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dynamic IP...hostname...sub-domain question ?


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I'm not quite sure how to phrase this query so please bear with me...?!

I was using DynDNS for a hostname to map a dynamic IP for remote use for a while.

Some while back I had actually paid them one time and got one of their better hostnames.

Recently they changed their terms and I had to log in once a month to keep it active now that the payment is long gone.

I forgot...once...it expired.

The only way to get it back is to pay again and I don't want to pay them again.

I know there's loads of free dynamic DNS providers and since I am far from my router I don't know which ones it will work with specifically and can't look until I visit there again.

Here's what I'm curious about:

I have a domain of my own - and supposing I made a subdomain of that for this=>

Does anyone know if there's a way to specifically map a subdomain to another specific IP so that it could be used this way ??

I'd greatly appreciate any pointers.


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Thanks Dodel !!!

At WHT one reply reads thus:

In whm use this
Edit a DNS Zone klik on mydomain.com
and at the end add this

sub.mydomain.com. 14400 IN A Ip_another_server

that is all

And I presume 'Ip_another_server' means put the IP address here...

Now I'll head over to see all the info at the other link and edit with more after that=>

OK, had a look and see this posted there:

To add a subdomain that points to an IP address somewhere else,

Go to manage domains in the panel. Don't pick add a new domain or sub-domain, Instead click the DNS button underneath the domain in questions. Fill in the Section titled "Add a custom DNS record to DOMAINNAME.com"

Type A records are if you are going to point to an IP address, use CNAME if you want to point to a name that already exists in DNS, and "Value" is that IP address or name.

After you make your change, you may not see the change immediately. Remember DNS changes take time to propagate across the internet. Hint: if you have been playing with abc.mydomain.com and want to use/test your new entry more quickly don't use abc.mydomain.com because it will already be cached and you have to wait for the cache to expire, instead use a new sub-domain such as xyz.mydomain.com that has not been cached previously and your entry will start working quicker.

So for me the record could either be added at godaddy or at the hosting itself.

I must also presume that the TTL value will affect the propagation time.

What would be really great is if there's some way to automagically update the IP address for this as it is dynamic - but that is probably too much to hope for...!


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Well, I gave up on the subdomain idea as it deosn't seem like there's any way to automate it after all.

I did find DTDNS instead ( http://www.dtdns.com/) and they have good domains as well as an extensive list of update clients - many of which are free and offer remote functions - so it looks like this is well in hand.

Thanks folks !!!

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