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Found 8 results

  1. I'm a tech geek looking for something to devour. ☺
  2. v1.1


    I greet you with calmness, since we see this great site back, better than ever.
  3. kameyojodido

    kameyo says Hi

    Hello all! Amazing forum It is weird that I didn't find it sooner I found it reading the readme.txt of one file I downloaded haha Lets see what goodies you have around here
  4. JeffDunhill

    Hi Everyone

    Hello everyone, I hope everybody's having fun and doing great in the summers. I am Jeff and have just joined nsaneforums. Hope to have fun with you all and learn more from each one of you
  5. Hi folks Been doing the 'computer thing' professionally for ~17 years in various capacities. Love tinkering with my home Vmware ESXi lab. I have way too many servers as far as my wife's concerned *sigh* Not much of a coder or gamer (sorry), but as alluded to, I loves me some hardware! I mainly joined because I've found some excellent support regarding my endpoint security needs. (Thank you BTW!!) The things I might be able to assist with most would probably be VMWare related as it looks like there isn't a lot of that going on here. I'll gladly help others to build up some karma for when I need help. BTW: I might not respond right away, but I will respond... Thanks!
  6. mDog

    New to nsane, Hello

    Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to say hello. :hi: I am familiar with forum etiquette and I actually have read nsanes rules/guidelines :yes: so I shouldn't be a PITA to anyone as I get to know you! Hopefully I will fit in nicely here with the rest of you! Thanks
  7. Hi Crew! I found a link to you on Portable X Apps blog. Or maybe on PerkedleApps? I'm an artist who loves beauty, truth and simplicity. My interest is mainly to attain enlightenment through learning, caring, sharing and being useful for others. I always liked to know how the things works, and knowledge is something, i like most. Seems, this is good place for me :) Greetings EveryOne!
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