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Found 8 results

  1. As one of the original founders of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde has made a name for himself over the past two decades. While he is no longer associated with the site, copyright holders still see him as a threat. Sunde, for his part, is warning against the power American corporations have on the Internet. In a letter to the US Trade Representative, he sounds the alarm bell. Peter Sunde was one of the key people behind The Pirate Bay in the early years, a role for which he eventually paid with his freedom. While he cut his ties with the notorio
  2. A few weeks ago the domain Piratebay.org was sold at auction for $50,000. The domain was previously owned by the official TPB team, who 'forgot' to renew it. After the domain briefly promoted a mysterious "Torrent Man" film project, it now redirects to an ad-financed proxy site. With millions of regular users per day, The Pirate Bay is arguably the most visited torrent site on the web. TPB officially operates from the domain thepiratebay.org which has been in use for more than seventeen years now. Just in case something hap
  3. Dutch ISPs Ziggo, KPN and XS4ALL must block access to Pirate Bay mirrors and proxy sites. This latest verdict is part of a prolonged legal battle that started over a decade ago. The ISPs already blocked sites in the past but lifted the measures recently, because a previous court order no longer applied. In court, they argued that the blocks are ineffective but without result. Following court orders and site blocking regimes worldwide, The Pirate Bay is blocked in dozens of countries. This is also the case in the Netherlands where the legal process too
  4. The Pirate Bay has extended the registration of its main ThePiratebay.org domain until 2030. This update follows after someone forgot to renew Piratebay.org and Thepiratebay.com earlier. Over the past few days, these lapsed domains were auctioned off by drop catch services for tens of thousands of dollars. Domain names are key assets for all websites and should be protected at all costs. This isn’t too complicated as registrars often offer the option to auto-renew domains. Even if that’s not the case, the domain registrant will still receive
  5. Several Pirate Bay-related domains become available again this month after their owner failed to renew the registration. Yesterday, Piratebay.org was sold in a Dropcatch auction for $50,000 and ThePiratebay.com will follow soon. Both domains were previously registered to the official Pirate Bay site. The Pirate Bay is arguably the best known pirate site on the web. The iconic pirate ship logo is notorious around the world and more than 17 years after it first appeared online, the site still attracts millions of visitors. Du
  6. The Pirate Bay has teamed up with the Cybernorms research group at Sweden’s Lund University to carry out the latest round of the largest file-sharing survey in history. Through the survey the researchers examine the norms of file-sharers, and how they respond to increased censorship, online monitoring and tougher laws. The Pirate Bay renamed itself to The Research Bay today for a new collaboration with the Cybernorms research group at Lund University. The notorious BitTorrent site has changed its iconic logo and is encouraging visitors to take part in the survey, which examines people’s file
  7. Google is downranking The Pirate Bay's website in its search results for a wide variety of queries, some of which are not linked to copyright-infringing content. Interestingly, the change mostly seems to affect TPB results via the Google.com domain, not other variants such as Google.ca and Google.co.uk. Over the past few years the entertainment industries have repeatedly asked Google to step up its game when it comes to anti-piracy efforts. These remarks haven’t fallen on deaf ears and Google has slowly implemented various new anti-piracy measures in response. For example, the company began
  8. Music industry group IFPI released its latest Digital Music Report this week. The report includes some mandatory pages on the continuing piracy problem and claims that pirate site blockades are hugely effective. According to the music group it's now time to expand the blockades to other countries, and censor mobile networks too. In recent years blockades of “pirate” websites have spread across Europe and elsewhere. In the UK, for example, more than 30 websites are currently blocked by the major ISPs per court order. Opponents of this censorship route often warn that the measures inhibit fre
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