weeks testing out all the available personal firewalls on Windows 7, before buying W10FC. I think it was still called Vista Firewall Control at the time. A surprising number of them failed quite easily (i.e. they leaked or actually crashed and shut down if hit hard) and others were just too bulky or resource hungry. W10FC performed flawlessly and did most of what I wanted. In it's latest edition it now does everything I need from a personal firewall. Sphinx's support is top notch too.


I've no connection with Sphinx other than as a very satisfied customer. I just wanted to plug a great firewall since I don't see it mentioned as much as it deserves.


Other than the above, since this is a 'what-you-got' thread...

  • Common Sense and Brains (as noted by many other posters before me)
  • Mikrotik router for extensive edge firewalling, VPN, IPv6 tunnel termination and VLANs (used to use an openBSD VM on a server, but the Mikrotik does it all a lot cheaper, quieter and cooler)
  • TorGuard VPN plus another for occasional chaining
  • Firefox with all the usual privacy plugins, containers, etc. as already mentioned by others, and only a RAM cache
  • Windows' and others' Temp folders are only in RAM
  • Tor and occasionally Tails if I'm feeling particularly cautious
  • VMWare Workstation - anything risky is done in a VM
  • VeraCrypt
  • KeyPass
  • VirusTotal
  • Only MSE as installed AV, and that's often turned off. I scan the whole system once a month with a couple of online scanners.
  • System and data backups kept offline when not actually doing the backup.
  • Wireshark monitoring when needed (have a permanent mirror port and isolated PC with a quiet interface set up for this)
  • ...and finally, the realisation that all of the above is useless if I get careless or attract serious attention.


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