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What are you eating right now?

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Baked Swiss Steak in my own sauce(mushroom soup, beef broth and some onion) sophisticated eh? :tooth:
Baked Potato and Corn

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this not my pic but is very close to what I made except its NY eve here so there is a big bottle of rum off to the side that you can not see! :bag:
staying home tonight because everything I need or want is here now or will be cuming over later! :naughty: Edited by 46&2

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Hello Fellow Foodies !:wub:

Glad to know that such a topic exist !! ^_^


Right now I had chicken hot and sour soup,



soon I'll have Palak mutter (Spinach Green Pea) in the main course.



I used to eat a lot of junk food not a long while ago.

But now I'm starting to take some responsibility of my health and eating healthy stuff like :

Spinach(when I was a kid I used to watch Popeye gulp down a can of spinach and then beat the crap out of his opponent :D. I'm wishing I could do the same, I've read that its on the alkaline side, and has iron and all kinds of vitamins and minerals goodness which I am unable to recall right now :P)

Bananas(in the morning for breakfast, I read that its only good for us at that time),

Chicken Tikka (as it has white meat and I think its preparation is less fatty as its cooked inside a Tandoor which is a type of Indian Oven )  

Fish (It has some fatty acids which are essential for our Brain development)

Biryani :wub: (I cant be sure if its healthy, but I'm sure as hell I just wont regret eating it :lol:. I used to eat only chicken Biryani but the next one I just might have the Beef version of it, I kinda had a dream about its tender meat)

Oh, I just recalled reading about zinc being good for our health and maybe Beef is a rich source of it !


And now I cant recall any other good stuff to stuff myself with :P.So if you have any other good healthy stuff in your mind, take pride in posting about it here. I'll try my best to keep my eating habits on the alkaline side, wish me luck !  

I thank  VileTouch for starting this topic.

Edited by Jime234
oops, forgot to post some pics

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Dashimaki Spanish Tortilla with corn.


sorry. no picture. it was gone before i could reach for the camera...and no. there are no pictures of that online lol

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