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Found 6 results

  1. The Danish Ministry of Culture and Rights Alliance have brokered an anti-piracy agreement with various key players in the online media world. Under the new deal, Denmark’s biggest media outlets, advertising companies, and payment processors will try to cut off revenue streams to pirate sites. The list of blocked sites remains private but includes some 350 URLs. In recent years, various copyright holder groups have advocated for initiatives to cut off funding to pirate sites. This “follow-the-money” approach is complex as it requires voluntar
  2. A man arrested in 2015 for running a site that provided information about the Popcorn Time piracy app has been sentenced in Denmark. The 38-year-old received 20 days probation and was subjected to a financial confiscation order after he admitted being criminally complicit in the infringements carried out by ordinary Popcorn Time users. Popcorn Time, the application that became known as the ‘Netflix for Pirates’, first appeared in 2014. It was a massive success and arguably paved the way for the dozens of similar piracy apps currently available on the Android
  3. The largest university in Denmark has signed a code of conduct with local anti-piracy outfit Rights Alliance to block access to pirate sites. Aarhus University will voluntarily prevent its 38,000 students from accessing sites that have previously been ruled illegal by a court, but without being served with a court order itself. Today’s site-blocking measures to counter online copyright infringement may seem relatively new but Denmark has been engaged in the practice for almost 15 years. Pirate Site Blocking in Denmark After initial target Allof
  4. VPN provider OVPN has emerged victorious from legal action initiated by movie companies hoping to get closer to the operators of The Pirate Bay. After a back-and-forth process, the court agreed with OVPN's claims that as no-logging provider, it had no useful data to hand over. Early June, movie companies Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film, supported by anti-piracy partner Rights Alliance, embarked on legal action in an effort to track down the operators of The Pirate Bay. Early Background After obtaining information from Cloudflare, Rights Al
  5. In its legal action to track down The Pirate Bay, anti-piracy group Rights Alliance presented the court with testimony from an expert who found that VPN provider OVPN probably had some useful information on its alleged customer. However, OVPN has now produced comments from the same person who, given additional information, may have reconsidered. Back in June, movie companies Svensk Filmindustri and Nordisk Film, supported by anti-piracy partner Rights Alliance, began legal action to try and pick up a trail on The Pirate Bay. In an effort
  6. As pirates probe loopholes and develop code to deliver copyrighted content to the masses, anti-piracy groups are working hard to mitigate the threat. To that end, anti-piracy group Rights Alliance is currently seeking an ethical hacker or cybersecurity expert to reverse engineer pirate technologies so that their functionality can be explained to both the authorities and judges alike. The existence of many thousands of pirate-focused sites and applications available on the Internet today shows that there’s no shortage of skilled individuals interested in t
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