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Found 5 results

  1. Microsoft is rolling out a series of new firmware updates for Microsoft Surface Pro X users. The new firmware updates bring improvements to Teams app, system stability while using the camera and more. This is the first firmware update of the year for Surface Pro X users and is available for those running Windows 10 version 1809 or greater. Here's what's new: Device Manager Name Version and Update Qualcomm(R) Adreno (TM) 680 GPU 26.18.0901.8000 improves the Teams app experience. Qualcomm(R) Bluetooth UART Transport Driver 1.0.830.0 improves BT connection reliability. Qualcomm(R) Bus Device 1.0.1000.0000 improves system stability. Qualcomm(R) Hexagon (TM) 690 DSP 1.0.1020.1000 improves system stability. Qualcomm(R) Hexagon (TM) 690 DSP 1.0.1020.1000 improves system stability. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.0 improves system stability while using the camera. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.0 improves system stability while using the camera. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.0 improves system stability while using the camera Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.0 improves system stability while the using camera. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.1 improves system stability while the using camera. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.1 improves system stability while using the camera. Qualcomm(R) Spectra (TM) 390 ISP 1.0.900.1 improves system stability while using the camera. Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device 1.0.820.0 improves system stability. Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device 1.0.900.0 improves system stability. Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc 1.0.860.0 improves connection reliability. Surface Camera AVStream Mini Driver 1.0.900.1 improves system stability while using the camera. Surface Hid Mini Driver improves system stability. Surface Integration Driver improves adaptive brightness. Surface Light Sensor improves adaptive brightness. Surface Radio Monitor improves connectivity performance in the tablet mode. Surface UEFI 3.462.140.0 improves system stability. The new firmware update is rolling out to Surface Pro X users. Microsoft has noted that the updates will be rolling out in phases so you might not get the new firmware updates right away. Moreover, firmware updates cannot be uninstalled or reverted so it may be best to wait before installing them. To install the new firmware updates, you will have to head to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and click "Check for updates" to manually download the new updates. Source: Microsoft releases new firmware updates for Surface Pro X (via Neowin)
  2. Surface Pro X users are finding that they can't update Surface Dock firmware If you're using a Surface Pro X with a Surface Dock, you might be finding that you can't update the firmware on your Surface Dock, and you're not alone. As spotted by Windows Central and noted in a Reddit thread, users are seeing an error that says, "This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor." Obviously, the processor type is ARM64, and the Surface Pro X is the only ARM64 Surface, and the only ARM Surface with a modern Surface Connect port. As one person noted on Reddit, you can always use an x64 Surface (literally any other Surface) to update the Dock, assuming that you've got one lying around. One user didn't realize that ARM64 and x64 are different things, which is more of an issue with Microsoft's messaging around the product. In the most recent update for the Surface Dock, Microsoft added support for the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, with the Pro X notably missing. The Surface Pro X is, however, listed as a supported device on the Surface Dock listing on the Microsoft Store. Presumably, Microsoft will release an ARM64 package for the Surface Dock update sooner rather than later. Source: Surface Pro X users are finding that they can't update Surface Dock firmware (Neowin)
  3. A far more repairable design than older Surfaces Microsoft’s new Surface Pro X computer may not have taken the world by storm as a Windows-on-ARM showcase, but as iFixit’s teardown reveals, the new hardware design is groundbreaking in other respects by being far easier to repair than other Surfaces. When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro X, it highlighted the removable SSD, which is hidden behind a pop-up door alongside the SIM card and can be easily removed by taking out a single screw. But there are plenty of other changes Microsoft has made here that make the Surface Pro X easier to repair than older models (like the Surface Pro 6). The screen is held down with foam adhesive instead of the globs of glue that nearly every other tablet-style device uses. All of the screws are standard Torx screws, making it relatively simple to take apart once the screen is off. iFixit also praises the Surface Pro X for featuring a variety of modular components, particularly for the USB and Surface Connect ports, meaning you’ll be able to replace just a single part if something goes wrong, not the whole laptop. On the flip side, the teardown found that the battery is extremely difficult to remove, requiring almost the entire laptop to be disassembled to get it out. Given that battery replacements are one of the more common hardware repairs (especially as devices get older and batteries wear down), that’s a bit disappointing. While the screen is easier to remove than nearly any other tablet, you’ll still have to remove it for most repairs, which means that you’ll probably still need to take it into a repair shop for anything more serious than swapping the SSD. Still, iFixit ranks the Surface Pro X at a 6 out of 10 on its repairability scale, making it the most repairable Surface tablet the company has made. It’s also easier to repair than any of Apple’s current iPad hardware. Assuming Microsoft continues to build new hardware with the Surface Pro X’s design language in future years, that level of repairability is a very encouraging thing to see. Source: Surface Pro X teardown confirms it’s easier to repair than any other Surface or iPad (via The Verge)
  4. Yesterday, Microsoft released the Surface Pro X, the first Surface device running Windows 10 on an ARM chipset, specifically the Microsoft SQ1, which is a slightly customized version of the Snapdragon 8cx. Now, the company has added the Pro X to the Surface update history page, along with the first list of firmware updates for it. The updates are available for those running Windows 10 version 1903 or later, and they'll show up as a single update in Windows Update, which is somewhat unusual. This might be because ARM chipsets usually include many of the hardware components the device runs on, so a single update package can deliver updates to multiple components. Here's what's new: Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware Update – 11/05/2019 Device Manager Name Surface UEFI– Firmware 3.444.140.0 improves system stability. Surface System Aggregator – Firmware improves battery performance. Surface Pro X Integration – System devices improves stability when in hibernation. Microsoft SQ1 Adreno 685 GPU – Display Adapters 26.18.800.0 improves system stability. Surface Pro X Power Engine Plug-in Device 1.0.0800.0 improves system stability. The updates focus mostly on improving stability and battery performance, which is usually the case with firmware updates. One interesting tidbit is that the changelog indicates the Microsoft SQ1 chipset has an Adreno 685 GPU, where the Snapdragon 8cx has an Adreno 680. This is similar to how the "Surface Edition" Ryzen processors in the Surface Laptop 3 have slightly different GPUs from the regular versions of the same processors. If you're one of the early adopters of the Surface Pro X, you'll want to check Windows Update to get the latest updates and get the best experience. Source: Surface Pro X day-one firmware updates improve stability (via Neowin)
  5. At its annual Surface hardware event, Microsoft today announced the long-rumored ARM-based Surface, the first time Microsoft itself has launched a device with an ARM-based processor inside. The 13-inch device will use Microsoft’s own custom SQ1 chip, based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and an AI accelerator, making it the first Surface with an integrated AI engine. Microsoft and Qualcomm also worked on building custom-designed GPU cores for the Pro X, which will run Microsoft’s version of Windows 10 for ARM. The Pro X will be available on November 5, starting at $999 and is now available for pre-order. Microsoft started its flirtation with ARM-based devices a few years ago and that work culminated in the launch of a number of ARM-powered devices from HP, Asus and others, promising all-day battery life, the ability to still run almost every Windows application, and performance comparable to a lower-end Intel chip. To do this, Microsoft is using a binary translator that converts X86 instructions into ARM64 as necessary, while still compiling almost all of the native Windows 10 libraries for the ARM architecture. Like Microsoft’s other new Surface devices, the 13-inch ARM-based Pro X will feature USB-C ports and LTE connectivity. The screen features a 1400:1 contrast ratio and a 2880×1920 resolution and can be extended to a 4k screen. At its thinnest point, the Pro x is 5.3mm thin and weighs 1.68 pounds. There’s also a removable hard-drive, a first for the Surface line. Together with Qualcomm, Microsoft designed its own custom processor for this, the SQ1. Microsoft stressed the work the team did on building an AI engine into the chipset. Microsoft also launched a new, slimmer Surface pen for the Pro X, which will feature its own storage space on the new Type Cover for the device. It’s no secret that ARM itself has worked hard to bring its chip designed to laptops, desktops and servers. With every new generation of its design, the company talks about how it wants to get more of its chips into these machines, especially now that their performance is often more than adequate for many use cases. With this Microsoft partnership, it’s definitely getting a bit closer to this. Source
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