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VSO Video Converter - beta v1.2.0.15:

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Beta Version History - change log:

Video Converter - (Released 2014-04-23) [ View Issues ]


- 0007881: [bug] can't enter value video bitrate in advanced editing (cedric) - resolved.

- 0007858: [information] double [[ instead of just [ of streams in advanced editing window (cedric) - resolved.

- 0007375: [information] file needs to be parsed (cedric) - resolved.

- 0007880: [bug] custom profile editor once in audio tab can't navigate to previous step (cedric) - resolved.

- 0007884: [bug] CUDA no-longer works (cedric) - resolved.

[5 issues]

Website: http://www.vso-software.fr/products/video-converter/vso-video-converter.php

Beta Area: http://forums.vso-software.fr/latest-beta-version-1-2-0-0-t17957.html

D/L: http://oasis.vso-software.fr/Beta/AllVSOConverters/vso_video_converter_setup_1.2.0.15b.exe

Cerberus' Patch v6.3:

Site: http://www.firedrive.com

Sharecode[?]: /file/1183F4BD69FA14F8

Password: Cerberus

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hey mot..how does the key work with the beta version..will it allow the update when the beta testing is complete?

Its a patch, by Cerberus. No key involved!

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