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Found 15 results

  1. Windows 10X to reportedly RTM in December, without Win32 app support Microsoft originally developed Windows 10X to support their dual-screened ambitions, but development difficulties eventually caused Microsoft to abandon that plan, and eventually re-target the OS for cheap single-screened laptop-like devices for front-line workers, to compete with ChromeOS. One of the reasons Windows 10X struggled was trying to run Win32 apps in containers in the OS, with Microsoft unable to achieve reasonable performance. Now WindowsLatest reports that Microsoft is fi
  2. The new Windows 10X Clipboard+Emoji tool is pretty nice The new Windows 10 Insider Build 20185 brought a number of cool features to Windows 10, including some features of Windows 10X. This includes a really cool combined emoji picker and clipboard repository which is activated by pressing Windows + . (full stop). As this gif by WindowsLatest shows, the emoji element lets you search emojis, symbols, gifs (from Tenor) and the clipboard element lets stores your last 25 copied items, with each new one
  3. Windows 10X: Train wreck in slow motion – or the future of Windows? Microsoft hasn't said much about Windows 10X – and what it has spelled out so far leaves the company's plans unclear. Is 10X the next version of Windows 10? Or a dead end? Gerd Altmann / Modified by IDG Comm. (CC0) If you’re a resolute Windows watcher, you may have heard about Windows 10X, the new version of Windows Microsoft has been cooking up. But there’s a great deal of confusion about Windows 10X, because Microsoft hasn’t been forthcoming about
  4. Windows 10X features could be coming to Windows 10 sooner than expected Faster Windows updates and Win32 container support might debut on single-screen devices (Image credit: Microsoft) Windows 10X features could be making their way to Windows 10 sooner than expected, with Microsoft reportedly gearing up to let beta testers try out the OS on single-screen devices. When it first announced Windows 10X during last year's Surface event in October, Microsoft positioned the OS, codenamed 'Windows Lite', as software designed f
  5. Microsoft confirms that Windows 10X will be on single-screen PCs first; Surface Neo delayed Microsoft announced Windows 10X in October, aimed squarely at dual-screen devices. It also announced the Surface Neo as the first PC to run the new OS. However, everything has changed. The Surface Neo will no longer be the first PC to run Windows 10X, and Windows 10X is now aimed at single-screen PCs, at least at first. The news was first leaked last month by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, so this isn't entirely surprising. It was confirmed by Windows and Devices ch
  6. Windows 10X for single-screen devices spotted in Windows 10X emulator We have heard previously that Microsoft has fallen behind in Windows 10X development, and would be pushing back the release of the Surface Neo and other dual-screen Windows 10x products till 2021. Part of that rumour was also however that Microsoft was still trying to get Windows 10X released for single-screened devices. Now just such an image was spotted in the Windows 10X emulator, as uncovered by Gustave Monce. Said to be for a single, large-screen device, it is unclear
  7. New icons leak for Windows 10X variants of Maps, People, and Alarms Ever since last year when the Office suite got its first icon update in five years, Microsoft has been steadily facelifting its entire icon set, from File Explorer to Groove Music. Visual Studio's various incarnations got some attention as well, and now it's the turn of the Maps, Alarms, and People app icons to receive a new coat of paint. Coming courtesy of Aggiornamenti Lumia, the three new ones are apparently redone with Windows 10X in mind - Microsoft's lightweight OS for dual
  8. Windows 10X details revealed in major leak Microsoft has mostly kept details of Windows 10X- a version of Windows 10 that has been tailored to dual-screen devices- under wraps. Now, a major leak has given us deep insight into the design and goals behind the development of Windows 10X. The leak, found by Twitter user WalkingCat, was documented by another user via screenshots. In the documentation, it states that Windows 10X is designed for both foldable devices and classic laptops. Local apps and PWAs are said t
  9. Job post confirms Win32 apps will run in containers on Windows 10X Windows 10X is meant to bring new way to run Windows, one which is secure by default, and where updates would happen transparently, almost without users noticing. At the same time, the operating system is meant to provide a wide range of compatability with existing Windows software. We have long suspected Microsoft plans to achieve this via virtual machine container technology, and now a job post on LinkedIn confirmed the rumours. It states: The Azure Core OS Ker
  10. At its annual Surface hardware event in New York, Microsoft announced the expected set of updates to its existing hardware lineup. The biggest surprise, though, was surely the announcement of the company’s dual-screen Surface Neo, which will go on sale before the 2020 holiday season. To make this kind of dual-screen device possible, Microsoft also built a new version of Windows 10: Windows 10X. Microsoft says it’s announcing the hardware and software today in order to get it into the hands of developers ahead of the launch. Just like the HoloLens, Surface
  11. Microsoft might be building an IoT version of Windows 10X It's been a while since there's been a significant feature update for Windows 10 IoT Core. The most recent one is the October 2018 Update, so it's well over a year old. As it turns out, Microsoft might be working on something new. According to a job listing on LinkedIn (spotted by Windows Latest), Microsoft is looking for an engineer to help build its new IoT OS, which will be based on Windows 10X. Specifically, the listing reads, "You will build the next generation IoT operating system bas
  12. This is Microsoft’s vision for dual-screen apps on Windows 10X and Android Developers can start getting ready for Surface Neo and Surface Duo Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Microsoft is starting to share more details on exactly how it imagines apps will run on dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo and Surface Neo. The software giant unveiled both devices back in October, with the smaller Surface Duo running Android and the larger Surface Neo powered by Windows 10X. Now, Microsoft is getting develope
  13. Project Acrylic concept bring the Windows 10X look to Windows 10 We have already seen some elements of Windows 10X coming to Windows 10, such as the colourful icons, but designer vGlad has decided to re-image the whole OS in the style of the new sibling. The design, of course, draws heavily on Acrylic effects, and also brings an updated Start menu to the desktop OS. One of the best features of Acrylic design is the subtle animations, which can be seen in vGlad’s video below:
  14. Today, Microsoft is holding its Developer Day event focused on dual-screen experiences, and with it come a few announcements. For starters, just like it had promised, the company has released the Microsoft Emulator and tools so developers can start working on developing for Windows 10X and dual-screen devices to make use of the new form factor. The emulator includes a tool that lets users view a 3D render of a Surface Neo-like device to see the effects of moving the screens around the hinge. Microsoft also updated the Surface Duo SDK, which it released last month. The new version i
  15. Someone got Windows 10X running on a MacBook Earlier this week, Microsoft released the first public emulator for Windows 10X, giving people the chance to play around with the new operating system. But even though Windows 10X is made for dual-screen and foldable devices, it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to get it running on a regular old laptop. That's exactly what Twitter user @imbushuo did, getting Windows 10X running on a MacBook, of all things. You'll notice that the UI is the same a
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