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Windows 8.1 SkyDrive Not Syncing

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Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, but lots of users are already running either the Preview version or the RTM build that’s available for download from MSDN or TechNet.

The OS update comes with lots of improvements, including some aimed at SkyDrive, but it turns out that Windows 8.1 has actually broken down syncing for lots of users.

It all started with the Preview, with some early adopters complaining that syncing locally stored data with the content saved in the cloud didn’t work in Windows 8.1. Here’s what one of the affected users says about the problem:

“I have added files via the Windows 7 machine, they sync to SkyDrive.com, but 8.1 does not sync. I've uploaded files directly to SkyDrive.com, the Windows 7 machine updates, but 8.1 does not sync. I've tried adding new files and folders to the 8.1 app and they appear locally, but they do not sync to SkyDrive.com and they do not find their way onto the 7 machine.”

While lots of other users have already confirmed the issue, it appears that similar problems are also being experienced after upgrading to 8.1 RTM.

“Same problem for me. Since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 RTM, Skydrive refuses to sync my data. Told me that I have near 10K file to download... but download nothing, no progression, no nothing. I tried to restart computer, several times. Killing and restarting skydrive.exe process,” one Microsoft user confirmed.

Microsoft is yet to release a statement on this, but given the fact that Windows 8.1 is scheduled to see daylight in less than one month, the company is likely to include a fix in the final build delivered to users.

As you probably heard by now, Windows 8.1 will be available as a free download from the Store, but in case you want to perform a clean install, separate ISOs will also be offered.


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