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Software Discounts and Promotional Coupon Codes


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Many users like to have the original software license especially if the price is affordable

Here in this topic I hope to share the software discounts ,, promotional codes,,,coupon codes,,offers for popular software

We can have original licenses for low price

I know that most users like to get the software for FREE through cracks , patches, serial..... BUT I do believe that many users like the original

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You don't need to sorry @Togijak   I know you are a cool guy and you had good intentions.   I have tested it some years ago and it hasn't been able to hide the real ip on true site

All KC Softwares product (SUMo ,DUMo, KCleaner,.....) : Get to me in PM for a genuine discount (i'm the lead developper)

NordVPN deal of the year - 77% discount on a 3-Year Plan with promo code "OLYMPICS" $2.75 month

do you get commission for those sales?

No commissions at all

and I donot accept commissions

Just I am one of those who prefer the original license when it is for affordable price

Each time I purchase an original application I search over the internet for a discount

This is the only section not present in the forum ......so I suggest to create a section in the forum for all members to participate if they are interested

But the admin decide to make a topic first

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