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Konvertor FM 5.01 Build 01

All-in-Converter and Viewer


One of its own kind. You never found its alternative.

Worth to buy (very Cheap).... Believe me!!!

You can View, Listen, Open, Convert more than 3617 formats

Incl: Audio, Video, Text, 3D, Compressed, Programs, Graphic & more...!!!!

From Old Atari to latest 3D

Konvertor FM - View, Edit, Convert and Organize your files.

Konvertor FM is a desktop file manager, a robust and powerful - yet easy to use - tool that tames today's large and complex Windows' file systems. It natively supports all major videos, audios, texts, 3D, compressed formats and all the digital camera RAW formats, handles EXIF, IPTC, XMP and ICC informations and is able to manage even very large collections with hundreds of thousands of images.

Support for image and videos from 110+ cameras. Open all those files without worry. Konvertor FM supports all the file formats you need, and probably a few that you don't.
Konvertor FM lets you open, view and edit a variety of different Windows, Unix, Atari, Apple, ZX, XBox, Nintendo, Next... multimedia and text file types ranging from the common, such as FLV, PICT, MP3, DXF, JPEG, WEBP, to the less familiar types, such as SCR (Screensavers), MOD (Module formats) and much more. The current version is able to play, display and convert between 3486 different formats.

Images Transformations

The Konvertor FM Image Editor gives you the power to enhance your photos and images with a lot of filters. The Konvertor FM Image Editor is a full featured artist's studio for Windows that's easy-to-learn, powerful and affordable! It's simple enough for beginners yet packed with powerful features and advanced tools. Konvertor FM makes it easy for business and home users to touch up photographs and create great looking graphics for desktop publishing, presentations and the Internet!

With Konvertor FM You Will:

  • See what's inside your disks (even the hidden files and folders)
  • Display and Convert quite any format
  • Copy, Move, Delete
  • Capture screens
  • Download photos from cameras (WIA interface)
  • Scan and display/convert (TWAIN interface)
  • Create Flash, Web, Text Albums
  • Create Metadata Albums (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC)
  • Split files, and join them later
  • Rid CDs, create CDs and DVDs
  • Find files on the Web
  • Download videos from various sites (Google, DailyMotion, Youtube etc...)
  • And more...

Features List:

Konvertor is a File Manager, a universal viewer and converter able to display and convert among nearly all formats conceivable.With Konvertor you have the power to display, convert and organize all your photos, graphics, videos, texts and musics quickly and easily.

Viewing, Editing and Converting all sort of Files

  • Konvertor is able to display, play and convert among nearly all file formats conceivable. These formats include 3Ds, Audios, Videos, Texts, Images, Photos, Compressed files coming from PC, Unix, Apple, Commodore, Sinclair, Atari, Sharp etc...
  • Dual Horizontal or Vertical display.
  • Hexadecimal display, Quickview or full-screen.

Audio Files

  • The formats come from PCs, Apple, Atari, Unix, Commodore, etc...
  • Display all associated metadata and an eventual embedded Album Art Image (APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA...).

Video Files

  • It includes the animated GIF and other animations such as the Atari SEQ.
  • Extraction frame by frame.
  • Music/Sound extraction.
  • Displayed as one or 4 thumbs in the thumbnails list view.

Text Files

  • Text Files displayed as detailed list.
  • Text Files displayed as thumbnails.
  • Clicking the plus.png icon display the pages in the QuickView Editor.
  • Clicking the Quickview toolbar icon quickview.png displays the first page of the file in the Quickview Editor.

Compressed Files

  • Compressed Files displayed as thumbnails.
    • The content of the compressed file is displayed in the QuickView Editor
  • Compressed Files displayed as list.
    • The thumbnail is the content of the compressed file
  • Compressed Files displayed as tree in the QuickView.
    • The tree displays the content of the compressed file

3D Files

  • 3D Files displayed as thumbnails.
  • Or in the Konvertor 3D Editor.
    Konvertor uses OpenGL to render 3D formats.

    Konvertor can save snapshots or convert to 2D and other 3D formats.
    • 3D files can be displayed as Point Cloud, Bounding Box, Wireframe Hidden, Smooth and Smooth Edge, with or without an external texture file.


  • UNICODE support
  • Contact sheets creation.
  • Videos download from the Internet.
  • Passport Photos.
  • Web Albums Creation. See an example: Konvertor Web Album
  • Flash Albums Creation. See an example: Konvertor Flash Album
  • File Splitting.
  • Localization to english, french, german, portuguese, spanish, italian (more to come)
  • Screen capture
  • Red-eyes removal
  • Resources extraction from PE files (DLL, EXE, OCX, VBX...)
  • CD/DVD ripping
  • CD/DVD creation
  • FTP, eMail
  • And much more..


Dual Horizantal File Manager


Dual Vertical File Manager






Metadata Editor



Audio Player


Video Player


PDF Reader


3D Viewer / Editor


Quick Preview


XML Editor


Compressed Files as Thumbnail




Format List

3D Formats: HERE

3df, 3dm, 3dmf, 3ds, 3ds, asc, ase, b3d, bdf, byu, coa, cob, dae, dem, dem, dem, dem, dgd, dxf, geo, gmod, hrc, iob, iv, kmz, land, lp, lw, lwo, ma, mdl, mtx, obj, obj, obj, ply, pov, prj, rbs, rtg, rwx, scene, smf, stl, stla, stlb, t3d, tri, tria, trib, ts, vla, wrl, wrl, x, x, x3d, xgl, xml, xml, xsi, xyz, zgl,


Audio Formats List: HERE

$c, $m, 16, 16sv, 2dx9, 2pfs, 3g2, 3gp, 3gpp, 4xa, 8svx, a2t, aaap, aaat, aac, aacp, aam, aax, abk, abs, ac1d, ac3, acm, acm, act, adm, adp, adpcm, ads, adx, afc, agi, agsc, ahk, ahx, ahx, aic, aiff,aif, aifc, aix, akad, al, alac, alm, alw, amc, amd, amf, amf, amr, amts, apc, ape, apex, arl, as0, as3m, as4, asc, asd, asf, asf, asr, ast, ast, asx, au, aud, aud, aud, aus, axs, avi, avr, awb, ay, baf, b1s, bcwav, bd, bg00, bgw, bh2pcm, big, bin, bit, blb, bmdx, bnk, bns, bnsnd, bnsf, bo2, boa, bp, brstm, brstmspm, bss, bvg, bwf, c, caf, cap, capdsp, cbd2, cc3, ccc, cd61, cd81, cdr, cdxl, cff, cfn, chan, chi, cm, cm3, cmc, cmr, cms, cnk, coco, cop, cps, crb, cus, cust, cvs, cvsd, d00, dat, dbm, dct, dct, de2, dee, dff, dh, di, digi, dl, dln, dls, dm2, dmc, dmf, dmm, dmsg, dr8, dsc, dsf, dsp, dswp, dsr, dst, dsq, dsym, dt, dtk, dtm, dts, dtshd, dtt, duk, dvf, dvms, dw, dwd, dxh, dz, eac3, eam, ear, eas, efe, emff, emod, emul, ems, epaf, esv, eu, eureka, ex, f32, f4a, f64, fag, fap, far, fc, fc13, fc14, fc3, fc4, fchs, fc-m, fcm, fdi, filp, flac, fk, fla, flt, flv, fmk, fnk, fp, fred, fsb, fssd, dt, ftc, fuchs, fuzzac, fw, fzv, g18, g36, g721, g722, g723, g729, gal4, gal5, gam, gamplus, gbr, gbs, gca, gcm, gcub, gdm, genh, gig, gmc, gms, gpmo, gray, gsm, gsb, gsp, gsrt, gtg, gtk, gtr, hcom, hd, hes, hip, hipc, his, hmc, hps, hrm, hrp, hrt, hsc, hsf, htk, hvl, idsp, iff, ilb, ilbc, ild, ima, imf, ims, imw, ins, ircam, it, its, ivaud, j2b, j6b, j6s, jam, jcb, jd, jmf, joe, jpo, jsk, jt, kar, kces, kfp, kh, kraw, kris, krz, ksf, ksm, kss, kxs, l3, la, lab, leg, liq, lme, loas, logg, lpc, lpc10, m, masi, med, med3, med4, m1a, m2a, m2p, m3u, m4a, m4b, m4b, m4r, m4v, ma, map, mat, mat4, mat5, maud, mc, md, mdl, mfp, mgt, mib, mic, mid, midi, mih, mihb, mka, mlp, mmd0, mmd1, mmd2, mmd3, mmdc, mmf, mo3, mod, modl, mok, mon, mp, mp+, mp1, mp2, mp3, mp3 pro, mp4, mp4v, mpa, mpc, mpd, mpdsp, mpg, mpga, mph, mpp, mpt, msp, mss, msvp, mti, mtk, mtm, mtn, mtp, mug, mug2, mus, musx, musx, mv8, myspd, mw, ndp, newtron, nez, nist, no, noisepacker1, np1, np2, np3, npsf, nsa, nsd, nsp, nsz, ntp, nsf, nsfe, nxt, ofr, ofs, oga, ogg, okt, oma, omu, orc, orc, osp, otm, p, p10c, p18a, p4x, p50a, p5x, p60a, p61a, p60, p6x, paf, pat, pcd, pce, pcf, pcm, pft, pha, polly, pp10, pp21, pps, ppt, pr1, prc, prom, pru1, pru2, prun, ps, psa, psc, psf, psf2, psg, psm, psm, psm, psnd, psw, pt1, pt2, pt3, pt3, ptm, puma, pvp, pvf, pw, qcp, r36, ra, rad, ram, raw, raw, rcp, rbh, rbs, rex, rez, rh, rho, rk, rka, rm, rmd, rmi, rmj, rmt, rmvb, roar, roq, rsd, rsn, rstm, rtm, rvo, rwar, rwav, rws, rwsd, s, s, s3m, s3m, s7g, s8, s98, sa, sa2, sad, sam, samp, sap, sat, sb, sb, sbk, sc, scm, scn, scr, sct, scumm, sd2, sd9, sds, sdx, seg, sf, sf0, sf2, sfx, sfx, sgc, shn, sid1, sid2, skm, sky, skyt, sl3, sm, smo, smp, smp, smv, snd, snd, snd, snd, sndr, sndt, sng, snk, sol, son, sou, sox, spc, spd, sph, sppack, spx, sqd, sqt, ss, ss2, ssm, ssf, st, st26, st3, stc, stim, stm, stp, stp, stp2, str, gcub, str, str, stx, svag, svx, sw, swa, swf, szx, tak, tcb, tcss, td0, tdd, tf, tf0, tfc, tfd, tfe, tfm, tfmxe, tfe, thx, tit, tlz, tlzp, tm2, tm8, tmc, tme, tmf, tp3, trs, ts, tta, tun, txt, txw, tw, ty+, u8, uax, ub, ul, ult, ulw, umx, unic, unic2, uw, v8, vag, vap, vas, vgm, vgs, vgz, vms, voc, voc, vox, vpk, vqa, vqf, vs, vsb, vtx, w01, w01, w2, w3v, w4, w64, wa!, wa8, waa, wantonpacker, wam, was, wav, wavm, wb, wfb, wfp, wma, wmv, wn, wsd, wsi, wusiksnd, wv, wve, wve, wvs, xa, x0w, x3w, xa, xa2, xa30, xac, xann, xi, xma, waa, xms, xvag, xwav, xwb, xwma, ydsp, yadpcm, ym, ymf, ymst, zen, zik, zip, zxs,


Compresses Formats List: HERE

7z, aaf, ace, adf, alz, apk, arc, arr, arj, ark, bau, blb, bma, bmh, bpl, bsq, bz2, bzip2, cab, cbr, cbz, chm, chw, cpio, curxptheme, d64, d71, d80, d81, d82, deb, desktop, disco, dlt, dmg, dsf, dz, ear, esx, exe, gz, gca, grs, ha, hcx, hdf, hex, hqx, hxs, ima, ima, imf, img, ims, imz, iso, isz, jar, kmz, ksf, kws, lbr, lha, lha, lhw, lzh, lzma, lzo, lzx, mht, mpj, mscz, mshc, msi, mxl, nrg, nsis, nsk, ocp, odg, otp, ott, oxt, pbz, pcf, pk3, plq, pmj, psf, qsf, rar, rjs, rpm, sdx, skin, skinzip, skm, smzip, sob, sti, swc, sxd, swm, t64, tar, taz, tbz, tbz2, tgz, themepack, thmx, trd, txtz, uha, uif, ung, uue, upp, uppbackup, vsix, war, wcx, wim, wlx, wmx, wmz, wsdl, wsz, wsz, wtx, wyc, xap, xar, xpi, xz, z, zip, zipfs, zipped, zipx, zoo, zsk,


Games Formats List: HERE

a, abz, arch00, arf, arh, bin, bnd, bos, bot, box, cab, crf, crf, csc, ctp, dat, data, dlu, fbz, ff, flmod, gro, iwd, iwd, iwd, lzp, mgz, mob, nob, pac, pak, pak, pak, pak, pak, pak, pk1, pk2, pk3, pk4, pod, pod, psh, rbz, res, rod, rvi, rvm, rvr, sab, scs, scs, sxt, texturepack, vl2, za, ztd, zipfs, zipfs, ztd,


Images/Photos Formats List: HERE

-, !c, $c, $S, $b, $wx, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0af, 1af, 2af, 3af, 4af, 5af, 6af, 7af, 1, 10o, 16, 16, 16, 237, 240, 256, 256, 256iff, 2bp, 2d, 300, 301, 30X, 3d, 3ds, 3fr, 3pic, 48, 404, 411, 4c, 4mi, 4pl, 4pm, 4pp, 545, 640, 64c, 73i, 7xb, 800, 82i, 83i, 84i, 85i, 85s, 86i, 89e, 89g, 89i, 8xi, 8xp, 8bps, 92i, 9xg, 9xi, a3d, a4r, a64, aai, aas, ab3, abk, abm, abm, abm, abm, abr, abt, acbm, acc, acd, ace, ace, ace, ach, acl, acorn, acr, acs, act, ada, adf, adg, adt, aedtheme, aeh, af1, af2, aff, afi, afl, afli, afm, afp, afl, afs, afx, aga, agp, ai, ai8, aim, aip, ait, alb, alb, albm, albm, album, alias, all, als, amap, amc, amc, ami, amu, an1, ani, ani, anm, aoa, aop, ap2, ap3, apc, apd, apf, apl, apm, apo, app, aps, apt, apv, apx, arf, arf, arf, arn, art, art, art, art, art, art, art, art, arw, as, asc, asc, ask, atd, atk, atp, atr, ats, att, atz, aux, avs, avs, awd, awd, awg, b16, b3d, bag, bal, bam, ban, bas, bay, bbm, bbm, bc, bch, bd, bdc, bdf, bdi, bdi, bdt, bet, beta, bff, bfl, bfli, bfx, bg, bg9, bga, bgp, bgr, bgra, bi1 bi2 bi3 bi4 bi5, bie,jbg, bif, bif, big, bil, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bin, bit, bitmap, bkg, bkg, bkg, bkg, bkg, bl1, bl2, bl3, blb, blb, blp, blx, bm, bm, bm0, bm1, bmc, bmc, bmf, bmf, bmg, bml, bmm, bmp,abm, bmp, bmp, bmp24, bpthumbdata, bmq, bmt, bmz, bn, bnd, bnskin, bob, bootskin, bot, bp, bpr, bpx, br, brk, brk, brq, brs, brt, bru, bru, bru, brush, brush, brv, brw, bs, bsg, bsh, bsh, bt, btf, btn, btn, bum, bump, bw, c4, c, c0u, ca1, ca2, ca3, cache, cache, cal, cals, cam, cam, cam, can, cap, car, cat, cat, cat, cat, catalog, cba, cbm, cch, cci, cct, ccx, cdb, cdg, cdl, cdr, cdrx, cds, cdt, cdu, cdw, ce, cel, cel, cen, cfa, cfp, cfx, cfy, cg3, cg4, cgb, cgm, cgmb, ch, ch4, ch6, ch8, che, chk, chr, ciff, cin, cis, cci, cip, cit, cjstyles, clf, clip, clk, clp, clr, cme, cmp, cmp, cmt, cmu, cmu, cmu, cmu, cmx, cmyk, cn1, cn2, cn3, cn4, cof, collage, collage, cot, cov, cov, cpa, cpathm, cpb, cpr, cps, cpt, cpt, cr2, crd, crd, cri, crw, cs1, csc, csl, csk, csk, csv, csx, ctf, ctf, ctx, cur, cur, cut, cut, cvf, cvp, cvx, cwg, cyt, dar, das, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, db, db, db, db, db, db, dbt, dc1, dc2, dc3, dcm, dcr, dcr, dcr, dcs, dcs, dctv, dcx, dd, ddf, ddj, ddl, ddp, dds, ddt, del, dep, des, dft, dg1, dgc, dgi, dgp, dgt, dgu, dgz, dhm, dib, dic, dicom, dig, dim, dir, dis, dis, dit, djvu, dli, dlm, dlp, dmp, dmt, dna, dng, dol, dol, doo, doodle, doq, dp2, dp3, dph, dps, dpx, drf, drg, drl, drp, drw, drz, dsi, dsk, dsl, dst, dt0, dt1, dt2, dta, dvi, dwg, dwt, dxf, dz, e4e, ecc, eci, ecp, ecs, ecw, ed8, eef, ef3, efx, efx, eif, elas, elm, elm, emf, emz, eng, end, epa, epd, epi, eps, epsb, epson, ept, epub, er, erf, eri, ers, esc, escp, esm, exf, exp, exr, exv, ez, ezf, exe, f01, f96, fac, fan, fax, fax, fax, fbm, fbm, fce, fcp, fcs, fcx, ff9, fff, fff, ffl, ffli, ffx, fg, fga, fgs, fh11, fi, fido, fif, fig, fil, fit, fld, fli, flm, flm, flm, flp, flp, flr, flz, fmd, fmf, fmf, fmt, fmp, fnt, fon, fp2, fpg, fpg, fpr, fpt, fpt, fpx, frm, frm, frm, frm, frm, fs, fsh, fst, fsy, ftc, ftd, ftf, fts,fits, ftu, ftx, ftz, fun, fv, fwa, fwd, fx3, fxd, fxm, fxo, fxr, fxs, fzb, g02, g08, g09, g10, g11, g15, g16, g3, g32, g3f, g3n, g3s, g4, g4, ga0, gaf, gal, gam, gb, gbm, gbr, gcd, gd, gd2, gdb, ged, gel, gem, gen, gf2, gfa, gfb, gfb, gfx, gfx, gg, gg, gga, ghg, gif, gig, gig, gih, gil, gk2, gl, gli, gls, gm, gm2, gm4, gmf, gn, gnm, god, gould, gp3, gp4, gpb, gps, gr7, gr8, gr9, gray, gra, grb, grb, grd, gro, gro, grob, gro2, gro4, grp, gry, gs, gsf, gst, gtg, gtl, gtx, gun, gvt, gxf, gwb, h5, ham, ham, hamlc, hbm, hcp, hdf, hdp, hdr, hdr, hed, hf, hfc, hfx, hgl, hgr, hi, hi64, him, hip, hips, hir, hir, hlr, hme, hp, hp, hp1, hp2, hpc, hmt, hpc, hpg, hpg, hpgl, hpgl2, hpi, hpi, hpm, hr, hr, hr2, hres16, hrm, hru, hrz, hs2, hs5stamp, hsi, hta, hus, i24, i61, ia, iac, iax, ibg, ibg, ibm, ibw, ibw, icb, ica, icl, icn, icn, icn, icns, ico, icon, icpr, ics, idc, ids, iev, if0, iff, iff, iff, iff24, ifl, ifl, ifx, ige, ihe, iimg, iiq, iko, ikl, ilb, ilb, ilbm, ilbm3, ilbm3, ilbm24, ilc, im1,im4,im24,im32, ima, ima, ima, imd, ime, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, img, imgc, imi, imi, iml, imn, imn, imq, ims, imt, imx, indd, indt, inf, info, info, ing, inp, int, int, int, inta, ip2, ipc, ipg, iph, ipl, ipr, ipt, iqc, ir2, irg, iris, ish, iss, ist, itc, itg, ithmb, iux, iw4, iv8, ivc, ivp, iwi, j, j2c, j2k, j2k, j2ki, j6i, jb2, jbf, jbg, jbr, jet, jfi, jgp, jif, jig, jig, jj, jls, jmh, jng, jnx, jp0, jp2, jp2, jp2, jpa, jpc, jpc, jpe, jpf, jpg,jpeg, jpg5, jpg,jpeg,jpe, jpm, jps, jpx, jsl, jtf, jtf, jff, jvi, jws, jww, jxr, k, k25, kc2, kdc, kap, kfx, kfp, kiz, kla, kmi, koa, koala, kps, kqp, kro, ksc, ksm, ksq, kty, kvt, l1b, l3d, lan, lbm, lca, lda, leaf, lei, leo, lff, lfg, lfs, lif, lim, lim, lispm, lit, ljpg, ljpeg, lmb, lo, loi, lp3, lpr, lps, lqt, lres32, lres64, lrprev, lrf, lrs, lsk, lsm, lss, lum, lvp, mac, macp, mag, mag, maki, map, map, mask, mask, mat, max, max, mbd, mbfavs, mbfx, mbg, mbm, mbm, mbr, mc, mch, mci, mcp, mcs, mda, mdb, mdc, mdi, mdl, mdp, mef, mem, mem, mg1, mg2, mg4, mg8, mga, mgc, mgg, mgp, mgr, mic, mic, mif, mif,miff, mig, mil, mil, mis, mit, mix, mkh, mki, ml1, mm, mma, mobi, mon, mono, mos, mpc, mph, mpi, mpl, mpnt, mpo, mpr, mps, mpp, mpt, mrc, mrf, mrw, msf, msk, msk, msk, msk, msk, msp, msu, mswmm, mtf, mtn, mtv, mtw, mtx, mtx, mv3, mvb, mvg, mvr, mx5, mxc2, mxc3, mxv, mz2, mzv, n1, nat, nb, ncd, ncr, ncr, nct, ncy, nd, nd2, ndf, nef, neo, neo, nfo, ngg, nib, nisf, nitf, nlm, nlq, noindex, nol, nos, npm, npm, npm, nrw, nsf, nsr, ntf, nuv, oav, oaz, obv, odg, odt, ofx, ogf2, oil, omap, on1, ond, opf, opq, opn, opt, orf, org, org, ori, orn, ota, otb, otb, otf, otg, ovl, ovr, ozb, ozj, ozt, p2, p64, p7, pac, pac, palm, pam, pan, pano, pap, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pax, pbm, pbma, pbitm, pbs, pbv, pc1, pc2, pc3, pca, pcc, pcc, pcb, pcd, pcj, pcl, pcp, pcs, pcs, pct,pict, pcx, pcz, pcz, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdd, pdf, pdx, pds, pdx, pe4, pef, per, pes, pfa, pfb, pfi, pfm, pfm, pfm, pfs, pftb, pg, pg, pgc, pgf, pgf, pgl, pgm, pgma, pgmb, pgx, ph, ph, pha, pha, phb, phb, phc, phm, pho, phoa, php, phs, pi, pi, pi1, pi2, pi3, pi4, pi8, pi9, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic, pic,rad, picio, pig, pim, pix, pix, pix, pix, pix, pix, pixar, pjg, pjpeg, pjs, pk, pkm, pla, pld, plm, pln, plo, plt,prt, plt, pm, pm, pmd, pmd, pmd, pmg, pmj, pmlz, pmp, pmp, pms, pmx, pn1, pn2, pn3, pnm, png, png, png&h=32, png1, png4, png9, png10, pnt, pntg, pob, pof, pof0, pok, pot, pp1, pp2, pp3, pp4, pp5, ppf, ppg, ppm, ppmb, ppn, ppp, pps, ppt, pptx, ppx, ppx, prc, prd, prf, prg, prg, pri, ps,ps2,ps3, psa, psb, psb, psd, pse, pseg, psf, psf, psg, psi, psl, psm, psp, pspd, pspbrush, PspFrame, PspShape, PspImage, PspMask, Psptube, pst, psy, pt, ptc, ptg, ptif, ptl, ptn, ptn, ptr, pts, ptx, ptx, prn, puz, pva, pvr, pwc, pwp, px, px3, pxa, pxc, pxl, pxm, pxn, pxr, pxs, pza, pzl, pzl, pzm, pzp, q0, q1q, q1r, q2q, q2t, q3t, q4q, q4t, q5q, q5r, q7q, q8r, q9q, q9r, q9s, qdv, qfs, qfx, qrt, qt, qtk, qt2, qti, qtif, r8, rab, raf, ras, ras, ras32, rast, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, raw, rb, rcl, rdc, res, res, res, rev, rf, rfr, rgb, rgb, rgba, rgbe, rgbn, rgbo, rgx, ric, rif, rik, rim, rip, rix, rl4, rl8, rla, rlb, rle, rle, rle, rm0, rm1, rm2, rm3, rm4, rmf, rot, rp, rpbm, rpf, rpgm, rppm, rpm, rrf, rs, rsb, rsr, rsr, rsrc, rst, rsw, rtx, rtx3, rvo, rw2, rwl, rwl, rwl, s2d, s, sa0, sa1, sa2, sa3, sa4, sa6, sa9, sar, sav, saw, sbi, sbj, sci, scl, sc?, sc1, scn, scr, scr, scr, sct,ct, scitex, scx, scz, sda, sdd, sdg, sdl, sdt, sdt, sdz, sem, seq, ser, sf, sff, sfi, sfw, sge, sgf, sgi, sgx, shad, shin, shp, shg, shc, shr, shs, si, sid, sif, sig, signed, sim, sir, sir, sit, six, sj1, sk, sk1, sk2, skb, skf, skin, skn, skn, skn, skn, skn, skp, slb, sld, sld, sldasm, slddrw, slddrt, sldflp, sldprt, sli, smf, smf, smf, smf, smp, smp, smt, sna, snag, snx, snx, sp, sp2, spc, spc, spf, spk, spl, spp, spr, sps, sps, spt, spt, spu, spx, sr2, src, srd, srf, srf, srf2, srw, ss, ssd, ssf, ssi, ssk, ssl, ssl, ssp, smt, src, srf, st, st4,st5,st6,st7,st8, std, std, stg, sti, stj, stk, stk, stm, stp, stw, sui, suite, svg, svn-base, svgz, sxl, sxs, sxr, syj, sys, t1, taac, tap, tap, tbf, tbn, tbs, tcf, tcsi, tdb, tdf, tdi, tef, ter, tex, tex, tex, texture, tf, tf8, tfx, tg4, tg4, tga, tga2, tgpcdx, thb, thb, thb, thm, thm, thm, thm, thm, thm, thn, thu, thumb, tif,tiff, tifx, til, til, tim, tip, tnl, tjm, tjp, tjs, tl, tm2, tmb, tmb, tmb, tmb, tmx, tn1, tn2, tn3, tn4, tnc, tny, toolbar, tou, tpi, tpi, tpic, tpl, tpl, tpq, tpx, trd, trp, tru, ts, tsk, ttc, ttf, ttf, ttf, ttl, tub, txc, tzx, ubm, ufo, ui, unfin, uni, unreal, uol, upi, upx, urt, usk, utx, uyvy, v, v2g, v2i, vbm, vcr, vcx, vdi, vfd, vff, vfs, vfx, vga, vi, vib, vic, vic, vic, vicar, vid, vif,viff, vif, vig, vit, vix, vnt, vob, vpb, vrt, vsd, vsk, vsr, vss, vst, vst, vtf, vue, vtk, vxs, vzi, w3d, w5s, wac, wal, wal, wap, wb1, wba, wbc, wbd, wbmp, wbp, wbz, wcn, wcs, wdp, wds, web, webp, wfx, wfx, wfx, win, win, wip, wlm, wlx, wmf, wmt, wmz, wnd, wpf, wpg, wps, wps, wrl, wsb, wsd, wsn, wsq, wtx, wzl, wtp, x, xwd, x3f, xar, xb, xbm, xc, xcf, xdl, xeps, xfx, xga, xif, xim, ximg, xlb, xlp, xp0, xpl, xpm, pm, xps, xtreme, xv, xwd, yal, ybm, ybk, ycbcr, ycbcra, yfs, ypc, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, yuv, z80, zbr, zdl, zdx, zeiss, zht, zif, zmf, zpg, zpt, zprj, zsi, zsk, zt6, zx, zxb, zxp, zzl,


Program Formats List: HERE

ac, acm, apl, ax, awx, bpl, c3d, chs, cpl, d5c, d5d, dll,dll5,dll8, dpl, dz, e3ddgl, e3ddgl, esx, ews, exe, fll, fmt, ghp, hxs, imm, imp, lld, msstyles, mui, ocx, ovr, pflib, pfplg, pyd, rll, slg, spl, sxt, sys, tca, u32, vda, vwp, wcx, wlx, x3d, xmo, yti,


Text Formats List: HERE

~dpr, $tl, 0, 0, 1, 123, 12da, 1st, 22b, 89t, 92t, abad, a86, abw, act, adb, adml, admx, ads, aes, afl, afx, agda, agi, ahk, aml, aml, ans, aprj, apw, arg, args, as, as8, asc, asc, asp, aspx, asrx, atc, au3, avs, awk, awt, ayl, bash, bc, bcc, bdsproj, bgr2, bib, bio, bla, blg, blurb, bmk, bms, bns, bom, boo, booproj, bpg, bpk, brd, bsh, bst, btf, c, cat, ccd, cch, cd, cfg, chf, ci, cls, cls, cmap, cmd, cml, cnt, col, config8, conf, copreset, cos, costyle, cpg, cpp, cs, cset, csh, csv, csproj, csv, ctl, cue, cup, cws, cxx, darwin, dca, dbk, dcl, dectest, def, dep, desc, dev, dfm, dia, dif, diff, ditamap, dlc, dlh, dna, doap, doc, dod, docm, docx, dop, dot, dotx, dpf, drc, dtd, dtd, ecf, ecf, ecmt, el, eml, ent, equ, erb, esy, f1s, f90, f95, fat, fb2, fboptsx, fbwinsx, fen, ffpreset, filters, fin, flp, flt, flx, fo, forms, frag, fx, fxh, g, g721, cch, gdb, geo, ggo, gi2, glsl, gmic, gpb, gpd, gmw, gpi, gpl, gps, gpssim, gpx, groovy, gs, gtm, gtm, gtp, gx, h, hhc, hhf, hhk, hla, hpp, hs, hs, hsl, htm, html, htm5, htx, hug, hwr, hxc, hxf, hxk, iba, iface, ifx, ii, ill, impl, in1, info, ini, ipd, irx, isrx, iss, itcl, itk, itn, itz, jammix, jaw, jbt, jbw, jcf, jfw, jgw, jnlp, jml, jpx, js, jsmooth, json, jsp, jspx, jsrx, jtd, jtp, jtr, jtt, jtw, juw, jvw, kim, kix, kml, ksh, ktf, kvc, kvs, kwf, l, ldp, let, loc, loc, lod, log, log, lop, lpi, lpk, lrt, ls, lsp, lsp, lst, lst, ltx, lua, luadc, lxfml, lyt2, lyx, m, m, m3u8, m4, m7p, mac, mac, man, manifest, map, maxpat, mb1, mc3, mcw, md, mea, mel, mf, mft, mk, mkb, ml, mli, mlo, mlp, mmk, mmo, mod, mod, mof, mps, mrc, msc, msgclr, mspx, mss, mta, mtp, mum, mxf, mxi, mxp, nas, ncml, nml, myb, nfo, nib, nix, nsh, nsi, nvdl, nvi, nvx, nw, nws, ny, oa2, oa3, oas, odg, odp, odl, ods, odt, off, oif, oll, opml, ori, osd, osdx, osw, oth, ov2, ovl, owl, oxc, oxr, pag, pas, pb, pb0, pb1, pbf, pcx, pda, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdf, pem, pen, pkgdef, pgn, php, pml, po, pp3, ppd, ppt, pptm, presets, pro, prv, ps1xml, psd1, psm1, psp, pspworkspace, ptf, qpg, qrc, qscript, qss, rb, rbf, rc, rc2, rcm, rdf, rdn, rdp, reg, rels, rexx, rlg, rnc, rng, rsh, rsm, rft, rgs, rtcat, rte, rtf, rtfh, rtfx, rth, rvst, rwf, rx, sam, sas, sasxreg, scf, sch, scl, scr, sdf, sdi, sf, sgl, sgm, sh, shar, ship, sib, simple, sip, skin, skp, sl, slmeta, smm, sod, soc, soc, soe, sog, soh, spec, spf, spl, spl, sps, src, src, ssm, str, strings, sts, stx, sty, sty, sws, sxc, sxi, sxw, syn, t, t2c, t3m, tb0, tb1, tc1, tdl, te1, tex, texi, tfw, theme, tlog, tmpl, tmx, tpg, ipk, tk, tlh, tli, tmpro, tpl, tpl, tpl2, tpt, tptp, tr7, trd, trk, trk, trk, trl, trl, trl, ts, ts, txt, txt, typ, uet, uet, uew, ui, uis, unix, upoi, upt, url, usr, v, vbproj, vbs, vconfig8, vcproj, vcxproj, vdproj, vec, vhd, vim, vml, vmt, vs, vssscc, vsz, wcm, wepn, wer, wff, win, wj2, wj3, wjf, wk1, wk3, wk4, wl1, wml, wp, wp, wpd, wpl, wpo, wpr, wps, wpt, wpt, wpt, wpt, wri, wri, ws, ws, wsdl, wtm, wxs, xaml, xba, xbel, xcu, xhsd, xib, xla, xlb, xlc, xlm, xls, xlsm, xlsx, xlt, xltx, xlw, xmf, xml, xml, xml, xml, xml5, xp, xpr, xps, xpsf, xqr, xrc, xsd, xsl, xslt, xspf, xul, y, yaml, yml, yml, zdr, zed, znn, zsl,


Video Formats List: HERE

261, 26I, 263, 264, 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, 4kn, 4xa, 4xm, 5kn, 5ks, a5, a64, abrsh, adf, afx, amx, anbr, anm, anm, anm32, anim, anim5, anim7, anim7l, anim8l, anim8, animbrush, apuz, arm, asf, ass, avc, avi, avs, avv, bits, bmv, c93, cak, cin, cmf, cmp, cmv, cmv, cpk, crdownload, d2v, dat, dat, dct, df, dfa, dif, divx, dmskm, drc, duk, dv, dvr-ms, dxa, evo, evo, eye, f4v, film, flc, fli, flv, flx, gif, gts, gvi, gxf, gxf, h261, h263, h264, h265, hdmov, hi, hls, hnm, iffanim, iff7anim, img, ivf, jacosub, jsv, jv, jvt, k3g, lvf, lxf, m15, m1a, m1p, m1s, m1v, m2p, m2s, m2t, m2ts, m2v, m4e, m4v, m75, m75, mad, mj2, mjpg, mkv, mm, mmv, mng, mod, mov, mov, mov, mp2v, mp4v, mpc, mpe, mpeg, mpeg2, mpm, mpg, mpq, mpv, mpv2, mpx, mqv, mts, mtv, mpv4, mv, mv8, mve, mvi, mxf, mxg, nc, nsv, nut, ogm, ogv, p64, paf, part, partial, pmf, pmp, pss, pva, rec, r3d, rl2, rm, rmm, roq, rpl, rpm, rso, rv, san, sdp, sdr2, seq, seq, sfd, sif, ska, skm, smi, smk, sndanim, srt, ssif, str, sub, swf, tgq, tgq, tgr, tgv, tgv, thp, tmv, tp, tqi, trp, ts, tsx, tty, txd, uv, vb, vbs, vc1, vcr, vda, vdr, vic, vid, vid, vmd, vob, vp3, vp6, vro, vtree, webm, wm, wmp, wmv, wtv, xmv, xwma, y4m, yop, ,




Home Page:


Screen Shots:


Effect and Filters:



Download (No Download Manager Support):



Operating System:

Windows 7/8/8.1 (Desktop, 32 & 64 bits)

Whats New:

  • 3D rotation
  • Extract frames from videos
  • Contextual tabs
  • 55 new text formats
  • 11 new audio formats
  • 8 new video formats
  • 31 new image formats
  • 13 new compressed formats
  • 10 new program formats
  • Mitsubishi DJ-1000.


If you think there are some formats missing for play/view/edit/convert or if you have some old or unique format ... just contact the author on forum he will add them...

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