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Found 10 results

  1. I´ll make this as short as possible (he lies):- 1) Yesterday I decide to make another Macrium image of my system onto a 1TB portable hard drive that had plenty of free space. 2) First I tried to delete an old image (25th May 2019) that was on the portable HD. 3) At first it wouldn't delete because I forgot Macrium Image Guardian was enabled and protecting the image. 4) On my third attempt I realized why it wasn't deleting and I disabled Image Guardian and deleted the image. 5) I think the image was probably about 50 to 70GB. 6) The portable HD was about 2 thirds full. 7) After deleting the image I noticed that Windows was showing the portable HD as having only 19.9GB free space from 931GB capacity. I thought it was just some read anomaly maybe caused by my forgetting that Image Guardian had been protecting the files on the portable HD. 9) I disconnected/reconnected my portable HD...it still showed 19.9GB free space, from 931GB capacity. 10) I totalled the folders on the portable HD (with pen and paper and with a calculator) several times and they amount to 573.74GB used space. 11) So I should have 350GB still free. 12) When I tried to make an image of my system (about 90GB), Macrium failed to complete it due to insufficient space on the portable HD !!!??? 13) I turned on "Show hidden files" on Windows just in case there was some kind of "ghost" image involved..but nothing appears. 14) Now I'm thinking I have to transfer the contents of the portable HD to my computer and another portable HD because I don't want to lose these folders, then maybe reformat the offending portable HD. 15) If anyone has a clue what has happened, feel free to comment. It's too late at night here for me to begin transferring my files, so I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks for your patience....again!!😀😀😀
  2. I'm using ESET Internet Security (Win 7 x64). I'm trying to find a way to stop the "Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys\...." entries from showing in the scan results log. I Googled but despite some folk saying "stop ESET from SSL scanning" and ESET saying "don't stop SSL scanning", I can't find anyone who can say how to stop the entries appearing in the scan results log....that's all, just to stop the log filling up with these lines which ESET themselves say are only in the log for information purposes" and don't indicate any threat. I get that, I really do, but no-one seems to answer the question "How do you stop these entries appearing in the log?"!!! I tried editing the scan exclusions settings to avoid scanning the Crypto folder...I excluded two paths:- 1) C:\Program Data\Micrsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys\ 2) C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys\ but still the stubborn entries appear!! I'd appreciate any light that anyone can shine on this. Thanks guys!!
  3. csmdew


    My pc has tried to install this update every day since 3/12 and always fails. I have also tried to do stand alone install and failed. Does anyone know how to force install or just stop it from showing up daily for retry install; really tired of seeing it, thanks.
  4. csmdew


    Is anybody else having problems with idm; keep getting prompt that says that I am using old ext and click below on how to fix ext problem in chrome. Now a couple yrs back I was able to copy the file from idm to chrome ext area but now that does not work and all my idm exts I had on the drive that failed last week are not shown anymore. This prompt pops up every time I want to use idm, any suggestions.
  5. csmdew

    KMS Autonet

    In the task scheduler this function shows up but I do not know why it would be running, any way to find out what the kms is associated with since both my ofc 16 and win 10 ltsb are both mak keys. Thanks
  6. csmdew

    Chrome Problem or Gmail?

    Starting today when I click on an email that is linked to another site it never responds. Ex.; when I click on an item listed on an email from military.com it tries to go to that site to display material but just hangs forever. If I sign up as incognito then all the links work fine. Anyone ever experience this problem and can suggest how to fix it. Have cleared cache twice and renewed ip stack but nothing helped. Only happens on chrome browser when using gmail.
  7. csmdew

    Ofc 2016 Pro Plus Corrupted

    Mu OS (10 pro) became unstable and some of the apps installed got corrupted including ofc 2016 pro plus. I have tried to repair the ofc but it isn't recognized by OS. Thought maybe I could reinstall over this one since it still shows it as being installed but unable to find a download for 64 bit because the disk I thought I used to install it did not match with what is installed. Warning msg said disk was 32 bit and currently installed ver is 64. The uninstall/change function at programs does not recognize it either, frankly I'm lost in what to do about it. Any help is appreciated.
  8. SESNut


    would it be possible to brute force it since theres only about 1 million combinations?
  9. I was doing laundry and when I came back to my computer I was surprised to find that I had been logged out of the forums. Can someone please tell me what the inactivity time is for auto-logout here at nsane.forums? Can someone tell me how to avoid getting auto-logged out?
  10. I am sure some know already, however sleep function seems to have been modified in the newest Windows Ten (10) version, 1709. Before, I would put P.C. into sleep, then when I wanted it out of sleep, I depress the touch space bar (or another key) and my desktop would appear after sign in. However, it now goes through a modified boot sequence avoiding for example the screen for Macrium Reflect that offers to restore or boot into windows and then desktop appears quickly and all startup items are there ready. Anyone else found this has happened and is there a way to stop the new sleep mode?
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