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Found 4 results

  1. Steam Client March 23 update Valve released a new stable Steam Client update for all supported platforms, including SteamOS, GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows, fixing some nasty issues, but also implementing various improvements. For all platforms, the Steam Client March 23 update addresses a bug that prevented non-Steam game shortcuts from being saved during restarts of the desktop client, as well as a bunch of rare hangs and crashes that users reported after updating to the major Steam Client March 9 release. The star of this new Steam Client update is the In-Home Streaming feature, with received support for hotplugging headphones on the streaming client computer, along with support for the third-party VB-CABLE virtual audio driver to provide users with better 5.1 surround streaming. The Valve developers also managed to reduce the delay and stutter that sometimes occurred when streaming games from a computer equipped with a Gigabit network interface to a PC with a 100Mbit interface. They also fixed a possible frame stutter that took place when attempting to capture video from the host computer. Multiple Xbox controllers now register their input Other than that, it looks like the limiting the video frame rate was improved as well for the In-Home Streaming feature, especially when using the Steam Link device for remote input or to stream audio. The Steam Client March 23 update also fixes a bug to make it possible for multiple Xbox controllers to register their input. This update will be applied automatically the next time you restart your Steam Client, but you can also install it manually on your operating system by going to the Steam menu and selecting the "Check for Steam Client Updates" entry. We always recommend our readers to update their Steam Client regularly for the best gaming experience. Source
  2. Steam Client Update March 9 Valve pushed a new stable update of the Steam Client for Linux, Mac, and Windows users, as well as on its Debian-based SteamOS gaming operating system, adding, as expected, numerous improvements and some new exciting features. The March 9 Steam Client Update is awaiting you next time you fire up your Steam desktop client, no matter the operating system you're currently using, and it will add a new option in the setting that lets you disable group announcement and event notifications, and removes the sing-on notifications for in-game/online friends. Among other general improvements, Valve's engineers managed to improve the error handling for game files that are locked by other apps during an update, as well as the sort order of your gaming library to also detect games that start with Unicode characters or punctuation in their names. Of course, lots of bugs were squashed in this stable update for all supported platforms, and a couple of issues have also been resolved for macOS users. Furthermore, the Big Picture mode gained a confirmation that should appear just before Restarting, Suspending, or Shutting Down the client from the system menu. Lots of Steam Controller improvements That's right, there are lots of Steam Controller improvements in this new stable Steam Client update, starting with better offline support for controller configurations and personalization, which can now be downloaded for offline use, support for previewing controller configs when importing them, and Steam Controller configuration links. "When browsing configurations, a link can now be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Start button or Control+C. Following this Steam link will how the configuration and it can be optionally applied to the game it corresponds to. This link can be opened via a browser or at the command-line," reads the changelog. It's also possible to vote controller configurations, as well as to sort them by votes instead of usage. Moreover, it looks like the default sorting of controller configurations now uses a rolling 30-day window showing the most popular ones of the last 30 days first, and Lock Gyro support was added to the Extents option for Joystick Move. And that's not all, because there's also support for multiple additional PlayStation 4 and third-party PlayStation 4-style controllers, audio support for the official DS4 v2 Slim controllers, a brand-new mouse dampening option for the Mouse Region mode, and power-off timeout functionality for wireless PlayStation 4 controllers. Some enhancements and bug fixes were also implemented for the In-Home Streaming and Steam VR features, and you should update your Steam Client as soon as possible. If you didn't get a notification, go to the Steam menu and click on the "Check for Steam Client Updates" entry. Make sure you restart your Steam Client to apply the update. Have fun and check out the full release notes below for more details. Steam Client Update March 9 Source
  3. Valve Finally Makes Steam Work Out-of-the-Box with Open-Source Graphics Drivers Also introduces idle detection and updates the Vulkan loader The new Steam Client Beta update brings quite a lot of changes (see them all in the changelog attached at the end of the story), but we're very interested in the Linux ones, which appears to let Steam work out-of-the-box with open-source graphics drivers on various modern GNU/Linux distributions, while implementing a new setting for older ones to improve the interaction between Steam's runtime and system's host libraries. "Improved interactions between the Steam runtime and host distribution libraries, which should let Steam work out of the box with open-source graphics drivers on modern distributions. If using an older distribution or running into problems, use STEAM_RUNTIME_PREFER_HOST_LIBRARIES=0 to revert to previous behavior," reads the release notes. Vulkan loader updated to enable Xlib support, idle detection added Additionally, Valve implemented idle detection for Linux platforms, automatically switching the friend status in the built-in chat to Away/Snooze when you're not at pressing any buttons on your PC, improves keyboard and mice support for Vulkan apps when using the Overlay, as well as the Vulkan loader to enable Xlib support. It also looks like the close-to-tray behavior is now unified with other platforms besides Steam OS. Users can now use the "STEAM_FRAME_FORCE_CLOSE=0" setting to force the Steam Client to close to tray on GNU/Linux distributions that don't offer a proper system tray area. Other than that, the new Steam Client Beta update addresses some DRI3-related crashes with open-source graphics drivers by shipping with an updated libxcb library, and adds a bunch of Steam Controller improvements. All these goodies and much more are coming soon to the Steam Client when a new stable build will be released. Again, you can view all the improvements in the changelog attached below, and if you can't wait until the new stable version arrives, you can switch right now to the Beta channel in the General section of the Setting dialog, but please try to keep in mind that this is a pre-release build. Steam Client Beta Changelog: Source
  4. Steam for Linux Usage Is on the Rise and Gets Closer to 1% The new Steam Hardware & Software Survey for October is out Up until six months ago, the Steam for Linux usage was around 1.2%, but it dropped to 0.7 in just one month. Something major changed in the way Valve gathered or presented the collected data, or suddenly almost half of the Linux users just stopped using Steam. Since the latter is not really possible, we must conclude that the former option is the corrected one. It's also important to know that the Steam Hardware & Software Survey is not a precise tool, and it cannot be used as such. The only ones who can rely on the Steam Hardware & Software Survey are the guys from Valve because they are the ones who have all the numbers. In this case, it would have been nice to know how many people were asked and what other criteria were used. There are all sorts of numbers that would be useful, but for now, we have to contend with the 0.98% that is provided. Steam for Linux is on the rise, again The number of Steam for Linux users seems to be on the rise once more. We've seen a small increase each month, and if we add to that the fact that the total number of Steam users has been increasing as well, the figures are actually quite good. Well, they are not quite as good as we want them to be, but we can hope that they will improve after the launch of the Steam Machines on November 10. As it stands right now, the most used operating system for Steam is the 64-bit edition of Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, followed closely by Ubuntu 15.04 64-bit. It's likely that the recently released Ubuntu 15.10 will be spotted in the second position next month, after people have a chance to upgrade. Source