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CyberGhost beta Windows EN

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This update mainly addresses all users who still have to run Windows XP or are having problems with their Internet Explorer installation, regardless which Windows version they use.

Starting with version 5.0.14 CyberGhost offers two different rendering engines: the Internet Explorer engine (by default) and the Gecko-based rendering engine (as being used by Mozilla Firefox).

In the past we solely used the Internet Explorer engine to display the CyberGhost GUI, like so many other programs do. Now this is going to change, due to some inherent problems on some systems.
The new version of CyberGhost will automatically detect, if one of these known problems exists, e. g. an antivirus product disabled JavaScript, and switch to the Gecko engine – which also will be used, if a system lacks a version of the Internet Explorer below 9.0.

Which engine is in use, can be checked in the down right corner of the main window. If the Internet Explorer engine is in charge, it says (IE), if the Gecko engine rules, it says (Gecko).
The tech interested among our users might be interested in getting to know, that the engine can also be activated inside the Windows registry, regardless which Internet Explorer version is installed. You will find the entry here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CyberGhost\ForceGecko.

Our recent beta comes with an activated Gecko engine by default, so we can test it more easily. However, the final version will come with the Internet Explorer engine pre-activated.
Since the new Gecko engine will not be needed by many users, it would simply just occupy unnecessary space in the setup file. If an engine change is needed, the Gecko engine will then be downloaded by CyberGhost. A message box will inform the user at the first program start.

CyberGhost beta Windows EN

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