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Found 1 result

  1. Zapdude


    uniBootExtract 1.0.4 * About uniBootExtract * Changes * Usage * Disclaimer --------------------------------------------------------|| * About uniBootExtract By using isoBootExtract you are able to extact boot information from any EL TORITO conforming CD-DVD Drive / iso image. .NET Framework required --------------------------------------------------------|| * Changes 1.0.4: added ability to extract boot information directly from CD-DVD Drive --------------------------------------------------------|| * Usage uniBootExtract [-ia] <isoname.iso / Drive> [-i] <isoname.iso / Drive> Inquiry Mode - no files created [-a] <isoname.iso / Drive> Extract Everything - Boot Record, - Boot Catalog, - Boot Info (seperate files) Examples: uniBootExtract <isoname.iso / Drive> uniBootExtract -i <isoname.iso / Drive> uniBootExtract -a <isoname.iso / Drive> --------------------------------------------------------|| * Disclaimer This application is a "Freeware" distributed "as is". I can not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by its use. uniBootExtract can be used for educational/testing purposes only! All rights are reserved. Download Site: https://www.mirrorcreator.com Sharecode[?]: /files/07G11DEH/UBE_zapdude.rar_links Hashes MD5: 972A195526761CB0EF310C7A2331D92B SHA-1: 7A2686B94B6B1B8869C94303E9C48F3E382E9DFA MD5: 2B474DACBB0F12F5EA9928A3D9D1DBCE SHA-1: B04A0375B5A3FE33A18DADA7AFB8ECC48E1DB341 I dug up this piece of code i wrote awhile back due to this topic. if you like use it *If you just want to make a bootable iso and don't need anything specialized dont specify any switches