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  1. For years, Tesla, as well as its eccentric founder and CEO Elon Musk, proudly proclaimed to recent customers that if they were unhappy with the vehicle they had just purchased, they could simply return it. The catch? Hardly anything. It just had to be done within seven calendar days. That was then. Now, as reported by Electrek, recent Tesla customers experiencing buyer’s remorse over their new vehicle may just be stuck with it. In other words, it probably won’t be that easy to return it. Electrek reports that Tesla eliminated its seven-day return policy, which the com
  2. (Reuters) - Tesla Inc said on Tuesday it cut the price of its Model S “Long Range” sedan by 4% in the United States, days after the electric-car maker reported record quarterly deliveries. A Tesla Model S electric vehicle drives along a row of occupied superchargers at Tesla's primary vehicle factory after CEO Elon Musk announced he was defying local officials' restrictions against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by reopening the plant in Fremont, California, U.S. May 12, 2020. The company, which is expected to report third-quarter results on Oct. 21, cut the p
  3. Tesla delivers 140,000 vehicles, smashing previous records Tesla needs to grow rapidly to justify its astronomical share price. Enlarge Ars Technica 125 with 55 posters participating In recent months, Tesla skeptics have argued that the company's growth had stalled. After delivering a record-breaking 83,500 vehicles in the third quarter of 2018, the company's deliveries grew only modestly in the next few quarters: 97,000 in the third quarter of 2019, for example, and 90,650 in the second quarter of 2020.
  4. Tesla aims to build its most affordable electric car yet within the next three years, with Elon Musk suggesting a $25,000 EV would be possible. The promise came during the Tesla Battery Day 2020 event, an opportunity for Musk & Co. to set the scene for where battery technology is today, and where the automaker believes it will be in the coming years. It’s an important topic as, while exceedingly fast electric cars might make headlines, it’s battery capacity and production bottlenecks that control factors like affordability and supply. Tesla, Musk said today, aims to expan
  5. Where Was the Battery at Tesla’s Battery Day? Musk made some big promises at Tesla’s highly anticipated Battery Day. But a prototype never made an appearance, and it was unclear what Tesla had actually achieved. Photograph: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images On Tuesday afternoon, Elon Musk greeted several hundred investors sitting in their Teslas from a makeshift stage in the parking lot of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. Afte
  6. Tesla owner in Canada charged with ‘sleeping’ while driving over 90 mph ‘They are not self-driving systems, they still come with the responsibility of driving’ A Tesla Model S owner in Alberta, Canada, was charged with dangerous driving after being pulled over for sleeping while traveling at speeds of 150 km/h (93 mph). The case raises questions about Tesla’s partially automated driving system, Autopilot, and driver complacency. On July 9th, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they received a complaint of r
  7. Tesla will cash in on surging stock price with $5 billion stock sale Tesla needs to expand rapidly to justify its soaring stock price. Enlarge David Butow | Getty Images 122 with 67 posters participating, including story author Tesla will sell up to $5 billion in new shares, the company announced in a Tuesday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company didn't give any specific timeline for completing the stock sale. The announcement comes one day after Tesla completed a
  8. Tesla’s slow self-driving progress continues with green light warning Tesla is adding Autopilot features much slower than Musk predicted last year. Enlarge / The interior of a Tesla Model X at the Brussels Expo in January 2020. Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images 118 with 67 posters participating, including story author Tesla has released a new version of its Autopilot software that adds the ability to read speed limit signs, improving the accuracy of the speed limits displayed on the dashboard. The new version of th
  9. Tesla with Autopilot hits cop car—driver admits he was watching a movie The crash threw two officers to the ground, but no one was seriously injured. Enlarge / A law enforcement vehicle damaged in Wednesday's crash. North Carolina State Highway Patrol 141 with 101 posters participating, including story author Police in North Carolina have filed charges against a driver whose Tesla crashed into a police car early Wednesday morning, Raleigh's CBS 17 television reports. The driver admitted to officers that he had ac
  10. Musk: Tesla may be able to produce batteries with 50% more energy density Tesla CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the automaker may be able to produce batteries with 50% more energy density within three to four years. This news comes ahead of the firm's "Battery Day" event where it is expected to reveal improvement in its battery performance. According to researchers, the energy density of Panasonic's "2170" batteries that Tesla uses in its Model 3 cars is roughly 260Wh/kg, which would mark a 50% surge from current energy density. Ba
  11. Tesla wants to use its car sensors to detect children left in hot cars But it's going to need approval (Image credit: Tesla) The latest safety feature planned at Tesla is a sensing system that can warn you if you've left a child behind in a car that's too hot. As an added bonus, it could customize airbag deployment to each particular passenger, and deter thieves as well. As per Reuters, Tesla is seeking approval for the new system from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the US, as it would involve millimeter-
  12. Tesla research partnership progresses on new battery chemistry Lithium metal batteries could increase EV range, but longevity must improve. Enlarge / Here's what the lithium deposited at the anode looks like under a scanning electron microscope. Full charge in top row, depleted charge in bottom row. Louli et al./Nature Energy 52 with 39 posters participating, including story author Electric vehicles have come a long way in terms of going a long way on a charge. But everyone is still seeking the next big jump in b
  13. Panasonic aims to increase Tesla battery capacity by 20% In an exclusive with Reuters, Panasonic has said that it aims to increase the energy density of its '2170' battery cells by 20% in five years. The 2170 battery cells are the type that it supplies to Tesla meaning that those vehicles are set to be able to travel further on a single charge. In addition to having a longer charge, Panasonic is aiming to put a cobalt-free version of the battery on the market between 2022 and 2024. According to Reuters, cutting out cobalt from batteries could cut costs which
  14. Tesla sues Rivian for stealing secrets as electric car fight heats up Rivian has raised more than $5 billion to challenge Tesla with electric trucks. Enlarge / Rivian's R1T truck. Rivian 150 with 73 posters participating, including story author Tesla has sued competitor Rivian for theft of trade secrets. Tesla says that around 70 people have left Tesla for Rivian—including 22 in the last four months. And Tesla claims that several of those employees took confidential documents with them on their way out the door.
  15. Tesla Will Build ‘GigaTexas’ to Crank Out Cybertrucks On the heels of another profitable quarter, despite a coronavirus-induced shutdown of its California plant, the electric-auto maker announced its fourth factory. Photograph: Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP Everything’s bigger in Texas, including Tesla, which said Wednesday that it will officially open its largest factory yet in the Lone Star State. “GigaTexas”
  16. Tesla makes a profit of $104 million in Q2 2020 The world's most valuable automaker says it hopes to deliver 500,000 cars in 2020. Enlarge Tesla / Aurich Lawson 82 with 47 posters participating, including story author On Wednesday afternoon, Tesla announced that it ended the second quarter of 2020 with a GAAP profit of $104 million. That is now the fourth profitable quarter in a row for the US automaker, which may help the company move to the S&P 500 index. It took home $143 million in 19Q3, $105 million in 1
  17. Elon Musk taunts Tesla critics as stock soars to new highs Tesla, valued at $250 billion, is the world's most valuable automaker. Enlarge Tesla 145 with 86 posters participating Tesla's stock leapt above $1,400 for the first time on Tuesday morning—a nearly 50 percent increase over the price just a week earlier. As of publication time, Tesla's stock has slumped a bit to around $1,380. That's still more than the stock was worth at any time before today and a six-fold jump from Tesla's share price a year earlier.
  18. Tesla driver blames Autopilot for crash, faces negligent driving charge The driver reportedly told police he “must not have been paying attention.” Enlarge / Tesla Model S driving on the freeway in Silicon Valley. Andrei Stanescu / Getty Images 171 with 123 posters participating, including story author A Massachusetts man is facing a negligent-driving charge after his Tesla slammed into a police car that was parked by the side of the road. According to a state trooper, the man had Tesla's Autopilot technology tur
  19. Stock surge makes Tesla the world’s most valuable automaker Market cap rise above $200 billion could get Musk another huge payday. Enlarge Aurich Lawson vs Disney 104 with 70 posters participating One share of Tesla stock traded for more than $1,130 on Wednesday, pushing the company's market capitalization to nearly $210 billion. That sent Tesla's market cap past Toyota, which is worth either $170 billion or $203 billion, depending on how you count it. Tesla is now the world's most valuable car company.
  20. (Reuters) - Top Wall Street brokerages Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley downgraded their ratings on Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) saying the electric carmaker’s shares were overpriced, two days after the high-flying stock crossed $1,000 per share. The brokerages, while reiterating that their long-term view on the stock remains positive, noted the current valuation underestimates risks including increased competition in the electric vehicle industry. Top automakers including General Motors Co (GM.N) and Ford Motor Co (F.N) have doubled down on their investments in the
  21. Tesla stock soars above $1,000 as Musk vows to “go all out” for Semi Elon Musk wants to accelerate Tesla Semi production to compete with Nikola. Enlarge / The Nikola Two truck drives out on the stage at an April 2019 event. Megan Geuss 138 with 63 posters participating Tesla's stock price soared above $1,000 on Wednesday. The rise pushed the company's valuation to around $190 billion—within striking distance of the world's most valuable valuable car company, Toyota, at $215 billion. Tesla'
  22. Tesla has already started making cars again at its California factory While locked in a battle over whether it can legally reopen Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge Tesla began making cars again at its Fremont, California plant over the weekend despite an ongoing battle with local officials about whether it should remain closed during the pandemic, The Verge has learned. The company called back some of its workers and has completed around 200 cars Model Y and Model 3 vehicles, according to two current employees.
  23. Tesla stock leaps after unexpected profit Tesla's cash reserves have grown to $8.1 billion. Enlarge / Tesla's Shanghai battery factory. Tesla 97 with 64 posters participating, including story author There were plenty of reasons to expect Tesla to show a loss in the first quarter of 2020. The quarter began with the expiration of the federal electric vehicle tax credit—at least for Tesla customers. It ended with the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic forcing lockdowns around the world. That dampened consumer deman
  24. Tesla Autopilot could potentially start detecting traffic lights in the future Earlier this month, Tesla manufactured its 1,000,000th electric car. One of the most popular (and controversial) features in its cars is perhaps 'Autopilot'. Autopilot is already capable of spotting other cars and obstructions like traffic cones on the road. However, it now seems like it will be able to spot the state of traffic lights and act accordingly in a potential future update as well. A video posted on Twitter depicts a Tesla driving on the streets and stopping
  25. Tesla plans to retool solar panel factory to make Medtronic ventilators Medtronic CEO confirmed Wednesday that Tesla will make one of its ventilators. Enlarge / Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak. Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images 94 with 53 posters participating Tesla is planning to retool its solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York, to manufacture medical ventilators, CEO Elon Musk said in a Wednesday tweet. "Giga New York will reopen for ventilator production as soon as humanly possible," M
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