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Wipe 2013 PRO Build 54

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Title: Wipe 2013 PRO Build 54

Release year: 2013

File size: 6.59 MB


About the program:

Wipe 2013 PRO - a powerful and easy-to-use tool to clean your system from all sorts of debris, which helps protect your privacy by clearing browser history and cache, index.dat files, cookies, autocomplete history, temporary Internet files, and more other things. The program also removes any other tracks that you leave after using your computer. Wipe 2013 includes US DoD 5220.22-M method, Gutmann (full 39 steps) and Russian GOST method to completely erase your personal and confidential data, making the removal of the following unrecoverable using special software.

Internet is not secure: Hackers are always trying to steal your passwords, browsers use cookies to track your habits, Windows collects thousands of junk files ... That's why people need to be protected against all of them. The software for the protection of privacy has been designed to keep your personal information safe while they are browsing the Internet. With these programs, you can safely delete the private tracks to the Internet, unwanted files, or any other confidential information.

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After starting the application, you'll see a list of all programs that may contain personal information that you do not want to show anyone. You can double-click on any item in the list to see the number of files stored program and the amount of space, for example, view cookies, index.dat files, etc.

You can customize what you want to remove before cleaning. After clicking the "Delete!", Wipe shows a friendly screen displaying the icon, which is in the process of cleaning, shows what a particular file is removed, and the total number of files and the amount of space that has been removed.

Wipe supports all programs

Wipe erases all traces of your online and offline activities in Windows XP / Vista / 7, and 8. In the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera), as well as many other programs that are used daily. WIPE comes with free updates and regularly offers new versions, which allows it to recognize and remove tracks in any newly released software.

What's New in version 2013 Build 54?

• Added support for new browser FireFox 20

• Added digital signature

Interface Language: Multilanguage

Platform / OS: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7/Win 8.

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