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Found 18 results

  1. HostsFileHijack : Microsoft Defender falsely reports you are infected if you try and block Microsoft telemetry and ads Editing your host file is one way to block Microsoft telemetry and Microsoft-delivered ads on Windows, and it turns out Microsoft is not too happy with it. The latest versions of Microsoft Defender for Windows 10 will detect if you are adding entries to your host file which would block Microsoft’s servers and refuse to allow you to save the file, claiming it is a severe security risk. In fa
  2. Windows Defender’s new feature worry security researchers Windows Defender has added a new feature and security researchers are not too happy, as it has increased the attack surface of Windows. Version 4.18.2007.9 or 4.18.2009.9 of the app has added the ability to download files via the command line using the app, e.g. MpCmdRun.exe -DownloadFile -url [ url] -path [path_to_save_file] … can now be used to download a binary from the internet. While not an exploit in itself, the feature allows a script which can launch
  3. Microsoft makes it difficult to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 Microsoft Defender Antivirus is the default antivirus protection on the company's Windows 10 operating system. If administrators don't install a different antivirus solution, Windows Defender Antivirus is enabled and will protect the system in various ways. Administrators may configure some settings of the program in the Windows 10 Settings application; this includes turning various security feature such as cloud delivered protection, tamper protection, exploit protection or ransomware protection on
  4. Nirsoft's latest tool helps you manage Windows Defender Threats in bulk WinDefThreatsView is a new freeware tool for Microsoft's Windows 10 and 8.1 operating systems by Nirsoft that assists administrators in managing threats detected by the operating system's built-in antivirus protection Windows Defender Antivirus. Windows Defender Antivirus is the default antivirus solution on Windows 10. Users may install third-party security software which may take over but part of the userbase uses the default solution instead. Like many other built-in Windows to
  5. Microsoft patches Windows Defender bug with the latest update Just a couple of days back we covered a bug that caused Windows Defender to skip some items during an antivirus scan. While Microsoft didn’t officially acknowledge the issue, the company has issued a new update which fixes the bug. Today, Microsoft has released KB4052623 update along with Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender (v4.18.2003.8) which fixes the scanning issue for all the Windows 10 users. KB4052623 is currently available for Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise users. Unfortu
  6. Last week, Microsoft announced that Windows Defender would become the first antivirus to be sandboxed. However, security researcher Didier Stevens learned that, due to a bug, the feature couldn’t be properly enabled if he shut the PC down instead of restarting it. Windows Defender Sandbox Off to a Bad Start Right now, to enable the sandbox feature for Windows Defender in the latest Windows Insiders preview build, you would have to create a system environment variable called "MP_FORCE_USE_SANDBOX" and set its value to 1. Then, to activate it, you would have to restar
  7. Some Windows 7, 8.1 users reporting Security Essentials and Windows Defender problems Some Windows 7 and 8.1 users are noticing that their automatic anti-malware protection has been turned off and are seeing out-of-date virus definitions. A definition update fix may be coming shortly. A number of Windows 7 and 8.1 users are encountering problems with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. Users are seeing their automatic anti-malware protection turned o
  8. How to Customize Windows Defender Notifications on Windows 10 Windows Defender is now a fully-featured antivirus product, and in Windows 10 it comes with an advanced security tool arsenal that defends your computer not only against malware infections, but also other cyberattacks of various kinds. But since it’s becoming a more complex product, Windows Defender needs to come with straightforward options that make it possible for users to configure its features and take full advantage of its capabilities. One of them concerns notifications, as users and IT admins ar
  9. Microsoft details Tamper Protection in Windows Defender April 2019 Update In a blog post Microsoft detailed a new feature in Microsoft’s security product Windows Defender ATP. Tamper Protection is a new setting available in the Windows Security app which provides additional protections against changes to key security features, including limiting changes that are not made directly through the app.
  10. Another key Win10 security feature bites the dust: Say goodbye to Windows Defender Exploit Guard There’s a reason why I’m skeptical about the fancy new security features touted for Win10 versions. In many cases, at least for me, they don’t work. Enterprises have a different school of fish to fry, but the benefits of some of the new features just eludes me. Take, if you will, the Windows Defender Exploit Guard. When Win10 version 1709 hit the street, it was billed as a major new security feature that the whole world needs. Although on the surface it seemed like something I could
  11. Novter Trojan Sets its Sights on Microsoft Windows Defender The Novter Trojan, also known as Nodersok or Divergent, is the latest Trojan to actively target Microsoft's Windows Defender by attempting to disable it. Last week, three reports came out about a new fileless Trojan that installs Node.JS onto a victim's machines and configures it as a proxy server for click-fraud and other malicious activity. This Trojan is named by Microsoft as Nodersok, Divergent by Cisco Talos, and Novter by Trend Micro. With Windows Defender maturing into a full-fledge AV s
  12. How to enable Ransomware Protection in Windows Defender and add custom folders to it Windows Defender has been gaining a foothold steadily for the past few years. But there is one flaw in the antivirus that ships with Windows 10. The option for Ransomware Protection is disabled by default even though it is available as a native option since the release of Windows 10 version 1709. Initially I was bemused by this, but then I thought it is possible that Windows Defender could identify a legitimate application as a threat and block it, which is not something the us
  13. If you are someone who relies on “Windows Defender” on Windows 10 to protect your device from malware threats, you should know about the new version of TrickBot malware that attempts to disable the antivirus software altogether. TrickBot Trojan isn’t exactly new as it surfaces from time to time. The last we heard about TrickBot was a couple of weeks ago when it managed to infect nearly 250 million Gmail accounts with new cookie stealing abilities. For the uninitiated, TrickBot is a trojan that tries to steal bank account information, crypto walle
  14. The free, built-in antivirus software in Windows 10 performs just as well as -- or even better than -- many of its paid competitors. After years of lagging behind competitors, Microsoft Windows Defender has earned a coveted AV-Test "Top Product" award. The free, built-in antivirus software in Windows 10 performs just as well as — or even better than — many of its paid competitors. Your Windows PC can now repel the vast majority of malware threats right out of the box. AV-Test, a German testing lab, periodically evaluates security suites for Windows, Mac, Android and occasionally Linu
  15. Turn on Mandatory ASLR in Windows Security I've been using it for quite a while now, it caused no problems or errors with any legitimate programs, games, anti cheat systems etc other than with some "custom" made portable programs. it's Off by default, when you turn it on, you will have to restart your device. Address space layout randomization Address space layout randomization (ASLR) is a computer security technique involved in preventing exploitation of memory corruption vulnerabilities. In order to prevent an attacker from reliably jumping to, for exa
  16. If you’re a big torrent downloader, then there is a very good chance that you are making use of the popular client uTorrent, and if you’re a Windows user, then you may also have noticed that Windows Defender started to show concerns surrounding the app of late. Multiple users are reporting that Windows has begun to flag uTorrent as “Potentially Unwanted Software,” something that developer BitTorrent Inc says is nothing more than a false positive. However, the company has removed the suspect release from its servers at the time of writing, meaning anyone using the app should use a d
  17. Rar! That's a scary bug A remote-code execution vulnerability in Windows Defender – a flaw that can be exploited by malicious .rar files to run malware on PCs – has been traced back to an open-source archiving tool Microsoft adopted for its own use. The bug, CVE-2018-0986, was patched on Tuesday in the latest version of the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (1.1.14700.5) in Windows Defender, Security Essentials, Exchange Server, Forefront Endpoint Protection, and Intune Endpoint Protection. This update should be installed, or may have been automatically in
  18. Windows Defender trails third-party antivirus in tests, but Microsoft says you should still use it over other products. Microsoft's Windows Defender ranks seventh out of 15 antivirus (AV) products in an independent test. But the results don't tell the whole picture, argues Microsoft. With improvements to Windows 10's built-in Windows Defender antivirus, some users are questioning whether it's worth paying for a third-party product from the likes of Symantec, McAfee or Kaspersky. But according to the latest results for Windows home and business u
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