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  1. Patch Tuesday: Here's what's new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this month We're 13 days into October, but it's not truly a new month until Microsoft releases its Patch Tuesday updates for Windows, and as we're on the second Tuesday of the month, that happens today. Along with all supported versions of Windows 10, there are also new cumulative updates rolling out to Windows 8.1 and some Windows 7 users. There are two kinds of updates for each operating system - the monthly rollup update and the security-only update. For Windows 8.1, the monthly rollup upda
  2. Poll results: Here's why people are sticking with Windows 7 Nearly 10% of the visitors to this website who are using Windows PCs are still running Windows 7. Why? The poll results tell a consistent (and occasionally surprising) story. Last week, after looking at this site's server logs and some open source data from the United States Government's Digital Analytics Program, I discovered that nearly 10% of the many millions of visitors to these sites are still using Windows 7. Why are so many people continuing to use this operating system, long after Microsoft ended
  3. Here's what's new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this Patch Tuesday We are now in the second Tuesday of September, and in usual Microsoft fashion, that means it's Patch Tuesday. Every supported version of Windows is getting updates today, and that includes Windows 8.1. Plus, if you're paying for extended security updates (ESU), there are new updates for Windows 7, too. As usual, there are two flavors of the monthly updates, one containing only security fixes and one with other quality fixes, the monthly rollup update. For Windows 8.1, the monthly r
  4. Here's what's new for Windows 7 and 8.1 this Patch Tuesday If you look at your calendars today, you may notice that it's the second Tuesday of August, and that means it's time for this month's Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. As usual, every supported version of Windows is getting updates, and that includes Windows 8.1. Windows 7 is no longer support for most users, but if you're paying for Extended Security Updates (ESU), you can still get updates for a few more years. As usual, there are two types of updates going out - a monthly rollup update and
  5. It appears that the Windows 7 ESU Bypass is indeed working Support for Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system ended on January 14, 2020 officially. Home users cannot extend support for the operating system while business and Enterprise customers may extend support by up to three years; this is done by joining the ESU program which is available per machine (business) or per user (Enterprise). A bypass to use ESU-only patches on Home machines -- basically any machine that has not joined the program officially -- was discovered and published in December 2019. The bypass w
  6. Many of us are still hooked on Windows 7 and that's a huge problem Devices still running on Windows 7 targeted by hackers (Image credit: Future) The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has published a warning notice highlighting dangers posed by the continued usage of Windows 7, retired by Microsoft earlier this year. The much-loved operating system reached end of life on January 14, meaning security patches, software updates and technical assistance are no longer available - but many users have remained loyal to th
  7. This new Zoom security flaw lets hackers target Windows 7 PCs Windows 7 devices at risk from Zoom Zero Day vulnerability (Image credit: Shutterstock) Zoom is facing more security scrutiny after a new flaw was found to open up the service to hackers, putting Windows 7 users at risk. Researchers at Slovenian cybersecurity firm ACROS Security has revealed a previously unknown flaw in the videoconferencing software Zoom could allow a hacker to remotely commandeer computers running old versions of the Microsoft Windows operat
  8. 1. The only version that you can successfully install at first launch is .NET Framework 4.5.2 - this will work for you, guaranteed! 2. All other .NET Framework 4.x will fail in first attempt. On any next attempt you will have success, but don't hurry to enjoy, you still be unlucky (read at point 5 below). 3. If you want to install all other versions at first launch, you must install manually this certificate first. 4. If you are trying to install certificate from third part apps, for example from Inno Setup, you will be unlucky. (Already tried these two methods) 5. If you h
  9. Patch Tuesday: Here's what's new for Windows 7 and 8.1 this month Today is the second Tuesday of May, and that means it's time for this month's Patch Tuesday. Microsoft is rolling out cumulative updates for all supported versions of Windows, and that includes Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Keep in mind, Windows 7 actually reached end of support earlier this year, so you'll only be getting updates if you're a business user paying for extended security updates. These monthly updates come in two flavors - monthly rollup and a security-only update - and by default,
  10. Greetings everyone, This guide will help you to manually backup all third-party drivers (non- microsoft drivers) from an existing Windows 7 installation. I did some testing and found that all the hardware drivers are stored in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository directory. What you have to do is: (i)Go to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository (ii)Sort by last modified date & (iii)Check and copy folder for non-microsoft drivers to say C:\Drivers. That's all IGNORE those folder which don't contain *.cat file. I a
  11. Greetings Everyone, I know its too late but still..😜 This script will help you to create a Microsoft Media Refresh January 2020 disc image (ISO file). Base ISO: Microsoft Media Refresh SP1 November 2010 ISOs (Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x64.iso) This guide assumes that you already have the above mentioned disc image and have made no previous modifications on the ISO. Steps: 1) Manually create four folders viz., Win7, Updates, IE11 & ISO in C:\Drive 2) Mount Disc Image & copy all its Contents to C:\Win7 3) Go to C:\Win7\sources folder &
  12. vizit

    Driver update

    I am looking for a free software to update the drivers. A lot of software are available over the internet but all are not up to the mark. They are lagging one way or the other. So I request you to please suggest me a good software to update the drivers
  13. Microsoft to support new Edge browser until July 15, 2021 on Windows 7 Microsoft released the first stable version of the company's new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser one day after it ended support for its Windows 7 operating system. Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020 for Home customers. Business and Enterprise customers have options to extend support by up to three years if they pay Microsoft for Extended Security Updates. The release of the new Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 7 raised some questions. One of the main qu
  14. 0Patch publishes micropatch to address Windows Font Parsing vulnerability Microsoft published an advisory about a new font parsing vulnerability in Windows on March 23, 2020. The company rated the vulnerability as critical and said that it was aware of limited targeted attacks exploiting the vulnerability. Microsoft listed several workarounds to mitigate attacks but they all reduced functionality for users in one way or another. Microsoft has yet to release a security patch to address the issue for all versions of Windows affected by the vulnerability
  15. Greetings everyone, This guide is in continuation of my previous topic. It will help you to integrate latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8(Recommended) & Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install runtime components(Optional) in Win7UEFI.iso which was previously created in C:\ISO folder. This is the last thing you should do after slipstreaming all necessary updates & drivers(if any) in Windows 7 Disc Image (ISO file). STEPS: 1) Manually create WinTemp & WA2Manual folder in C:\ Drive. 2) Mount the above ISO & copy all its contents to C:\W
  16. Key Points The Windows 7 upgrade cycle is not as far along as it usually is this far along, Microsoft finance chief Amy Hood said on Monday. Around 23% of Windows desktop machines are still running Windows 7. Microsoft still sees plenty of opportunity to for customers to upgrade machines from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and not only because of coronavirus fallout. Usually, Microsoft sees a pronounced increase in revenue around the time it ends support for an older version of its Windows operating system as individuals and companies buy PCs with the latest from Micr
  17. Large businesses not ready to migrate off Windows 7 as of January 2020 and which opt for paid security updates should expect Microsoft's update pricing to double each year. Microsoft said last Fall that it would offer paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on a per-device basis for big customers willing to pay for them after the company ends Windows 7 support on January 14, 2020. Microsoft officials wouldn't talk about how much those updates would cost, beyond saying they'd get more expensive over time. However, Microsoft has briefed some of its partners and salespeo
  18. There’s no official announcement that I can find, much less an explanation, but it looks as if you can no longer get KB 4462923, the October Win7 Monthly Rollup, through Windows Update. Microsoft apparently yanked it from WU last Thursday. Thinkstock This month’s Windows 7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4462923, appears to be on the skids. The KB article itself doesn’t mention anything. The patch is still available for manual download from the Microsoft Update Catalog. But I’m seeing more and more reports like this one that KB 4462923 is
  19. Yes, it's another Microsoft screwup. Even though it reissued the Win7 Servicing Stack Update and marked it as 'security,' many people won't see it. The problem: Ancient installer update logic. Don't hold your breath waiting for a solution. Thinkstock There’s a well-known bug in the Win7 update installer that can throw error 0x8000FFF unless you pre-install an upgrade to the installer. I wrote about this Servicing Stack Update (SSU) requirement about a month ago. Three weeks ago, Microsoft promised to fix the problem. Superficially, the problem should
  20. Still likely to end the year ahead THE GAP BETWEEN Windows 7 and Windows 10 use on traditional desktops and laptops continues to narrow, despite the fact that both operating systems lost a small amount of ground this month in the figures produced by Netmarketshare. Windows 7 drops to 38.89 per cent (-0.46) with Windows 10 continuing to snap at its heels at 38.14 (-0.14), meaning that the difference is now just 0.75 per cent, which suggests that Microsoft is still on target to finally overtake itself before the year is out. Just. Possibly. Windows
  21. You can download and install it manually, but in our tests the Win7 October Monthly Rollup is hard to find through Windows Update — and it won’t install automatically. Why? Ranjith Siji / IDG (CC0) This month’s Windows 7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4462923, has gone missing. I’ve seen complaints about the reticent Rollup — where, people wondered, did the October Monthly Rollup go? I thought that folks who were having problems finding the update were doing something wrong — perhaps they ran afoul of the bizarre requirement that you update the Windows Update pro
  22. Microsoft today embraced Google’s Chromium open source project for Edge development on the desktop. The company also announced it is decoupling the browser updates from Windows 10 updates, and that Edge is coming to all supported versions of Windows and to macOS. Microsoft launched Edge in July 2015 as the default browser for, and exclusive to, Windows 10. But it never saw much adoption. Sure, Microsoft claimed Edge had 330 million active devices back in September 2017, but it never did reveal an active user figure beyond “hundreds of millions” (Google said Chrome passe
  23. After a few days of rumors, Microsoft announced today that it's going to be using Chromium in its browser moving forward and that the new Edge will be coming to Windows 7, 8.1, and macOS. Now, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has posted a response to the news, saying that it's bad for the internet. Mozilla says that Microsoft's decision to use Chromium and the Blink rendering engine basically gives Google a monopoly on what we see on the internet. Remember, Chromium is the open-source browser that Google Chrome is based on, and other third-party browsers use it too, like Opera, Vivaldi, and
  24. The last twelve months of official unpaid support for Windows 7 have started; Microsoft's, still very popular, operating system will receive the last batch of updates in early January 2020. Extended support ends in January 2020 and while organizations may pay Microsoft to get an additional three years of security updates, no such option exists for Home customers. It won't be possible, likely, to extend the end of support, like on Windows XP or Vista systems, by installing compatible Server patches as Windows Server 2008 R2 support ends in January 2020 as well.
  25. The delayed delivery of Windows 10 October 2018 Update could put the pinch on companies looking to upgrade from Windows 7 before support for the aging OS ends next January. pan xiaozhen modified by IDG Comm. / Microsoft (CC0) Microsoft's months-long delay in getting the latest Windows 10 feature upgrade to customers could not have come at a worse time. The slow delivery of Windows 10 October 2018 Update, also known as 1809 in Microsoft's nicknaming yymm nomenclature, may pinch enterprises' migration from Windows 7, impact the expected shift to longer-
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