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  1. The future of Disney is direct-to-consumer. Today Disney unveiled a new corporate structure that divides its content business into three groups that are “responsible and accountable for producing and delivering content for theatrical, linear and streaming, with the primary focus being the Company’s streaming services.” According to the company, this move is a result of the success of Disney+, where its subscriber growth has well outpaced projections it gave to investors last year. After
  2. A new streaming service set to premiere blockbuster movies before they reach theaters is facing legal action. Due to launch on October 2, the Zee Plex "Cinema2Home" platform hopes to pull in large audiences watching from their own homes. However, the use of the word 'Plex' is unacceptable to US-based Plex, Inc., which claims that the Zee Plex service is abusing its trademark. Soon after the latest blockbuster movies hit cinemas, pirated copies are available for download from the Internet. It’s a problem that studios have been struggling to m
  3. The Spanish pirate streaming giant Megadede will shut down within a week. The site's operators announced their surprise decision without providing any further detail. Megadede is among the 100 most visited sites in the country and will be missed by many. However, there certainly is no shortage of alternatives, as other sites are queuing up to welcome stranded pirates. Spain is an interesting country when it comes to piracy. On the one hand, it has one of the highest piracy rates worldwide, but there is no shortage of enforcement actions either.
  4. With IPTV piracy seemingly still on an upwards trajectory, the powerful Copyright Alliance is urging Congress to close a loophole in US law that places limits on how cases can be prosecuted. Despite being against copyright law, streaming piracy is currently just a misdemeanor, rendering it "virtually immune from meaningful prosecution." Last month, entertainment industry-backed group Digital Citizens Alliance and content protection company NAGRA published a new study that estimated the pirate IPTV market to be worth a billion dollars each year in the US alone.
  5. Pirate streaming sites are continuously switching their domain names. Why? Because the anti-piracy law has given the right to the respective governments to ban piracy streaming sites. The pirate streaming sites list is vast and grown is the past decade. Piracy sites are causing a massive hit on the revenue earned by the entertainment industry. People are watching video content without paying anything. Some piracy sites also allow free downloading. These reasons are badly hitting the overall business of the entertainment industry in every county. Government has banned many streaming services, b
  6. The ongoing protests across the US likely prompted the decision. Twitch has removed an emote that featured an image of a cartoon character dressed as a police officer blowing a whistle. "TwitchCop," as the emoticon was known as, was a global emote Twitch viewers could use in chat across all of the platform's channels. The company told The Verge it removed the image to stop people from abusing it. "We made the decision to proactively pull down the TwitchCop emote to prevent misuse," the company said. "We are constantly evaluating our polici
  7. UpGrade

    IPTV Service Advice

    Hi all, I am thinking of paying for an IPTV service i can use on my android box. I have never paid for this kind of service before and i need some recommendations. I want to be able to watch sky sports and UFC, all that kind of stuff in HD. I am in the UK. I want all the film channels and entertainment channels. I would also like it to include multi regional channels from different countries What do you do once paid ? Simply set up an app for example stbemu and thats it ? Can anybody advise of any services that are not too pricey and preferably a ye
  8. HD Streaming from PC to TV in one click. Wireless Enjoyment of full HD Movies and Music without a Smart TV Stream all of your media from your Windows PC and tablet, directly to your TV, via your Google Chromecast. Watch your favourite shows, movies and playlists, directly from the program interface with no need to launch an internet browser. DreamStream makes enjoying your media collection as simple as the click of a button. Stream your Favourite Movies, Music & TV Series Stream your entire collection in High Definition, without transferring your videos, music & more to an exter
  9. Starting today, internet providers in the United States will finally be held to account for lackluster YouTube streaming speeds. Google has brought its Video Quality Report — first launched in Canada at the start of this year — to the US, and is now ranking ISPs like Cablevision and Verizon FiOS based on the fidelity of their YouTube streams. If you've been experiencing buffering issues or playback interruptions despite paying for a speedy internet connection, this monthly report could help answer the lingering question of why. "Making sure you can watch YouTube in HD from anywhere, anytime is
  10. SOPA and PIPA are dead, but the Obama administration is still determined to make illicit movie and streaming a felony. The DOJ argues that change is needed to adequately prosecute unauthorized streaming services. In addition, the administration is requesting permanent funding to target foreign sites such as The Pirate Bay through "diplomatic and trade-based pressure." Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on punishments for and remedies against online copyright infringement. One of the speakers was David Bitkower, Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General, who laid out the w
  11. TorrenTV is a cross-platform movie streaming app that allows people to stream torrents directly to Apple TV. The open source application has a simple drag and drop torrent interface and also supports streaming of previously downloaded videos. Earlier this year Popcorn Time made headlines all over the Internet as one of the first apps to combine a simple and stylish user interface with an effective way to stream torrents. The application also inspired dozens of developers to start their own spinoffs. While most of these apps mimicked the looks and functionality of the original application, T
  12. Megashare, one of the most popular movie / TV streaming sites on the Internet, has informed its users that it will shut down. The site remains operational for now, but won't add any new videos. Problems with the current video hosting provider is the main reason for the abrupt decision, according to a message posted on the site. With over a million visitors a day, Megashare is one of the largest video streaming portals on the Internet. The site operates from .sh and .info domains and has enjoyed steady growth since its launch in 2010. However, out of nowhere, visitors were welcomed by
  13. Speaking on the Freakonomics Podcast (which handily also transcribed the interview), Daniel Ek, Spotify’s co-founder and CEO, spoke at length about the streaming service’s history, its future plans and its relationship with both musicians and music industry. He talked about his past and why growing up in Sweden in the 1990s – and the country’s backing of broadband for all – was pivotal in shaping his worldview. He also discussed his Damascene moment with Napster. “It brought me this weird sense of very broad music education and quite eclectic taste, which in turn got m
  14. If you were looking for another reason to hate the rich, Red Carpet Home Cinema is here to help out. For $1,500 to $3,000 per film, the company will let you rent first-run films from the comfort of your tricked out mansion. But not just anyone can sign up for this anti-MoviePass service. To qualify, you have to pass through a strict verification process. The New York Times reports applicants have to own a credit card with a limit of at least $50,000 and those approved must then buy and install a $15,000 streaming box that comes with piracy protections. Furthermore, Red
  15. It seems that the Department of Justice has thoughts on whether Netflix movies should be eligible for Oscars. Variety reports that the DOJ has sent the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences a letter expressing concern about potential changes to the eligibility requirements for the awards. Why is this something the DOJ would worry about? Apparently the letter says, “In the event that the Academy — an association that includes multiple competitors in its membership — establishes certain eligibility requirements for the Oscars that eliminate competition
  16. The scales are about to tip in favor of streaming music becoming the number one driver of global recorded music revenues – a shift that appears to be on track for sometime this year. According to a new industry report, global recorded music revenues jumped 9.7 percent in 2018 to reach $19.1 billion – up from $17.4 billion in 2017. Streaming music revenues, in particular, now account for nearly half (47%) of global revenue, thanks to a sizable 32.9 percent jump in paid streaming last year. This brought streaming revenues to $8.9 million in 2018, and puts them on track for a further jump in 2019
  17. John Edwards said digital platforms need to adapt to the jurisdictions in which they operate, and take steps to prevent their platform, and audience and technology, from being used in such a way as was seen in Christchurch. New Zealand Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has used his keynote address to the IAPP ANZ Summit in Sydney this week to discuss some of the challenges of the new digital economic order, specifically how one country can take on the tech giants. "Digital platforms need to adapt to the jurisdictions in which they operate -- not the other way aro
  18. TV is exhausting now. Where once the future of streaming promised to cut down bloated cable bills and create a more efficient customer-provider service—“Imagine a future where you only pay for the 10 channels you actually watch,” I remember excitedly telling my parents earlier in the decade—the reality is that now, there are simply more channels that you need to pay for. Aside from traditional cable, which remains a must for any sports fan at the absolute least, there now exist more than a half-dozen prominent streaming services (and lots more small ones), all filled
  19. Amazon, after big hire, experimenting with sports media strategy: interview NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Amazon.com Chief Executive Jeff Bezos was spotted schmoozing in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s booth during the Super Bowl in February, the media world exploded with anticipation about Amazon’s imminent domination of sports media. FILE PHOTO: The logo of Amazon is seen at the company logistics centre in Boves, France, May 13, 2019. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol/File Photo But two years after first dabbling in live sports streaming, Amazon has yet to settle on a s
  20. Fragmented Streaming Landscape Keeps Piracy Relevant, Research Suggests Streaming video services are, in theory, great competitors to pirate sites and services. However, when you have to sign up for half a dozen subscriptions to watch your favorite movies and shows, something is wrong. New research suggests that this fragmented streaming landscape is keeping piracy relevant. There is little doubt that, for many people, streaming services have become the standard for watching movies and TV-shows.
  21. It certainly seems like the world of streaming video entered a new epoch recently. Last week, Comcast finally handed the reigns of Hulu over to Disney, which means the company will have not only the impending Disney+ streaming service but also a live TV service that competes with the big cable companies. Then, the very same day, we saw a genuinely awful outcome of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, when CEO Randall Stephenson announced that Friends and other WarnerMedia-owned shows would be pulled from Netflix to run exclusively on the company’s forthcoming streaming platform. Apple remind
  22. Popular Streaming Site Pelispedia Shuts Down, Operators Arrested Uruguayan authorities, helped by Interpol and the US movie industry, have arrested the alleged operators of the popular streaming site Pelispedia. The couple stands accused of profiting from copyright infringement. Following a raid on their house, several assets were seized and the site was shut down. With over a million visitors per day, Pelispedia.tv was one of the most popular streaming sites in Latin America. Just a few weeks ago, it was high
  23. App for acestream flows. See more than 600 channels on your Android device using peer-to-peer technology. Homepage: https://www.vidsoftware.ru/ Site: https://www74.zippyshare.comSharecode: /v/QqGCPK15/file.html
  24. Keeping its annual tradition, the office of the United States Trade Representative has targeted some of the world's most famous 'pirate' sites in its latest report on copyright infringing venues. In addition to torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and RuTracker, hosting sites 4Shared and Openload come in for criticism. Again this year, a list of sites hosted in Switzerland are under attack. In its annual “Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets” the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has listed a long list of websites said to be involved in on
  25. With copyright holders seriously getting into their web-blocking stride in the UK, it is now impossible to access any of the most well known torrent sites from a regular web browser without tweaks. TorrentFreak took a look at some of the world’s most popular torrent and streaming sites in order to figure out which ones remain uncensored in the UK and along the way we discovered a few other items of interest. While Hollywood and the music industry are currently working hard to have dozens of millions of infringing links removed from Google, they are increasingly trying to cut off users’ access
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