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Found 19 results

  1. Dutch ISPs Ziggo, KPN and XS4ALL must block access to Pirate Bay mirrors and proxy sites. This latest verdict is part of a prolonged legal battle that started over a decade ago. The ISPs already blocked sites in the past but lifted the measures recently, because a previous court order no longer applied. In court, they argued that the blocks are ineffective but without result. Following court orders and site blocking regimes worldwide, The Pirate Bay is blocked in dozens of countries. This is also the case in the Netherlands where the legal process too
  2. The Pirate Bay has extended the registration of its main ThePiratebay.org domain until 2030. This update follows after someone forgot to renew Piratebay.org and Thepiratebay.com earlier. Over the past few days, these lapsed domains were auctioned off by drop catch services for tens of thousands of dollars. Domain names are key assets for all websites and should be protected at all costs. This isn’t too complicated as registrars often offer the option to auto-renew domains. Even if that’s not the case, the domain registrant will still receive
  3. Several Pirate Bay-related domains become available again this month after their owner failed to renew the registration. Yesterday, Piratebay.org was sold in a Dropcatch auction for $50,000 and ThePiratebay.com will follow soon. Both domains were previously registered to the official Pirate Bay site. The Pirate Bay is arguably the best known pirate site on the web. The iconic pirate ship logo is notorious around the world and more than 17 years after it first appeared online, the site still attracts millions of visitors. Du
  4. VPN provider OVPN has emerged victorious from legal action initiated by movie companies hoping to get closer to the operators of The Pirate Bay. After a back-and-forth process, the court agreed with OVPN's claims that as no-logging provider, it had no useful data to hand over. Early June, movie companies Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film, supported by anti-piracy partner Rights Alliance, embarked on legal action in an effort to track down the operators of The Pirate Bay. Early Background After obtaining information from Cloudflare, Rights Al
  5. Under pressure from rightsholders, Google makes pirate sites harder to find in search results. As a result, pirates are increasingly advising each other to use DuckDuckGo instead. Surprisingly, in response to a very popular 'pirate' search term, Google appears to agree its rival is the best option. In an ideal world, search engine users would be presented with the most authoritative set of results in response to a specific search. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world but companies like Google, given the scale of the task, do a reasonable
  6. The Pirate Bay resurfaced at its original .org domain earlier this month, but not everything is running smoothly. Finding torrents is a bit more complicated now, as paged search results and browsing features are missing. A lot of regular pages and links are gone too, including the famous Kopimi logo. The staff is aware of the issues but must wait until "Winston" addresses them. After more than a month of downtime, The Pirate Bay’s .org domain started working again recently. This was good news for the site’s millions of users, but the comeback has resulted
  7. In its legal action to track down The Pirate Bay, anti-piracy group Rights Alliance presented the court with testimony from an expert who found that VPN provider OVPN probably had some useful information on its alleged customer. However, OVPN has now produced comments from the same person who, given additional information, may have reconsidered. Back in June, movie companies Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film, supported by anti-piracy partner Rights Alliance, began legal action to try and pick up a trail on The Pirate Bay. In an effort
  8. A Pirate Bay user recently suggested that the iconic torrent site should pay uploaders for their work. A controversial idea that wasn't well-received among the TPB staff, to say the least. This ignited an amusing discussion that touched on copyrighted torrents, paid downloaders, self-entitled children, and much more. When the first torrent sites appeared online in the early years of the century, they needed content to distribute. This task was naturally taken up by people who liked to share. Because they could and because they liked it.
  9. Two movie companies have applied for an information injunction against a Sweden-based Internet company that they believe has "close ties" to The Pirate Bay. An IP address operated by Obenetwork was handed over to the studios by Cloudflare last week as part of an investigation being carried out by anti-piracy group Rights Alliance. Despite dozens of legal actions against The Pirate Bay, including the jailing of its founders, the world’s most famous torrent site remains online today. That it continues to operate can only be an irritant to the many companies
  10. New research from the Netherlands shows that the local Pirate Bay blockade is having an effect, with roughly 80% of survey respondents staying away from the site. This success rate is in part due to dynamic blocks, which include over 181 domains at the moment, including dark web portals. Whether the former Pirate Bay users have stopped torrenting is another question. Following court orders and site blocking regimes worldwide, The Pirate Bay is blocked in dozens of countries. The effectiveness of these measures is often a topic of debate. Copyright
  11. While the majority of The Pirate Bay users download recent content, there are quite a few older torrents that continue to survive. Today, the oldest of all - an episode from the Swedish comedy series "High Chaparral" - celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Other older torrents, including a copy of the documentary "Revolution OS" and an album from the Swedish pop group Gyllene Tider, remain active as well. The Pirate Bay has weathered quite a few storms since its inception. The notorious torrent site, which is a piracy icon today, was originally founded by
  12. The Pirate Bay Lives On, A Decade After ‘Guilty’ Verdicts Ten years ago this week, four men were found guilty and sentenced to prison for running The Pirate Bay. At the time, Peter Sunde said that the site would continue, no matter what. A decade on he has been proven absolutely right and that in itself is utterly remarkable. On the morning of March 3, 2009, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström, were all waiting for the final day in the now-infamous trial featuring The Pirate Bay. The night before the ori
  13. The Pirate Bay regularly suffers downtime, which can lead to a lot of frustration among users. Software developer TechTac hopes to bring an end to this with the release of OfflineBay, a searchable offline archive of TPB's torrents. The software relies on downloading and updating a dump file manually at the moment, but the developer hopes to replace this with a blockchain in the future. The Pirate Bay is touted as one of the most resilient torrent sites. While it has indeed weathered many storms, occasional downtime is no longer an exception, as became clear again
  14. Without The Pirate Bay, Spotify may have never turned into the success it is today. Ten years ago record labels were so desperate to find an answer to the ever-growing piracy problem that they agreed to take a gamble. Now, more than a decade later, Spotify has turned into a billion-dollar company, with pirate roots. When Spotify launched its first beta in the fall of 2008, many people were blown away by its ease of use. With the option to stream millions of tracks supported by an occasional ad, or free of ads for a small subscription fee, Spotify off
  15. Founded in 2003 by a group of hackers and activists, The Pirate Bay aimed to bring file-sharing to the masses. In the fifteen years that followed, the site transformed from a small community to Hollywood's resilient arch-rival, serving millions of users. And that's not the only thing that changed. Todayish, The Pirate Bay turns 15 years old, which is quite an achievement considering the immense legal pressure it has faced over the years. While the exact launch date is a bit of a mystery, even to the site’s founders, August 10 was previously chosen as its anniversary.
  16. The Pirate Bay has been hard to reach for the past week. No further details have been announced but the Tor version of the site remains operational. However, with many instances of downtime this year already, this hardly passes as "news" anymore. About a week ago we reported that The Pirate Bay’s upload functionality was broken. While this problem was eventually solved after a few days, the regular domain became unusable soon after. Today, more than five days later, the problem persists. For most people, the site currently displays a CloudFlare e
  17. With the file-sharing wars in full swing, 2007 saw the movie The Man From Earth being pirated all over the Internet, but its creators didn't fight the movement. Instead, they embraced pirates and thanked them for their attention. More than a decade on its sequel, The Man From Earth: Holocene, is again being shared on The Pirate Bay. But this time its creators put it there themselves. More than a decade ago, Hollywood was struggling to get to grips with the file-sharing phenomenon. Sharing via BitTorrent was painted as a disease that could kill the movie industry, if it
  18. The Pirate Bay has slowly but steadily returned to its former glory. After more than three years, the deviant torrent site has regained a spot among the 100 most-visited sites on the Internet. While many of the site's users may cheer at the news, there's also a dark side to the recent resurgence. When the The Pirate Bay suffered over a month of downtime late 2014, many of the site’s regular visitors went elsewhere. This resulted in a significant traffic dip afterwards, but in recent months the notorious torrent site has seen a massive uptick in visitors.
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