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  1. For the millions of WhatsApp users about to upgrade to the brilliant new iPhone 12, you’re about to see Apple’s iMessage show WhatsApp how to get up and running on a new device without compromising security. This is a serious problem—a gaping vulnerability in the way WhatsApp works—and one that needs fixing. Both WhatsApp and iMessage are end-to-end encrypted. Messages can only be read by senders and recipients—which should be your go-to standard for messaging. If you upgrade to a new iPhone 12, you’ll transfer your message accounts and histories to your new pho
  2. While on the surface WhatsApp remains king of the messaging hill, beneath the surface there are some worrying signs for Facebook’s flagship platform. With its 2 billion users, WhatsApp can seem unstoppable, but it has some weaknesses in its functionality—in the way it works. And, above all, it has one dealbreaker for many—its Facebook ownership. So, what are those functionality weaknesses? Well, there’s the continued lack of genuine support for multiple devices—the option to link apps on your phone, tablet and PC to a single account. Then there’s the serious fla
  3. Given you’re reading this story, the chances are that you’re somewhat cyber aware. If I was to send you a file attachment in a text message—let’s say a Word or PDF document, you’re hopefully programmed to ask a whole set of questions before opening or saving that attachment to your phone. Do I know the sender? Was I expecting the file? But what if it was just a photo—something amusing or attention-grabbing to keep or share? You can view the image within the messaging app, you can see what you’re getting, surely there’s no harm in saving it to your photo album? If only
  4. WhatsApp will soon allow users to link multiple devices to a single account WhatsApp has been working on multi-device support for a while now and it looks like the feature may finally roll out to WhatsApp users worldwide, according to WABetaInfo (via: Android Authority). WABetaInfo discovered references to a new feature called 'linked devices' that will allow users to send and receive messages from multiple devices including WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp app and even Facebook Portal. This would allow users to chat from a laptop or a se
  5. WhatsApp users need to watch out for dangerous 'crash code' messages Fixing the problem could wipe out your chat history (Image credit: Shutterstock / Ink Drop) A new series if text bombs or 'crash codes' have been discovered that cause WhatsApp to continually crash on both iPhone and Android handsets. Specially coded messages containing a seemingly random string of strange characters cause rendering problems for WhatsApp, resulting in a loop of crashes. As well as undecipherable messages delivery crash codes, vCards (vi
  6. How to Boost WhatsApp’s Privacy and Better Protect Your Data The Facebook-owned company has end-to-end encryption by default—but that doesn't mean the service’s settings are as private as they could be. Illustration: Sam Whitney; Getty Images In the summer of 2016, WhatsApp made an unprecedented change. The Facebook-owned company turned on end-to-end encryption by default for all of the billion-plus people using it—becoming, in the process, t
  7. This new WhatsApp feature could forever change how you send money New in-app service allows payments through WhatsApp - but you might not get it yet (Image credit: WhatsApp) Top messaging service WhatsApp has finally answered the prayers of many users by launching a new in-app digital payment feature. Initially only able in Brazil, the new feature allows person-to-person payments through the app, which currently has over two billion users worldwide. The new WhatsApp digital payments service will also al
  8. What's next for WhatsApp: new features and tools on the horizon From 50-way video calls to animated stickers (Image credit: Shutterstock) It’s been a busy few months for WhatsApp. In February, the app’s long-awaited dark mode arrived, accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek video soundtracked by a rare recording of Paul Simon’s The Sound of Silence. It was no mean feat – creating a new look for an app used by 1.5 billion took months of work, and the fanfare was justified – but the developers soon had a far bigger challenge on their hands: the co
  9. How to make group video calls in WhatsApp with up to eight people The coronavirus pandemic has led to a rise in the usage of video calling apps and services. WhatsApp, a messaging service that's used by over 1.5 billion people monthly, has also seen a dramatic rise in the use of its video calling feature. One major limitation with WhatsApp's group video calling feature was that it only supported four participants in a voice or video call. Recently, the Facebook-owned company got around to fixing this limitation and bumped the limit to eight people. This means that WhatsApp can
  10. WhatsApp works with WHO to launch a new sticker pack WhatsApp has announced that it has collaborated with the World Health Organization to develop a new sticker pack called “Together at Home”. The new stickers are designed to be funny and educational. The stickers were also called universal by WhatsApp because they’re available in ten languages and break through other barriers such as the age barrier. The two entities hope the stickers will encourage people to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, expects the stickers to be
  11. How to make group calls on WhatsApp You can make video and audio calls with up to three other people Being able to stay in touch while social distancing is really important, which is why we’ve come to rely on apps that help you make group calls. WhatsApp, which sends messages over the internet rather than SMS, has become a popular alternative to texting, but it also lets you make calls. On WhatsApp, you can do an audio-only or video group call with up to four people. WhatsApp is a good alternative to Zoom for smaller groups as it uses end-to-end encryption
  12. WhatsApp is finally getting two important features it's been missing since day one Find what you need, fast (Image credit: Shutterstock) The latest beta version of WhatsApp gives us an intriguing look into the future, with three new features to look forward to. So, what's in store? Advanced search, password-protected backups are the two key features on the way, plus automatic download rules. For now, there's only evidence that these features are in the pipeline for Android users, while in iOS Advanced Search is already a
  13. WhatsApp puts new limits on the forwarding of viral messages Popular messages can now be forward to a single person, down from five Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge With heightened scrutiny on the potential of private message apps to spread misinformation related to the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp on Tuesday said it would place new limits on the forwarding of messages. Starting today, messages that have been identified as “highly forwarded” — sent through a chain of five or more people — can only be fo
  14. A game-changing new WhatsApp feature could arrive very soon Multiple device support could be coming soon (Image credit: Shutterstock) WhatsApp may be a massively popular way of keeping on touch with people, but few users would deny that there's room for improvement in a few areas. Keeping an eye on beta versions of the app is a great way to get an idea of what direction the app is going in, and to get glimpse of upcoming features before they see the light of day. The latest release – WhatsApp Beta v2.20.110 – includes a
  15. WhatsApp may soon be introducing self-destructing messages Naturally, you'll be able to set a timer for when the message is deleted The latest WhatsApp beta shows the company is planning on copying more than just Stories from Snapchat. It's also working on bringing self-destructing messages to its own app. A clock icon next the read receipts will show if a message is slated for automatic deletion. Having already made a pledge toward ensuring your privacy by password protecting your chat backups, the company is now working on
  16. WhatsApp dark mode now available for iOS and Android Facebook finally says hello to darkness WhatsApp is finally getting a new dark mode on iOS and Android today. After months of beta testing on both mobile operating systems, the WhatsApp dark mode will be available for all users today. If you already have dark mode enabled at the system level on iOS 13 or Android 10, then WhatsApp will automatically switch over. Android 9 users can simply enable a new dark theme in the WhatsApp settings menu. Face
  17. WhatsApp working on letting you password-protect Google Drive backups WhatsApp currently allows Android users to backup their chat data to Google Drive. However, while WhatsApp chats stored on your device are encrypted, the backups in Google Drive are not. WhatsApp is possibly looking to change that as hints of the company working on password-protecting Drive backups have surfaced. This will be a major win from a security standpoint as it will ensure that your WhatsApp backups stored in Google Drive are also encrypted. As reported by WABetaInfo, w
  18. WhatsApp could soon be challenged by two popular rivals Statista claimed as of October last year WhatsApp had 1.5billion active users (Image: Getty • WhatsApp) WHATSAPP could soon face radical competition from two other popular applications that are used for conversing with others, it has emerged. WhatsApp is the most popular chat client in the world, surpassing the likes of Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Skype in terms of active monthly users. In fact, Statista claimed as of October last year the app had 1.5billion
  19. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is being criticized for failing to curb the spread of child pornography on the messaging app. A report by two Israeli online safety groups, Netivei Reshet and Screensaverz, concluded that it was easy to find WhatsApp groups in which people shared images and videos of children being sexually abused. Some third-party apps that provide links to join WhatsApp groups have sections for adult content, which have been used to share child pornography on the platform, according to TechCrunch, which translated the report. The researchers contacted Facebook about the p
  20. After numerous infamous cases of people in India and Brazil falling prey to fake news spread on WhatsApp, the problem is now spreading to Nigeria. The West African nation is hosting its national elections in February next year, and a report from The Poynter Institute says its citizens are at risk of being conned by misinformation surrounding political parties – and it’s reaching people through WhatsApp. researcher Allwell Okpi found that rumors about ethnicities and political candidates often spread through WhatsApp in Nigeria, in local languages. According
  21. Post a comment Facebook Facebook to merge WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram messaging The company wants to make it possible to send messages among the services while keeping the brands separate. Facebook plans to create a single underlying messaging platform for WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, a move that would allow users to send messages across the three standalone apps. The three apps will remain separate, but they'll be brought together under a single messaging platform or pr
  22. In-short conclusion—Whatsapp service or its 45-days deletion policy doesn't seem to have a bug. For detailed logical explanation, please read below. An Amazon employee earlier today tweeted details about an incident that many suggests could be a sign of a huge privacy bug in the most popular end-to-end encrypted Whatsapp messaging app that could expose some of your secret messages under certain circumstances. According to Abby Fuller, she found some mysterious messages on WhatsApp, notably not associated with her contacts, immediately after
  23. Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp experienced widespread outages on Sunday for the second time in the past month (and the third time this year), with issues reported starting at around 6:30 a.m. ET and extending until around 9:00 a.m. ET. Per Bloomberg, Facebook and Instagram domains ceased to be accessible by users during that time period, while Messenger and WhatsApp were also non-functional. In a statement to the news agency, the company offered few details: Users worldwide appeared to be impacted, wit
  24. On the same day Facebook has said it will expand its WhatsApp messaging product to include Facebook and Instagram, the popular encrypted messaging service got endorsed by an unlikely source: Roger Stone. "Want to talk on a secure line — got Whatsapp?" Stone asked a Trump campaign supporter in October 2016, before allegedly telling the supporter about forthcoming damaging material on Hillary Clinton, according to an indictment released Friday. Stone presumably favored WhatsApp because it's one of a very few services that offer "end-to-end encryption" on both me
  25. The AchieVer

    WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Down

    WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Down Facebook’s services are once again down, including here not only the social network, but also Instagram and WhatsApp. At the time of writing this article, attempts to connect to Facebook return a simple error message revealing that “something went wrong.” The official Instagram website fails with “5xx Server Error.” Furthermore, the WhatsApp mobile clients on both Android and iOS can no longer send and receive messages, with the app displaying a “Connecting…” message on launch. WhatsApp Web also appears to be
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