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  1. Microsoft releases the Xbox June 2020 Update Microsoft is releasing its monthly update for the Xbox One family of gaming consoles today. The features in the Xbox June 2020 Update center around the idea that more and more people download games via services like Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Access. Microsoft is adding new overlays and badges for those three subscriptions. As you can see from the image above, the gamertag has an 'ULTIMATE' badge next to it, indicating that that user is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. The games shown have an overlay that reflect that they're part of Xbox Game Pass. This is all meant to make it easier to manage the digital content that you subscribe to. The other big new feature is verification of official Clubs. Since the feature was first introduced in mid-2016, a lot of official Clubs have started up, but there have also been a lot of fan-made Clubs. Now, you'll see a verified checkmark, just like the ones on Twitter, for official Clubs. Microsoft only told Xbox Insiders what they were testing in version 2006 six days ago. Now, most rings will move onto version 2007, and it will presumably be another few weeks before Insiders get to know what new features to look for. Microsoft releases the Xbox June 2020 Update
  2. Microsoft releases the May 2020 Xbox One Update with new features Today, Microsoft announced the May 2020 Xbox One Update, which to be clear, has nothing to do with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. The Xbox update that coincided with the May update for Windows 10 was released in April. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Luckily, all you really need to know are the features coming to your Xbox One console. All of this stuff was announced earlier this month when the company started seeding version 2005 to Xbox Insiders. More improvements are being made to the Guide, with Microsoft wanting it to serve as the only thing you need to play. The default tab is now on the left, rather than in the center, and there are fewer tabs. Friend Suggestions is now under Find Someone, and Discover Clubs can be found on the Clubs page. There's a redesigned Community page, which splits content into four channels: shared by friends, official posts from games, Club activity, and Popular on Xbox Live. There are new filters for game collections, such as Genre and Player Count. Finally, as always, you'll find Mixer improvements. It's supposed to be better for browsing streams, as you'll now see live thumbnails. Microsoft releases the May 2020 Xbox One Update with new features
  3. Microsoft is investigating issues associated with KB4556799 cumulative update Microsoft released the KB4556799 cumulative update for Windows 10 users earlier this month but the update caused some issues for the Windows 10 users. Now, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is working towards a fix. Earlier today, Microsoft updated the support article to acknowledge the following issues associated with the latest cumulative update: Symptom Workaround We have seen social media and news reports related to various issues with KB4556799. We are actively engaged with customers who are reporting issues. To date, we have not seen widespread issues reflected in telemetry, support data, or customer feedback channels. We continuously investigate all customer feedback and are closely monitoring this situation. Note If you experience any issues, we’d like to know. Please provide feedback using the keyboard shortcut Windows + F or go to the Start menu and select Feedback Hub so that we can investigate. After installing this update on a Windows 10 device with a wireless wide area network (WWAN) LTE modem, reaching the internet might not be possible. However, the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) in the notification area might still indicate that you are connected to the internet. We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release. Microsoft has been tight-lipped on what caused these widespread issues but it’s good to see them acknowledge the issues with the latest cumulative updates. Source: Microsoft is investigating issues associated with KB4556799 cumulative update (MSPoweruser)
  4. Windows 10 KB4556799 update is causing audio issues and data loss for some users Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4556799 cumulative update as a part of the Patch Tuesday update. The update brought some new features and improvements to the operating system but it looks to have also included some bugs. First spotted by Windows Latest, it looks like KB4556799 is causing audio issues and temporary data loss for some users. According to Reddit (1, 2), Microsoft answers forum and the Feedback Hub, users are facing issues ranging from problems with audio driver configuration to automatic driver uninstallation. It seems like the issue can be fixed by disabling audio enhancements and reinstalling the Realtek driver. Audio issues are not the only one causing issues for Windows 10 users. According to users on Microsoft answers forum, users are also experiencing data loss. The silver lining here is that the issue seems to be temporary. As Microsoft loads a temporary profile during updates, it sometimes overrides the default user profile. This has been reported in the past but Microsoft never acknowledged the issue. Some users have confirmed that restarting the computer around six to eight times after the update loads back the default profile and restore all the user files. If the workarounds don’t help then you can head to Settings>Update and Security>View Update History>Uninstall updates, and uninstall the latest cumulative update. Once done, we recommend going back to Update settings and pausing the updates temporarily to ensure the problematic updates are not downloaded again. Source: Windows 10 KB4556799 update is causing audio issues and data loss for some users (MSPoweruser)
  5. Bethesda and id Software have pushed update 1 out to DOOM Eternal, adding new features like empowered demons, echelon leveling, and a new Precious Metals event. In fact, between these new features, a slew of balance changes, and a bunch of fixes, this update adds a lot. Unfortunately, there are many players who are upset by one of the features the update is adding on PC: Denuvo Anti-Cheat. According to the patch notes for DOOM Eternal update 1 over on Bethesda.net, this implementation uses Denuvo’s new kernel-level driver. Bethesda says that the Denuvo driver will only start when the game launches and stop when the game does “for any reason,” reassuring that it also won’t take screenshots, scan file systems, or stream shellcode. Bethesda says that this Denuvo driver is required for playing Battlemode on PC. Despite Bethesda’s reassurances, PC players don’t seem to be too happy about this – at least the ones who are replying to the tweet you see embedded below aren’t. Indeed, PC gamers aren’t usually fond of most types of DRM, and Denuvo has drawn particular ire many times in the past. Aside from the DRM woes, players will find that this new update adds an empowered demon feature that sounds pretty neat. Demons that manage to kill players who are working their way through the campaign will now become powered up before being dropped in another player’s game. Should you encounter one in your own game, killing it will reward extra ammo, health, XP, and progress toward events, though if you’d rather not deal with beefy demons, you can turn this feature off through the main menu. Also new to the game is a feature called echelon leveling, which kicks in once you complete DOOM level 250. It’s at that point that you’ll get your first echelon, which grans you a special insignia and reverts your DOOM level to 1. Essentially, it’s DOOM‘s version of the prestige systems FPS games have had for years. Empowered demons and echelon levels really just scratch the surface of what’s included in this update, so if the presence of Denuvo Anti-Cheat hasn’t put you off the game, hit the link above to read more about the balance changes and bug fixes that are landing on all platforms. We’ll see if Bethesda and id Software change their minds about Denuvo after receiving this blowback, so stay tuned for more. Source
  6. Windows 10 KB4549951 update is causing BSOD, Bluetooth and WiFi issues, random system crashes Microsoft latest Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10 Version 1909 and 1903 that is Windows 10 KB4549951 update is reportedly causing multiple issues for those who installed the update as well as for those who’re trying to install it. Interestingly, though, the KB4549951 update changelog doesn’t include any known issues. Upon installing the update, users are given generic error messages like 0x8007000d, 0x800f081f, 0x80073701, etc. And now since the update offers some important security features, not being able to install the update is a matter of concern. What is even worse is that after installing the update, you’ll face a bunch of other issues that will ultimately intervene in your workflow. After installing the Windows 10 KB4549951 update, users are now facing issues such as broken Bluetooth and WiFi, connectivity problems, BSOD, poor system performance. Some users are also facing a complete system crash. “I updated (KB4549951) my Window 10 on 15.04.20. After updating, Bluetooth stops working. Now Bluetooth is not showing in Device Manager. I tried to uninstall Updates but still, it is not showing. What to do now. My Laptop supports Bluetooth,” a user wrote on Microsoft forum. “After this update, my pc cannot connect to the internet. I can see the wifi adapter in the device manager and there are no problems reported. No available networks show to connect too,” another user noted. A number of users are complaining about the BSOD problem. “I noticed that after installing the KB4549951 update, I get BSODs with the error “KERNEL MODE HEAP CORRUPTION” whenever I try to do something seemingly CPU-heavy (watching livestreams/conferences, even trying to look at the Event Viewer). I did some experimenting and noticed that the update was seemingly the cause of the BSOD – everything else seems to be fine,” a user wrote. Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged any of the issues yet, so we have no official solutions to get rid of these issues. Nevertheless, as always, you can always uninstall the cumulative update and that will, hopefully, no longer cause any of the aforementioned problems. However, it’s worth noting that uninstalling the update will make your PC more vulnerable to attacks as your PC is missing the important security patch. If you want to still go ahead, you can follow the below steps to uninstall the Windows 10 KB4549951 update. HOW TO UNINSTALL Windows 10 KB4549951 UPDATE Hit Windows+I to open the Settings app Click the “Update & security” option. On the “Update & security” screen. Switch to the “Windows Update” tab. Click the “View update history” option. Click the “Uninstall updates” link. If you’ve installed the latest Windows 10 cumulative., are you facing any issues? Let us know in the comments below. via Windowslatest Source: Windows 10 KB4549951 update is causing BSOD, Bluetooth and WiFi issues, random system crashes (MSPoweruser)
  7. Hello Windows Insiders! We are now getting the Windows 10 May 2020 Update (20H1) ready for release and releasing Build 19041.207 to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring. We believe that Build 19041.207 is the final build and we will continue to improve the overall experience of the May 2020 Update on customers’ PCs as part of our normal servicing cadence. Build 19041.207 (KB4550936) includes all of the 20H1 features in addition to the following quality improvements and security updates: This build is cumulative and includes all the fixes released to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring in Build 19041.21 through Build 19041.173. We fixed an issue that causes the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service (rpcss.exe) to close unexpectedly and the device stops working. Then you must restart the device. We fixed an issue that causes the Device Enrollment Status Page (ESP) on managed devices to stop responding if a policy that requires a restart is installed on the device. We fixed an issue that might prevent the rear camera flash from functioning as expected on devices that have a rear camera. It also includes the latest security updates to the Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Kernel, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows Media, Windows Shell, Windows Management, Windows Cloud Infrastructure, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Authentication, Windows Virtualization, Windows Core Networking, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Windows Update Stack, and the Microsoft JET Database Engine. For more information about the resolved security vulnerabilities, please refer to the Security Update Guide. Please note that the May 2020 Update will only get pushed automatically to a subset of Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring at first. Everyone else can manually go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and manually check for updates and choose to install the May 2020 Update. Important note for Windows Mixed Reality users: Windows Mixed Reality may not work correctly for many users on the May 2020 Update. If you regularly use Windows Mixed Reality, we recommend holding off taking the May 2020 Update via Release Preview for now. We are working on a fix which we hope to release in early May. Info for IT Pros Windows Insider Program for Business participants who are running May 2020 Update (also referred to as version 2004) builds from WSUS or in the Slow or Release Preview ring. can now request Microsoft Support. This support offering is intended to help resolve issues with business use case scenarios and is limited to Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro editions customers. If you run into a severe issue that prevents you or other users in your organization from using a device or compromises security or personal data, you can use our online form to request assistance directly from Microsoft Support­—at no cost to you: GET THE ONLINE SUPPORT REQUEST FORM How to use the form to submit a support request for 20H1 builds. Open the online form at the link above. On theProduct Selection page, hit “Next” as the dropdown options are pre-selected for you. (Under “Select the Product version”, Windows Client Release Preview applies to both the WSUS and Release Preview/Slow rings.) On the Issue Detailspage, under “Please enter issue title”, enter your company name in brackets followed by an issue title: i.e. [Company Name] New XXXX feature unusable after XXXX. Under “Provide a brief description”, provide the details of the problem, and the steps taken when experiencing the problem, and the expected results. If you’re able to share a short link from the Feedback Hub where you submitted the issue will also help diagnose the problem. Additional information that gives context for the issue helps us get to a quicker resolution. On the Support Planpage, click “Next” as the plan is pre-selected. On the Severitypage, choose whether you prefer to use “Email” or “Phone” for communicating with Microsoft Support. On the Contact Informationpage, update your contact card with the email or phone number you want Microsoft Support to use when contacting you. On the Reviewpage, review your support request summary, make changes as needed, and then submit. How to get the May 2020 Update from the Release Preview ring For those who are not already on the Release Preview ring – you can get the May 2020 Update today by joining the Windows Insider Program with your Microsoft account (MSA) or Azure Active Directory (AAD) account and joining your PC to the Release Preview ring using the following steps. Step 1: Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and click the “Get started” button. Step 2: Link your Microsoft account or Azure Active Directory account. This is the email account you used to register for the Windows Insider Program. Step 3: Choose “Just fixes, apps, and drivers” to join the Release Preview ring and get the May 2020 Update. Step 4: Confirm the legal stuff. Step 5: Press “Restart Now” to ensure your PC is now in the Release Preview ring. Without restarting your PC, your PC won’t be fully be joined. A restart is required. Step 6: After rebooting your PC, double-check your Windows Insider Program settings via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and make sure it shows “Release Preview” under “What pace do you want to get new builds?”. Step 7: If you go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and press the “Check for updates” button – your PC should receive the May 2020 Update. Once your PC is on the May 2020 Update, we will continue to release Cumulative Updates as you normally would that improve your experience. Thanks, BLB Windows Insider Blog
  8. iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 are out with a fix for FaceTime Today, Apple released iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1, introducing a few key fixes. The update is the 12th since iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 were originally released, and they're not the last either, with version 13.4.5 currently in beta. Both updates have a handful of key bug fixes. For one thing, there was an issue that causes iOS 13.4 devices from being in FaceTime calls with users on iOS 9.3.6 and earlier, and OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and earlier. This was resolved on both iOS and iPadOS. Another fix for both platforms is for a bug with choosing Bluetooth from the quick actions menu, causing it to fail. Finally, there's one fix that's exclusive to iPadOS, and more specifically, the fourth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and second-generation 11-inch iPad Pro, fixing an issue that caused the flashlight to not turn on when it was accessed through Control Center. These updates do not include any security fixes, at least according to Apple. iOS 13.4.5 should be the next update, and that will likely arrive in a few weeks or so, followed by betas for iOS 14 and other major updates after the WWDC keynote in June. Source: iOS 13.4.1 and iPadOS 13.4.1 are out with a fix for FaceTime (Neowin)
  9. Windows 10 KB4541335 is causing BSOD, Boot failure and performance issues for some users Two weeks back, Microsoft released KB4541335 cumulative update to the Windows 10 users. However, it looks like the update was shipped with some serious bugs that are causing a number of issues for Windows 10 users. Many Windows 10 users have taken Microsoft Answers Forums to report issues ranging from BSOD, Boot failure and even performance degradation. According to the reports, users are seeing “Page Error”, boot loops and someone even said that the KB4541335 update causing their system to “became very unresponsive and took ages to open programs and browsing became very slow.” Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the issue but since the KB4541335 update is marked as optional, it might be wise to skip it until Microsoft can release a proper fix for the aforementioned issues. We will update you once we have more information or a statement from Microsoft about the issue. Source Microsoft Answer Forums [1, 2, 3]; Via The WinCentral Source: Windows 10 KB4541335 is causing BSOD, Boot failure and performance issues for some users (MSPoweruser)
  10. Windows 10 KB4535996 update creates fresh trouble for users It looks like Microsoft’s last optional update, Windows 10 KB4535996 has caused a lot of trouble for those who installed it. We reported last week that some users are complaining about BSODs, random freezes while trying to install the latest optional update and as a result of that, the KB4535996 update failed to install. But what is worse is that the update seems to have created new problems for some users. Users on Microsoft Forum, Twitter, and on various other platforms voiced their concerns about the optional update because the update makes it impossible for some users to put their PCs on Sleep mode. Users are complaining that PCs are waking up automatically from the Sleep mode after installing the update. Another user took to Twitter to confirm the existence of such a bug. “Since the latest Windows 10 updates, KB4537572 and KB4535996, my computer is waking itself from sleep every couple of hours. Didn’t do this prior to updates,” a user noted on Twitter. “This needs to be addressed. We should be able to prevent an optional update if it causes problems. No I have to either pause updates for 7 days and then uninstall KB4535996 again. This update causes both my laptop and desktop to not go into sleep mode,” a user wrote on Microsoft’s answer forum. Users are also facing issues such as FPS drops, audio stutters, increased boot times or boot failures. Thankfully, the update is working fine for the majority of the people, meaning only a handful of people are facing problems. But that doesn’t mean these are not pressing issues. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged these issues just yet, so there are no official fixes available at this moment. But what you can do is uninstall the latest optional update and that should make everything normal once again. HOW TO UNINSTALL WINDOWS 10 KB4535996 UPDATE Hit Windows+I to open the Settings app Click the “Update & security” option. On the “Update & security” screen. Switch to the “Windows Update” tab. Click the “View update history” option. Click the “Uninstall updates” link. via: Windowslatest Source: Windows 10 KB4535996 update creates fresh trouble for users (MSPoweruser)
  11. Microsoft drops Cortana consumer skills in new Windows 10 update Refocusing on productivity Cortana on Windows 10 is getting some changes, Microsoft announced today, as the company shifts focus for what it wants its personal assistant to be. The new Cortana will emphasize productivity features, like helping to manage your schedule, adding to-do items, or sending emails. As part of that shift, Microsoft is removing some of the older consumer-facing functionality like the ability to control music, manage a smart home, or support for third-party Cortana skills. In other words, Microsoft is going to stop trying to have Cortana emulate Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and focus more on features that fit in with the rest of Microsoft’s software suite. Microsoft isn’t removing everything from Cortana — you’ll still be able to communicate with the assistant through voice or text, and more basic smart assistant functions like alarms and timers, settings, or conversational answers will still work, too. As part of Microsoft revamping Cortana, it’ll also be removing Cortana from the Microsoft Launcher on Android at the end of April. The updated Cortana will roll out later this spring, but the new productivity features will only launch in the US at first. International users will still be able to get answers from Bing and talk with Cortana, though, with plans to add more features in the future. Source: Microsoft drops Cortana consumer skills in new Windows 10 update (The Verge)
  12. February update for Xbox One includes a new design for Home and more After spending some time in testing with Xbox Insiders, the February system update for the Xbox One family is now available to the general public. Xbox One updates are released on a monthly basis, and while some bring more notable improvements than others, this one actually packs a few noteworthy changes, which Microsoft had already gone over. First, there's a new Home dashboard, which finally gets rid of the tabs known as Twists. Instead, there are rows for the My Apps & Games library, Store, Game Pass, and Community. This change is meant to help with the performance of the UI, too. The My Apps & Games section has also been improved, with the ability to group games and apps plus new labels that indicate when a particular software is a demo or trial. If you use Xbox Game Pass, you'll find that you can now download only specific parts of a title that's a bundle, meaning you no longer have to download the whole package to play just one of the games. The messaging experience is also getting an upgrade with support for sending images, so you can share screenshots with your friends more easily. And if you get notifications often, you can now change where they appear on the screen, with a total of six locations to choose from. Finally, there are some improvements to the Mixer integration, specifically if you're watching content. You can now choose a "classic view" that puts the chat on the right side of the stream, and you can also adjust the quality of the stream you're watching. You also get the option to see more information about the streamer themselves. If you want to get the update right now, you'll need to head into the console's settings, but it will also be installed automatically at some point. Source: February update for Xbox One includes a new design for Home and more (Neowin)
  13. Google Chrome 80.0.3987.122 Stable offline installer packages 32-bit The Latest Version: 80.0.3987.122 File Size:54.54 MB Update Time:3 hours ago SHA-1:BF05C1FD18A0E13939169160B3EC0A460B5532C3 SHA-256:82CFC5574EC0EA11DFE0977C7A56D024C6EB0BB16448577FD59A3BA53900EE27 Download links http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AOhcL48gwKBOfnyg3ll3cCc_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe 64-bit The Latest Version: 80.0.3987.122 File Size:55.61 MB Update Time:3 hours ago SHA-1:2A314D1AA6BFB580F799A4BA4802D01AC5E8F0BD SHA-256:ACF2A385D46509735EE53761741305A3DE5083B9969D1F7398D4FF95A2AF900C Download links http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/Sg5vtxmsQ3DVgkY4fTNppQ_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_chrome_installer.exe Mac OS-X The Latest Version: 80.0.3987.122 File Size:83.34 MB Update Time:3 hours ago SHA-1:DB1F0D058C0E8477789F73BEB75A31F4AC181157 SHA-256:CE9FA6413F1FBB96C5F8FCDB120EC192FFD9DEA680640204271C553FEA5D4B70 Download links http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/KfJt2l2_xUFw-MLqhU4U0A_80.0.3987.122/GoogleChrome-80.0.3987.122.dmg Portableapps.com format online installers for Windows 32-bit File: GoogleChromePortable_80.0.3987.122_online.paf.exe Size: 1.58 MB Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/11181270/GoogleChromePortable_80.0.3987.122_online.paf.exe.html 64-bit File: GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.122_online.paf.exe Size: 1.58 MB Site: https://www.upload.ee Sharecode: /files/11181271/GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.122_online.paf.exe.html
  14. New WhatsApp update for Android users: Check feature WhatsApp has introduced new feature Social media app WhatsApp continues to improve its features to make it more attractive for users. WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.20.31 Update: Social media app WhatsApp continues to improve its features to make it more attractive for users. Among its latest updates, WhatsApp has submitted a new update through Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.20.31 for its users on Android, reports Wabetainfo. The new version features new dark solid colours. In case the users don’t find the latest updates on Playstore, they need not worry, as Google may soon roll out the new version, as per the preference of the Facebook-owned messaging app. Source
  15. Apple’s latest iOS update fixes a location tracking bug and makes Screen Time limits more secure Stop the iPhone 11’s ultra-wideband chip from tracking your location Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Apple today released iOS 13.3.1, and the new update contains two important fixes. First, it eliminates a Communication Limits workaround that allowed younger iPhone users to add contacts without first having to enter a Screen Time passcode. That’ll come as a relief to parents. For the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, you’ll also now find a new toggle to disable location tracking by the U1 Ultra Wideband chip. Apple ran into some controversy last month when security expert Brian Krebs realized that the company’s latest phones were requesting location data even when customers had disabled such tracking in settings. Apple said the iPhone 11’s new U1 chip — and international requirements that prohibit ultra-wideband technology from being used in certain locations — were to blame, adding that this location data was kept on device and not collected by the company. Nevertheless, iPhone owners now have a way to “control the use of location services by the U1 Ultra Wideband chip,” per iOS 13.3.1’s release notes. The new iPhone and iPad update (iPad OS 13.3.1 is also being released today) contains a number of fixes for the Mail app. It gets rid of a bug that potentially allowed remote images to load in emails even when the option was disabled, and it also addresses an issue that caused “multiple undo dialogs to appear in mail.” Rounding it out are fixes for FaceTime, the Photos app (no more delay when editing Deep Fusion photos), CarPlay, and a bug that could prevent push notifications from being delivered over Wi-Fi. For HomePod owners, Indian English has also now been added as the latest Siri voice option. Minor software updates for macOS, watchOS, and tvOS were also released today. Source: Apple’s latest iOS update fixes a location tracking bug and makes Screen Time limits more secure (The Verge)
  16. (Image credit: TechRadar) Microsoft has run into more trouble with Windows 10 updates, as a recent important security patch which had previously been problematic by failing to install for some folks, is now causing serious crashes – and even boot failures – in some reported cases. Windows Latest spotted the fresh problems with update KB4528760 for Windows 10 May 2019 Update and the November 2019 Update, which has been failing to install for a number of users, providing only unhelpful error messages. Worse still, it would now appear that these issues are not only widespread – with in excess of 100 complaints on Microsoft’s help forum – but for some folks, KB4528760 is causing grief like the dreaded blue screen of death and boot failure. One user on the Windows 10 Feedback Hub observed: “The recent KB4528760 update for Windows 1909 [November 2019 Update] seems to be causing issues with some computers and stopping them from booting. Presenting the error code 0xc000000e. Increasing number of machines hitting this issue after installing this update.” Source: https://www.techradar.com/news/windows-10s-latest-troublesome-update-is-now-reportedly-causing-boot-failures
  17. Windows 10 KB4528760 update hit by a frustrating installation bug Microsoft released the January cumulative update KB4528760 for Windows 10 users a couple of days ago. The update introduced a few important security fixes alongside other improvements. However, as is the case with the most Windows 10 Cumulative updates, KB4528760 is not without flaw. A number of users are now reporting installation issues while trying to install Microsoft’s latest cumulative update, KB4528760. At the time of writing, PCs running Windows 10 May 2019 Update and Windows 10 November 2019 Update are affected. In other words, the installation issue is limited to users running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update or Windows 10 November 2019 Update. “Can’t update, getting an “We could not complete the install because an update service was shutting down” error,” a user wrote on Reddit. “There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later. 2020-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4528760) – Error 0x800f0988. Troubleshooter, sfc, dism don’t fix error,” another user said. A few Twitter users also corroborated the same story. “Ah, apparently KB4528760 is having issues with downloading, so I wouldn’t bother with it for right now. It failed on my PC as well,” a user wrote on Twitter. However, this is not an officially recognized bug, which means Microsoft is yet to confirm whether it is a bug. Now since it’s not an officially recognized bug, there is no official way of mitigating the issue. On the brighter side, however, except for the installation issues, no other issues have been reported. Also, the issue appears to be limited to a few users only. How many of you installed the latest cumulative update KB4528760 on your Windows 10 PC? Are you facing any issue after installing the cumulative update? Do sound off in the comments section below. via Windowslatest Source: Windows 10 KB4528760 update hit by a frustrating installation bug (MSPoweruser)
  18. Download Chrome offline installer packages The Latest Version: 79.0.3945.88 File Size:54.81 MB Update Time:54 minutes ago SHA-1:8A70FACBFD1AE07829D9818FE788535745BEECF6 SHA-256:3B1C54EC1943F7B96E2D6F60B9BA249F9D6134ABFCCA34C2F350F3A45BDB6CC6DD Download links for 32-bit http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/dD8pzpZ_oWXWx1BWp_sabg_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe The Latest Version: 79.0.3945.88 File Size:55.81 MB Update Time:1 hours ago SHA-1:1BE592DFA427046405E3FBCF930381BB17CE5CBC SHA-256:CA2A6CE646E730FFB22E6D359D2FDF90CB7DAA2472855FF50679F8B489479314 Download links for 64-bit http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/XASj0J0BUKotBRR0eLPLxw_79.0.3945.88/79.0.3945.88_chrome_installer.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Latest Version: 79.0.3945.88 File Size:80.26 MB Update Time:53 minutes ago SHA-1:82722A30D84F04262976AC3F6D92344776EA38BF SHA-256:6D22F6CD2938DD3D4BEC9E1E06749FC14638A8D2DBB6A078FC486D75A3B7F342 Download links for MacOS X http://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg https://redirector.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg http://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg https://dl.google.com/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg http://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/AJCyFu62M0EoxCbiiLUEJew_79.0.3945.88/GoogleChrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg Portables coming soon.
  19. Search, Mail, and iMessage get more fixes Apple is releasing iOS and iPadOS 13.2.3 today to address a variety of odd bugs that have been introduced with the release of iOS 13. The latest update includes a fix for the Spotlight system search feature that had been failing for some users recently. Search should now work consistently at the system level and in the Mail, Files, and Notes apps. If you use an app that downloads content in the background and you’ve noticed weird issues in iOS 13.2.2 or before, Apple is now addressing this in the new update. Mail is also getting updated to fix problems fetching new messages or quoting messages from Exchange accounts. The only other fix that’s listed on Apple’s release notes for iOS 13.2.3 is concerning an issue where photos, links, and other attachments haven’t been displaying properly in the iMessage details view. Apple continues to patch up its buggy iOS 13 release, and hopefully we’re closer to a more stable OS now. Apple is also testing betas of iOS 13.3, which is expected to include some fairly minor additions like better support for FIDO2-compliant security keys that use USB, Lightning, or NFC. Today’s iOS 13.2.3 update will also include any security updates for iOS and iPadOS, and you can download it immediately from your settings menu. Source: Apple fixes more weird bugs with new iOS 13.2.3 update (via The Verge)
  20. Samsung will soon start rolling out the Android 10 + One UI 2.0 update for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 series. While Android 10 itself brings a number of new features, Samsung has also improved its skin and added a number of new features to One UI 2.0. Here’s a look at some of the major new One UI 2.0 features. One UI 2.0 will be making its way to all Samsung devices that will get the Android 10 update. One UI itself was a huge overhaul from Samsung in the UI/UX department and it introduced a polish that was previously missing from the company’s devices. With One UI 2.0, Samsung is further polishing its skin while also adding some useful features to it. The Korean giant is already beta testing One UI 2.0/Android 10 for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. You can take part in the beta program if you have an eligible device and if the program is live in your country by using the Samsung Members app. Below is a look at some of the major new features of One UI 2.0/Android 10 that you will be able to enjoy once the update lands on your device. Top new features New animations One UI 2.0 comes with new system animations that are far more fluid in nature. The fluid animations finally help in adding a level of smoothness to Samsung’s UI/UX that can rival iOS. The jank that was usually found in Samsung smartphones due to jerky animations is nowhere to be found in One UI 2.0. Right from the new app opening animation to the app switcher one, every new animation has been thoughtfully designed by Samsung and they don’t feel being added just for the sake of it. Compact Quick settings panel While the Quick Settings panel in One UI 2.0 looks the same as it did in its previous iteration, it now has a more compact layout which means it fits more tiles than before. Its functionality and features remain unchanged though. Android 10 navigation gestures Samsung is adding Google’s new Android 10 gestures to One UI 2.0 as well. This is in addition to its own navigation gestures which were also a part of the original One UI/Android 9.0 Pie release. The new Android 10 navigation gestures are more fluid in nature and are more intuitive to use compared to Samsung’s navigation gestures and the half-baked gestures that Google had debuted in Android 9.0 Pie. The catch here is that one can only use the Android 10 navigation gestures in One UI 2.0 with the stock launcher. Those gestures do not work with third-party launchers. The issue was also present on the Pixel 4 initially before Google got around to adding support for third-party launchers. It is likely that the stable release of One UI 2.0/Android 10 will support third-party launchers. Night mode renamed to Dark mode Samsung added a native Dark mode to One UI almost a year before Google got around to adding it with Android 10. For some strange reason though, Samsung called it Night mode instead of Dark mode. With the One UI 2.0 update, Samsung has renamed Night mode to Dark mode, in line with what Google and Apple are calling it. New Device Care UI The Device Care section has received a UI overhaul in One UI 2.0. It now displays all the relevant information in an easy to understand UI. The battery usage screen also has a new UI which gives more insight into app usage and battery usage over a week, though this feature is a part of Android 10. Redesigned Camera app The Camera app has again received a slight redesign as a part of the One UI 2.0 update. Apart from updated UI elements, Samsung now hides all the available camera modes under the More section which gives the app a cleaner look. You do have the option of customizing the list of modes that are shown above the shutter button so you can keep the ones that you tend to use more and hide others. Slow-motion Selfies Taking a cue from Apple’s book, Samsung has added slow-motion video recording support for the front camera in One UI 2.0. This feature is limited to only flagship Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series though. Redesigned volume controls The volume controls have also been redesigned in One UI 2.0. They are now sleeker and smaller in size. OneDrive integration in Gallery app When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10 series earlier this year, it announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. As a part of this partnership, Samsung will phase out all its cloud services and switch its users to offerings from Microsoft. Building on that partnership, Samsung is integrating OneDrive with the Gallery app meaning you can automatically backup all your photos to OneDrive. Samsung has rolled out this feature to selected Galaxy Note 10 units running Android 9.0 Pie but a wider rollout will only happen with the One UI 2.0 + Android 10 update. Enhanced Digital Wellbeing This is a feature that's part of the Android 10 update from Google rather than One UI 2.0. Nonetheless, Digital Wellbeing has been further improved with the addition of Focus mode and Wind Down. The former blocks notifications from all apps except the ones selected by you to help avoid distractions. As for Wind Down, it turns the phone's display into greyscale and blocks notifications making it ideal for use before you go to bed. Improved Pro mode in Camera App The Pro camera mode has been improved and now supports opening the shutter for up to 30 seconds. Previously, this was capped at 10 seconds. The maximum ISO limit has also been increased and one can now bump the ISP up to 3200. Sadly, the Pro mode is still limited to the primary camera and does not support the ultra wide-angle or telephoto camera on devices like the Galaxy S10 and Note 10. Samsung is expected to start rolling out the One UI 2.0 + Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 by the end of this year. One UI 2.0 will also be making its way to older Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, etc. Source: Top features of Samsung's One UI 2.0/Android 10 Update for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 (via Neowin)
  21. Today Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19013 (20H1) to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring. Till now Slow Ring users were only receiving Windows 10 19H2 builds, which of course ultimately did not carry many interesting improvements, except for making calendar entries from the clock widget. Slow Ring users, in particular, will receive Build 19013.112 which includes a fix for the issue where the Settings app would hang or crash when accessing the System or Ease of Access sections. It also has the following improvements and issues: MORE KAOMOJI As some of you may know, with Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft updated their WIN+(Period) / WIN+(Semicolon) keyboard shortcut to not only include emoji, but to also now contain kaomoji and special characters. What are kaomoji? Basically, they’re faces with expressions you can make by combining various characters–for example, you might be familiar with the shruggie: ¯\_(?)_/¯ In any case, based on your feedback, in this build Microsoft is updating their kaomoji list with a few more favourites, including: And more! Enjoy WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM FOR LINUX (WSL) 2 WILL NOW RELEASE UNUSED LINUX MEMORY BACK TO YOUR WINDOWS MACHINE Previously, your WSL 2 Virtual Machine’s (VM) memory would grow to meet the needs of your workflow, but would not shrink back down when the memory was no longer needed. With this change, as memory is no longer in use in the Linux VM, it will be freed back to Windows, which will shrink in memory size accordingly. Other updates for Insiders POWERTOYS V0.12 NOW AVAILABLE! Microsoft has just released its 0.12 release of PowerToys on GitHub. Microsoft has gotten tons of great feedback and suggestions from the community and wants to directly say thank you to everyone. New features include a great new utility called PowerRename, which makes it easy to batch rename a bunch of files, improvements to FancyZones, and support for Dark Mode. Check out their latest article for all the details. YOUR PHONE APP–ELEVATING THE PHONE SCREEN FEATURE BY REMOVING ITS DEPENDENCY ON BLUETOOTH CONNECTION Windows Insiders, Microsoft heard your feedback about the Phone screen feature’s dependency on Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. To address your feedback, Microsoft partnered closely with Samsung to bring you a more streamlined experience across all Windows 10 PCs by removing the peripheral role dependency for Phone screen, which will expand the overall reach of this feature. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was the first device to introduce this feature in August. After a positive response, Microsoft has recently enabled this feature across Samsung Galaxy Fold, S10, S10+, and S10e smartphones. You’ll need to update your supported Samsung devices with the recent software update that enables the ‘Link to Windows’ feature. To continue offering this experience to other smartphones, Microsoft is expanding this feature support to Samsung Galaxy A30s, A50s, and A90 smartphones, and Microsoft will continue to add additional devices in the coming months. With the new experience rolling out, Microsoft will be removing the Bluetooth connectivity option, effective immediately. If you were previously enjoying Phone screen over Bluetooth and you have a phone model that doesn’t yet support Link to Windows, the Phone screen node will disappear automatically within the Your Phone app. Microsoft recommends that you unpair your devices by going to the Bluetooth settings on both your PC and your Android phone, so that you don’t have a connection that is no longer in use. Thank you for helping us refine the Phone screen experience so far! Phone screen requirements: Select Android phones running Android 9.0 or greater PC running Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later Android phone must be on and connected to the same network as the PC You will need a supported device to use this feature: Samsung Galaxy Fold Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+ Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e Samsung Galaxy A30s/A50s/A90 Refer to the Your Phone FAQs for additional information. PREVIEW NEW DIRECTX 12 FEATURES In the latest 20H1 builds, you can preview new DirectX 12 features, including DirectX Raytracing tier 1.1, Mesh Shader, and Sampler Feedback. In this blog post, the DirectX Team explains what each of these features are and how they will improve the gaming experience in Windows 10! General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in frames being skipped, starting with Build 19002, when running games and videos fullscreen. Microsoft fixed an issue where initiating “Reset this PC” with the cloud download option wasn’t working when started from Windows RE. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in preinstalled apps (like Calculator) and other UWP apps being missing from the Apps & Features page in Settings. Microsoft appreciates your patience while Microsoft worked on their sync engine. As of this build, wallpaper and theme syncing is now up and running again. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in Wi-Fi unexpectedly resetting (turning off and back on) frequently in recent flights. Microsoft fixed an issue where Wi-Fi Settings might get stuck saying Connecting, even though the network flyout (correctly) indicated that you were Connected. Microsoft fixed an issue where an update being temporarily suspended would result in an 0xc19001e1 error being displayed in Windows Update history. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in the “Open location” search result option not working if the search result was a folder. Microsoft fixed an issue where if you moved Cortana’s window to certain places on your screen, and then closed the window, the minimize animation wouldn’t go towards Cortana’s icon on the taskbar. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer not rendering correctly sometimes when using multiple monitors with different DPIs on the previous flight. Microsoft fixed an issue where you could get into a state where it wasn’t possible to set focus to File Explorer’s search box in order to type your query. Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in the app thumbnail disappearing when you right clicked it in Task View. Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in the Send Message button in certain notifications not being visible when using High Contrast White. Microsoft fixed an issue where the notification following WIN+Shift+S might have a blank space for the screenshot (rather than actually displaying the screenshot). Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in Resource Manager unexpectedly not showing any disk activity. Microsoft fixed an issue where, if you called SUBST with a path ending with a \ it would give a Path not found error. Microsoft fixed a memory leak with running apps that repeatedly sent calls to adjust gamma. Some of you have reached out about when trying to shutdown, seeing a message saying that an app named “G” was preventing shutdown. Microsoft investigated and found an issue where windows related to GDI+were only referenced as “G.” Microsoft has fixed this, so going forward, these will now have the name “GDI+ Window (<exe name>)”, where <exe name> will show the .exe name of the app using GDI+. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in speechruntime.exe using an unexpectedly high amount of CPU on the previous flight. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in Bluetooth devices potentially not reconnecting as expected after closing then reopening the device lid for certain devices. Microsoft fixed an issue resulting in the Surface Dial not scrolling in recent builds if you switched to something like zoom and then back to scrolling. Thank you Insiders who shared feedback about the 2-in-1 convertible tablet experience improvements Microsoft discussed here. For the time being, Microsoft is returning to the current experience in retail. Microsoft fixed an issue where Narrator would sometime report focus as the page instead of reporting the actual focused control within Chrome. Microsoft fixed an issue where Narrator would not automatically start reading the Narrator user guide webpage and the YouTube webpage. Microsoft corrected Narrator’s “Next Table” command so that it would work in Excel. Microsoft fixed an issue where the text cursor indicator was visible on top of the lock screen background picture. Microsoft fixed an issue where the text cursor indicator preview wasn’t displaying correctly in Settings when using dark theme. Microsoft fixed an issue where when using dark theme, the hardware keyboard text prediction candidate window was unreadable due to black text on a dark grey background. Microsoft fixed an issue that could result in the touch keyboard flickering when inputting emoji. Microsoft fixed an issue where English punctuations were outputted when using the Chinese Pinyin and Wubi IMEs, even if input mode was set to Chinese under the default IME settings. Thanks for your feedback. Microsoft has fixed an issue where the character width of alphanumeric characters when using the Traditional Chinese Bopomofo IME would change from half width to full width unexpectedly in some input fields. Thanks for reporting it! If you feel this issue hasn’t been fully addressed in the new version of Bopomofo IME, please let us know your feedback. Microsoft has fixed an issue where after successfully updating to a new build, the Windows Update Settings page may have shown the same build needed to be installed. Microsoft has fixed an issue where Optional drivers were failing to install. Known issues BattlEye and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues due to changes in the operating system between some Insider Preview builds and certain versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software. To safeguard Insiders who might have these versions installed on their PC, Microsoft have applied a compatibility hold on these devices from being offered affected builds of Windows Insider Preview. See this article for details. Microsoft has heard that Settings still isn’t available outside of launching via the URI (ms-settings:) for some Insiders and are investigating. If you use remote desktop connection and the target PC is on this build, within about an hour (if not sooner), DWM may start crashing, and the session window will either go totally black, experience black flashes, or you may get signed out of the remote desktop session altogether. Microsoft appreciates your patience. A full list of other improvements can be found at Microsoft here. Windows 10 Insiders in the Slow Ring can update to the new build by Checking for Updates in Settings. MSPOWER
  22. No more distractions WhatsApp’s latest iOS update stops showing an unread notification badge on its app icon for messages you’ve muted. It’s a minor but welcome change that arrived with version 2.19.110 of the iOS app. The change applies for both individual and group chats. The messaging app’s mute feature is invaluable if you want to reduce distractions, particularly if you’re a participant in any large group chats. Before the update, muting a chat would only stop your phone from vibrating and playing a notification sound when it received a new message, while doing nothing about the anxiety-inducing red notification badge placed on the app’s icon on the home screen. The new update only affects iOS users. On Android, meanwhile, WhatsApp has a separate “Show notifications” toggle which you can either tick or untick when you’re muting a chat. Source: WhatsApp fixes the notification badge on muted iOS chats (via The Verge)
  23. A minor update for most Apple Watch owners Apple is releasing its latest watchOS 6.1 update today, and it will introduce watchOS 6 support for the Series 1 and 2 Apple Watch models. watchOS 6 originally debuted last month, but Series 1 and 2 owners have had to wait on this 6.1 update to upgrade. This latest update also includes support for Apple’s new AirPods Pro headphones, just a day before they start shipping to customers. Aside from these changes, it’s a fairly minor update for Apple Watch owners that were already running watchOS 6, but it includes the usual performance improvements and bug fixes that you’d expect from a point release. Apple hasn’t revealed whether this update improves battery life on the latest Series 5 Apple Watch. Some owners have reported issues with the battery life not lasting a full day, and beta copies of watchOS 6.1 appeared to improve things for some. Either way, watchOS 6.1 is available right now from the General > Software Update section of the Watch app on iOS. Source: watchOS 6.1 now available with Series 1, Series 2, and AirPods Pro support (via The Verge)
  24. Microsoft's OneDrive app for iOS has received some attention over the last few months, particularly when it has come to revamping its design and also dark mode support for iOS 13. Microsoft's cloud storage app has already picked up a few updates so far in October to correct problems with the share extension, adding multiple window support, and improving the performance of search results for business users. Today, OneDrive for iOS has picked up a number of bug fixes in Version 11.5 specifically for iPad in addition to other problems that have become apparent with the app when running on iOS 13. Here's what's included in the latest version of the app released today: The iPad command menu would jump around on screen like a less fun version of whack a mole. We've dialed down our menu's energy level to a 7, and it will now stay in one place. Notification badges for uploading photos, those red doodads with the number, would show when Camera Upload was turned off. We have revised our abacus logic, and these notifications now know the difference between on and off. iOS 13 users who opened the share sheet and subsequently tried to change sharing options would experience the app to crash. This has been fixed and has given us the opportunity to shamelessly plug our industry leading sharing options. When in the Photos view, rotating the phone sideways could cause the app to crash. This made Zero G photo viewing nearly impossible - so it's been fixed. Sharing a file from split screen on an iPad would cause the app to crash. Sharing is caring but this wasn't very caring of us. This has been fixed. We had a bit of a layout blunder where certain text was getting cut off in some screens. This has been fixed, and our eloquent text can once again be fully appreciated. If any of the above issues have been plaguing your user experience, you can either check for updates via the App Store app on your device or you can visit the App Store listing here and tap on "Update" to get the process underway manually. Source: 1. Latest OneDrive for iOS update squashes numerous iPad and iOS 13 bugs (via Neowin) - original article 2. Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS with important iPad and iOS 13 fixes and improvements (via ONMSFT) - main reference to the original article
  25. For months, Microsoft has been blocking the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, or version 1903, on its own Surface Book 2 PCs. The reason was due to a known issue where the dedicated GPU driver would disappear from the Device Manager, leaving users to Intel's integrated graphics. After the PC was blocked from installing the update since July, and it's been broken since May, it's finally getting fixed. Microsoft is pushing out a series of firmware updates that will fix that issue, among a couple of others. Here's the full changelog: Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name Surface – System – Surface Base 2 Firmware Update – Firmware improves battery stability. Surface – Firmware – 182.1004.139.0 Surface System Aggregator – Firmware 182.1004.139.0 resolves an issue where the CPU will throttle down to .4GHz, and improves battery stability. Surface – Firmware – 389.2837.768.0 Surface UEFI – Firmware 389.2837.768.0 resolves an issue where the display adapter disappears from Device Manager. The updates rolling out are for anyone that's running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) or later. After you install them, you should likely be offered Windows 10 version 1903. It's possible that the feature update is still blocked for now, since it's still listed as a known issue that's being investigated on Microsoft's Dashboard for version 1903. This probably just hasn't been updated today, and should reflect the fix later on today or early next week. You can manually download the Surface Book 2 drivers and firmware package here. Source: Microsoft finally fixes disappearing GPU issue on Surface Book 2, and CPU throttling issue (via Neowin)
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