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  1. Windows 10 users face numerous issues installing the latest KB4579311 cumulative update, and for those who can install, they are reporting various bugs, including performance issues. Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB4579311 cumulative update on October 13th, 2020, and since then, users have been reporting problems getting the update to install, crashes, performance issues, and boot problems. Due to the varied hardware and drivers running Windows 10, there will always be issues when a new cumulative update is released, but there appears to be an uptick in
  2. Windows 10 is set to get better than ever Update arriving later this month (Image credit: John Schnobrich / Unsplash) The latest feature update for Windows 10 is arriving sometime later in October, but there won’t be any major changes to the operating system. Instead, Microsoft appears to be developing new features, user interface (UI) tweaks, and various improvements, including a brand new web-based UI that will appear when you set up a new device or configure the current device after running Windows Update. Despite still not havi
  3. Microsoft releases new Resources widget for Windows 10 devices On any Windows 10 device, you need to open the Task Manager to check the apps that are using the system resources. To make this process easier for users, Microsoft has recently released a new Resources widget as part of the latest Xbox Game Bar update. With the new Resources widget, users can identify and manage which apps are using system resources like CPU, GPU, RAM and Disk. After pinning the Resources widget, gamers can keep an eye on the apps and their system resour
  4. How to disable the display of recent searches in Windows 10's Search Box When you run a search on Windows 10, you can do so using the Start Menu or the dedicated search box if it is displayed. Both search options use the same Windows Search component to display search results to the user, but the front page of the services differ. The Start Menu displays installed programs and tiles by default, the search box a list of quick searches and recent searches that the user ran previously. Some users may find the list of recent s
  5. New Windows 10 driver system could lead to errors, Microsoft warns Driver verification is intended to improve security but it could be frustrating for end users (Image credit: Shutterstock) As part of its recent October 2020 Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft has made a significant change to the way in which Windows verifies drivers that could lead to headaches for end users. The reason behind the change is well-intentioned as the software giant wants to prevent malware from exploiting vulnerable hardware drivers to compro
  6. Windows 10 build 20236.1005 is now live in the Dev channel with new known issues Microsoft has released a new cumulative update for build 20236 of Windows 10, which rolled out to Insiders in the Dev channel earlier this week. Build 20236 was a relatively small one in terms of new features, only adding a new way to access the refresh rate settings for your monitor through the Settings app. This cumulative update brings the build number to 20236.1005, and the purpose of the update is to test the servicing pipeline for Windows updates. Usually, that
  7. Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 20236 for Dev channel Insiders with the ability to the refresh rate of a display and more Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20236 for Insiders in the Dev Channel ring. This new Insider build brings the ability to change the refresh rate of your selected display. This build also comes with improved search experience. Find the full change log below. What’s new in Windows 10 Build 20236: Change Refresh Rate of your display You can now go to Settings > Syst
  8. Windows 10 update appears to have made crashes even more likely The Blue Screen of Death is back (Image credit: Future) Windows 10 users may have noticed a few unwanted additions packaged with their most recent update. In what has become an all-too-common occurrence, the Windows 10 update has caused a number of problems for users. The update, which was released in September, was supposed to solve a number of issues being experienced by users who were trying to install the May 2020 Windows 10 update but appears to have on
  9. Microsoft releases ISOs for Windows 10 20H2 to Insiders If you've been waiting for Windows 10 20H2 ISOs, there's some good news for you today. Microsoft is releasing the images to Windows Insiders, so you can get started with a clean installation of the firm's next Windows 10 feature update. 20H2 comes with a few new features, such as having the new Edge browser built in, a refreshed Start Menu, and more. It also changes the way that version numbers are handled. Rather than having a year and a month like 2004 (20 being the year, and 04 being the m
  10. Windows 10 update will change the game for copy-and-paste Your Windows 10 clipboard is about to land on Android devices (Image credit: Shutterstock) An upcoming Windows 10 update is expected to enhance the existing Cloud Clipboard facility, allowing users to copy-and-paste material across all their devices. Introduced in 2018, the feature currently synchronizes clipboard content across multiple Windows 10 computers attached to the same Microsoft account. For example, users could copy text to the clipboard on their deskto
  11. How to block the Windows 10 October 2020 Update, version 20H2, from installing The shiny new 20H2 Windows 10 feature update is almost here, but there’s no reason for you to be an unpaid beta tester. Here’s how to keep it off your system for now. By Susan Bradley and Woody Leonhard Microsoft / Thinkstock The October Windows 10 feature update is almost here, and that means it’s time to upgrade right away. Just kidding! You’ll want to ensure that your system stays on a supported prior version until the bugs ar
  12. Microsoft has recently added a new automated alert in the latest Windows 10 builds to let users know when an app registers itself to automatically launch after system startup. This new Windows 10 feature is especially useful for apps that will run minimized without any user interface showing up on the screen or for those that only start a background task. At the moment, the notification only warns of apps configured to run on startup and listed in the Settings > Apps > Startup apps page as Jen Gentleman, a Senior Community Manager at Microsoft, explai
  13. Microsoft says that Windows 10 and Windows Server users will be blocked from installing incorrectly formatted third-party drivers after deploying this month's cumulative updates. "When installing a third-party driver, you might receive the error, 'Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software'," Microsoft says. "You might also see the error, 'No signature was present in the subject' when attempting to view the signature properties using Windows Explorer." Triggered by broken driver catalog files This issue is caused by im
  14. Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 19041.572, 18363.1139 - here's what's new Today is Patch Tuesday, and you know what that means. All supported versions of Windows are getting updated today. In the arena of Windows 10, that means every version except for version 1511. Yes, Microsoft still supports nine versions of Windows 10, plus there's an update that Insiders are getting today for version 20H2. Let's start with the newest version. If you're on Windows 10 version 2004 or an Insider on version 20H2, you'll get KB4579311, bringing the build number to 1904
  15. Microsoft releases Windows 10 Cumulative Update Build 20231.1005 (KB4586238) Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 10 Cumulative Update Build 20231.1005 (KB4586238). This new build does not include any new features and bug fixes, but it is designed to test Microsoft’s Windows servicing pipeline. Some Windows 10 Insiders reported that they were not able to install the previous Cumulative Update last month. Microsoft has now fixed the issue and this new update will be used to test the same. Microsoft last week announced the
  16. Microsoft close to fixing Windows 10 website logout bug Windows 10 users have been suffering a strange issue where they are constantly logged out from their web sessions in Chrome when they restart their PC, meaning for example that they keep on having to re-enter their password on Facebook or Twitter. The issue started in May and appears to be related to the May 2020 Update for Windows 10 Not only Chrome is affected, but only Edge and apps such as OneDrive. Microsoft and Google engineers have been attem
  17. Windows 10 dark mode is finally getting improved Time for dark theme to shine (Image credit: Shutterstock; Future) Windows 10’s dark mode, also known as the dark theme, has been a part of the operating system for a while now, and a new update looks like it will finally fix some of the annoyances many of us have had with it. The Windows 10 dark mode has been criticised for its inconsistency. When applied, some parts of Windows 10 and its apps get the dark theme, but other parts of the OS keep their bright white background
  18. Windows Spotlight could soon change your desktop backgrounds also Windows Spotlight is an option for the lock screen background that displays different background images and occasionally offers suggestions on the lock screen. Windows Spotlight is available in all desktop editions of Windows 10. Now WindowsLatest reports that Microsoft is looking to bring the same feature to the Windows Desktop. They report Microsoft is experimenting with this feature in the Internal Windows developer rings, and that the feature may soon come to Insid
  19. Shrink the Windows Taskbar, modify RGB levels, or hide Start and Show desktop buttons with TaskbarCustomizer Applications like TaskbarX, TaskbarDock can be useful in centering the icons and tweaking the Windows Taskbar. There is a new program which can make it look more stylish: TaskbarCustomizer. Extract the portable archive and run the program. TaskbarCustomizer's interface is quite simple and has a few settings that you can customize. But first, click on the Start button at the bottom of the window. This makes the Windo
  20. Microsoft will support hardware-accelerated AV1 codec in latest Windows 10 systems Back in 2015, numerous companies including Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Amzon, Cisco, Intel, and Mozilla joined forces to form the "Alliance for Open Media" (AOM) in a bid to create open source media formats and technologies. In 2018, the consortium released the AV1 video coding format, which Netflix also began supporting in its Android mobile app earlier this year. Now, Microsoft has stated that with the next generation of hardware being made available shortly, it will also begin supp
  21. The cheapest Windows 10-capable single-board computer got an upgrade Radxa Rock Pi X Intel SBC gets more memory and storage, all at a surprisingly low price (Image credit: Seeed Technology) Tiny single-board computers (SBCs) can be quite useful for many ultra-small and embedded applications that do not need a lot of horsepower. But it is not easy to find a decently configured x86-based Windows 10 or Linux-capable SBC with enough memory and storage that is n
  22. Add Everything Search to the Windows Taskbar for even faster searches Everything Search is without doubt one of the fastest search tools that is available for the Windows operating system. It is a lot faster than the built-in Windows Search tool as it returns results nearly instantly, and supports lots of customization options to optimize searches. To name just a few features: in-content search options, support for complex queries, RegEx, Bookmarks, Folder indexing options, and support for custom searches. EverythingToolbar is an op
  23. The Windows 10 setup experience could customize for gamers, families or creatives. Microsoft Different people use their computers for different things, and the latest tweak Microsoft is testing will apparently help Windows start off optimized for your preferred tasks. A post on the Windows Insider Blog details the updated out of box experience with this new screen (above) that asks what you plan to do. For testers right now, if they see the screen it won’t change the configuration of their system, but from the
  24. Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 20231 to the Dev channel It's Wednesday, and right on schedule, there's a new Windows 10 Insider Preview available. This one is build 20231, and there's nothing wild about it. As usual, it comes from the rs_prerelease branch, meaning that it's not tied to any particular feature update. The Dev channel is in a perpetual state of vNext. One thing that's new is that Microsoft is adding yet another page to the Windows 10 OOBE to help customize your experience. It's going to ask you how you plan to use your PC, such
  25. I IN NO WAY TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THIS IT WAS TAKEN FROM MDL FORUM AND SOME POSTS BY MEMBERS ON THIS FORUM! Manual: Tools: Microsoft Telemetry Tools Bundle v2.10 Windows 10 Lite v9 Private WinTen v0.75b Blackbird v6 v1.0.79.3 [Works with Win 7/8/8/1/10] O&O ShutUp10 v1.8.1415.283 WPD - Windows Privacy Dashboard v1.3.1532
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