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Found 1 result

  1. Sharecode Fixer V1.2.4 By DeLtA ## SHARECODE FIXER BY DeLtA Sharecode Fixer is a Program to Convert Sharecode Generated Links to Normal Links & Normal Links to Sharecoded Links ## Features : 1. Fixes Sharecode Just by Copying Site+Sharecode. 2. Browser Independent. 3. 2-3 MB RAM Needed. 4. Can Be Paused Any Time Via Tray Icon. 5. Fully Supports All Sharecode Generated by [https://www.nsaneforums.com/sharecode/sharecode.html] & More. 6. Generate Sharecodes Pressing One Hotkey. 7. Sharecoded Links Contains 'PlainText' as optional view for HTML code that is free of formatting. This is helpful when pasting to applications that don't accept HTML formatted strings, such as Notepad. ## Tools Used : AutoIt, Regular Expression ## CREDITS : DeLtA /quadxtech.net , -=[4lfre1re]=- Created By DeLtA for NSANEFORUM Special Thanks To @-=[4lfre1re]=- For Testing & Creating Installer. Fix Sharecodes : Generate Sharecodes : DOWNLOAD : http://www.mediafire.com/file/a5pv1b0ptatyhp2/Sharecode_Fixer.v1.2.4.Setup.rar/file WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2.4 : 1. Improved RAM Consumption. 2. Sharecodes With White space in between Are Now Supported. Ex: Share Code: 3. Improved Horizontal White space Removal. WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2.3 : 1. Improved Detection of Sharecodes, App will only process your copied string if it contains Combination Of (Site & Sharecode) Or (http(s) & Sharecode) Including their regex. 2. Fixed Issue With Previous V1.2.2 with Processing Hidden Characters. 3. App will not Remove "Site" if URL contains it. For Ex: "oload.site". 4. Added UDF to Reduce RAM Consumption. 5. Documentation (Changelog+Instructions) Included with Setup. Thanks to @m345 For Reporting Issue. WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2.2 : 1. Improved Detection of Sharecodes, App will only process your copied string if it contains Both "Site" & "Sharecode" (Including Other Variants). 2. Improved Speed Of Link Fixing Thanks to @Togijak For Reporting Issue. WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2.1 : 1. Improved Regex to Support More Number Of Sharecodes & Fixed Issue With Mega.nz links. Thanks to @GlacialMan , @m345 For Reporting This Issue. WHAT'S NEW IN V1.2 : 1. Added Inbuilt Sharecode Generator To Generate Sharecode Switch mode by Pressing [Alt+m]. Copy Link & Press [Shift+g]. Done. After You Done Sharecoding Remeber to Switch Back to Fixer Mode by Pressing [alt+m]. 2. All Hotkeys & Settings are Now Stored in "config.ini" file Can Be Customized According to User 3. Fixed Problem With Exiting Program 4. Program Will Not Process Clipboard Data Until it is A Sharecode 5. Other Bug Fixes WHAT'S NEW IN V1.11 : 1. Now Sharecode Fixer Removes All Hidden/Invisible Character Before Processing Strings, Fixing Issue With Sharecode Generated With Buggy Sharecode Generators Thanks to @teodz1984 For Reporting This Issue. WHAT'S NEW IN V1.1 : 1. Improved Regex to Support Almost All Sharecodes In Forum 2. Removed Tray Menu. Icon is Still There. 3. Added Two Hotkeys To Control Program : RESET SCRIPT (Shift+Alt+c) : Use This Hotkey to reset program in case it behaves incorrectly. EXIT PROGRAM (Shift+Alt+x) : Use This Hotkey To Close Program If you Ever Need. 3. A Portable Version Is Added With Installer.