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Found 3 results

  1. like the one in the title, so I need help finding what software is for converting videos from the x264 format to the x265 format. I hope to find the name of the software here, and if possible, software that has been personally tested or software that is considered the best in this field. thank you for your help.
  2. Cauptain

    Serviio 1.10 Released!!

    Serviio is a free and premium media server. It allows you to stream your media files (music, video or images) to renderer devices Features streams audio, video (SD & HD) and image files in their native format or transcoded in real-time streams content from online sources, like RSS feeds, live audio/video streams, web page content includes a plugin system to support streaming from non-trivial online sources supports most known playlist formats supports subtitles automatically updates the media library when you add/update/remove a media file or a metadata file supports RAW camera images wide array of localized library browsing options supports different editable renderer profiles supports automatic renderer detection and per-IP profile assignment extracts metadata of your media files the way you want it, incl. embedded metadata tags, local metadata files, online metadata sources (in preferred language), XBMC, Swisscenter, MyMovies supports video thumbnails, CD covers, DVD posters, etc. categorizes video files into movie and/or series and marks last viewed episodes of a series available for Windows, Linux and Mac (with the possibility to run the server part on one platform and console on another) Supported renderers Samsung TVs and Bluray players (supports additional features, e.g. subtitles) Sony TVs and Bluray players Panasonic TVs Playstation 3 Playstation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One LG TVs and Bluray players Toshiba TVs Sharp TVs Philips TVs WDTV Live (supports subtitles) Oppo BDP-83 Roku 4 MusicPal DirecTV DVR Pure Flow deices Android phones, iOS phones ... and many more Supported media files Audio: MP3( .mp3), MP2 (.mp2), Windows Media Audio (.wma), AAC (.m4a), OGG (.ogg, .oga), FLAC (.flac), Wawpack (.wv), Musepack (.mpc), Monkey's Audio (.ape) Video: MPEG-1 (.mpg, .mpeg), MPEG-2 PS (.mpg, .mpeg, vob, mod), MPEG-2 TS (.ts, .m2ts), MPEG-4 (.mp4, m4v, mov), AVI (.avi, .divx), Windows Media Video (.wmv, .asf), Matroska (.mkv), Flash (.flv, .f4v), DVR-MS (.dvr, .dvr-ms), WTV (.wtv), OGG (.ogv, .ogm), 3GP (.3gp, .3g2), RealVideo (.rm, .rmvb) Image: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), RAW (.arw, .cr2, .crw, .dng, .raf, .raw,. rw2, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .pef, .srf, .orf) Playlist: PLS (.pls), M3U (.m3u, .m3u8), ASX (.asx, .wax., .wrx), WPL (.wpl) Subtitles: SubRip (.srt, .txt), SSA/ASS (.ssa, .ass), MicroDVD (.sub, .txt), SAMI (.smi), VTT (.vtt), MOV open text ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.10 changelog: support for multiple genres in audio files; ticket #1066 added forceSquarePixels attribute to transcoding definition; ticket #974 added 4:3, 3:2 and 21:9 Display Aspect Ratio options to the transcoding definition; ticket #974 reload the logging configuration file when Start Server is clicked in the Console added widthGreaterThan and heightGreaterThan transcoding matchers to enable limiting 4k files when not supported; ticket #1064 added maxWidth parameter to video transcoding definition in order to limit wide videos; ticket #876 faster search for subtitles on opensubtitles.org; ticket #1058 expose CDS ports via system properties extract embedded metadata from video (and otherwise unsupported) audio files; ticket #665 changed default log file size to 5MB; ticket #1069 added support for Opus audio codec; ticket #1073 added support for .webm files; ticket #1079 added supported DLNA profiles for MKV files; ticket #1063 package 64-bit FFmpeg in the Windows installer and use on 64-bit systems use native fullscreen in MediaBrowser on iOS devices; ticket #1085 added a profile for Xbox One S/X; ticket #1032 fixed playback of online resources in MediaBrowser; ticket #1081 fixed NullPointerException when adding some images; ticket #1077 fixed various iOS problems in MediaBrowser #1074 fixed language code matching in OpenSubtitles results; ticket #1086 updated commons-imaging updated FFmpeg to 3.4.4 updated Java to 1.8.0_181 Homepage: http://www.serviio.org/ Trial Download: http://download.serviio.org/releases/serviio-1.10-win-setup.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MEDICINE (Credits to RU.BOARD and DVT): Just stop serviio service using "services.msc" and replace serviio.jar file into Program Files\Serviio\lib\ or Program Files (X86)\Serviio\lib\ LINK: Site: http://bit.ly Sharecode: /2OwyJrh MIRROR: Site: https://www.mirrored.to Sharecode: /files/PC2KPWSS/Serviio_Pro_1.10_Medicine.7z_links ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WORKAROUND (Credits to Renegade) If you have 14 day trial reset problem (medicine not work) follow the steps below: 1. Stop service 2. Uninstall Serviio 3. Remove folder "Serviio" from "Program Files" or "Program Files x86" for 32bit Windows version 3. Remove Serviio-Console-Wrapper folder from "C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming" 4. For clean Registry i use Registry Mechanic (try witout this tool - this tool is discontinued) 5. Delete all from "C:\Windows\Temp" and from "C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Temp" 6. Restart your PC 7. Install Serviio 1.9.2 8. When install is complete simply STOP "Serviio" from "Services" 9. Replace serviio.jar (RU or DVT medicine) file into "Program Files\Serviio\lib\" or "Program Files (X86)\Serviio\lib\" 10. Restart your PC 11. Open "Serviio console" and your Serviio is now licensed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy it. Claudio
  3. Hey guys, if it helps I converted those x264 MediaInfo parameters into it's core x264 commands: 2HD: --crf 19 --preset slowaAF: --crf 19 --preset slowANGELiC: --crf 19 --preset slowASAP: --crf 19 --preset slowBAJSKORV: --crf 19 --preset slower --ref 5 --deblock 1:1BATV: --crf 20 --preset slowC4TV: --crf 21 --preset slowCRiMSON: --crf 21 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 300CROOKS: --crf 21 --preset slow --keyint 300DEADPiXEL: --crf 22 --preset slowDEADPOOL: --crf 20 --preset slowEVOLVE: --crf 21 --preset slowFoV: --crf 20 --preset slowFQM: --crf 19 --preset slowFTP: --crf 22 --preset slow --tune filmKILLERS: --crf 21 --preset slowKYR: --crf 24 --preset slowLMAO: --crf 20 --preset slowLOL: --crf 20 --preset slower --ref 5 --deblock 1:1OMiCRON: --crf 21 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 300RiVER: --crf 20 --preset slow --tune filmSYS: --crf 21 --preset slowTLA: --crf 20 --preset slowTViLLAGE: --crf 21 --preset slowW4F: --crf 23 --preset slowYesTV: --crf 21 --preset slow --keyint 300 ~P2P~mSD: --crf 22 --preset slower --bframes 8 --vbv-maxrate 10000 --vbv-bufsize 10000tNe: --crf 23 --preset slow99% of this parameters came from the presets and the x264 defaults. The other 1% were automatically generated based on other parameters and the computer they were encoded on. For example x264 fills in the "--threads" and "--lookahead-threads" values based on your computer's processor. Also the "--keyint" parameter automatically sets "--min-keyint" which ranges based on a number of factors. Most groups just use a single preset and a crf value which is straight out of the scene guide. A few made some custom changes which took precedence over the default and preset ones. They also most likely added "--level 3.1 --colormatrix bt709" to the command since it's listed in the scene guide. Hope this helps B)
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