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Found 2 results

  1. Top Firefox Add-ons, And Their WebExtensions Status The following article looks at a list of top Firefox add-ons, and checks whether those add-ons are available as WebExtensions already, or are planned to be released as WebExtensions. Top Firefox add-ons in this context means the following: first page of add-ons on Mozilla AMO based on user count, user rating, and featured. Mozilla plans to drop legacy add-on support with the release of Firefox 57. While legacy add-ons will live on for a while in Firefox ESR and development builds of the browser, these exceptions will be removed eventually as well. Considering that Firefox 57 will be released in November 2017, it is important to look at the current state of add-on migration. Note: we did not list video downloaders. Note: The availability as a WebExtension does not necessarily mean that you will get the same functionality or layout. Also note that a status of unknown does not mean that a WebExtension is not in the works. It simply means that I was not able to find information about it online. Firefox Add-ons with the Most Users Adblock Plus -- WebExtension is being worked on. See Bug uBlock Origin -- WebExtension is being worked on. See GitHub page. Easy Screenshot -- Unknown.. NoScript Security Suite -- WebExtension is being worked on. See our article. Firebug -- Will be integrated into Firefox natively. Search and New Tab by Yahoo -- Unknown. Ghostery -- Already available as WebExtension. DownThemAll -- Not going to happen. Greasemonkey -- Unclear, design document exists, but APIs missing. Mozilla tracking bug. iMacros for Firefox -- Unknown Google Translator for Firefox -- Unknown LastPass Password Manager -- LastPass 4.0 is a WebExtension. Tracking Bug. Tab Mix Plus -- Unknown, tracking bugs exist. FlashGot Mass Downloader -- Unknown. Developed by NoScript developer. YouTube High Definition -- Unknown. Top-Rated Firefox Add-ons Beyond Australis -- Not going to happen. Classic Theme Restorer -- Not going to happen. YouTube High Definition -- Unknown. OmniSidebar -- Not going to happen. Disable CTRL-Q Shortcut -- Unlikely, last update in 2012. YouTube Flash Video Player -- Unknown. Puzzle Bars -- Not going to happen. TableTools2 - Copy/Sort/Chart/Filter Table&More -- Unknown. Google search link fix -- Already a WebExtension. Theme Font & size Changer -- Unknown. Decentraleyes -- WebExtension is being worked on. Source. Add-ons Manager Context Menu -- Unlikely, last update in 2013. YouTube Plus -- Already a WebExtension. Magic Actions for YouTube -- Already a WebExtension. Classic Toolbar Buttons -- Not going to happen. Pray Times -- Unlikely, last updated in 2013. Pearltrees -- Unknown. Reader -- Unknown. Adblock Plus -- Being worked on. QuickMark -- Unknown. Top Featured Firefox Add-ons History Submenus II -- Unknown. Gmail Notifier+ -- Unknown. Copy Plain Text 2 -- Unknown. Clear Console -- Unknown. Dictionary (Google Translate) Anywhere -- Unknown. Tile Tabs -- Tile Tabs WE is a WebExtension version. Tab Scope -- Unknown. Private Tabs -- Unknown. Weather Forecast Plus -- Unknown. Lightbeam for Firefox -- In development. NoScript Security Suite -- Being worked on. Gmail Notifier (restartless) -- Unknown. Messenger & Notifier for Facebook -- Unknown. Enhancer for Youtube -- Seems likely, as a Chrome version exists. Torrent Tornado -- Unknown. BetterPrivacy-signed -- Unknown. Forecastfox (fix version) -- Seems likely, as a Chrome extension exists. Emoji Keyboard -- Unknown. Clean Uninstall -- Unknown. Cleanest Addon Manager -- Unknown. Stats Working: 6 Being Worked On: 5 Unknown: 33 Won't be available: 6 Closing Words We will revisit this page regularly to update the state of all listed browser add-ons for Firefox. Source
  2. I've been using EMET for a while, but I don't know if the "System Status" that I configured is secure and stable, so here it's:
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