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Found 7 results

  1. ProtonMail Bridge: use ProtonMail accounts in desktop clients ProtonMail Bridge is a standalone program for Windows, Linux and Macintosh devices to integrate ProtonMail accounts into desktop email clients. The client runs in the background on the system to encrypt and decrypt emails for use in third-party clients. Setup requires installation and configuration of the ProtonMail Bridge client on the system and configuration of the desktop email client to integrate the ProtonMail account. ProtonMail Bridge should work with all desktop clients; the compan
  2. A person or group claiming to have hacked ProtonMail and stolen "significant" amounts of data has posted a lengthy ransom demand with some wild claims to an anonymous Pastebin. ProtonMail states it's complete BS. According to the message, a hacker going by the name AmFearLiathMor makes quite a few interesting claims such as hacking ProtonMail's services and stealing user's email, that ProtonMail is sending their user's decrypted data to American servers, and that ProtonMail is abusing the lack of Subresource Integrity (SRI) use to purposely and maliciously steal their u
  3. ProtonMail has announced the launch of its ProtonMail 4.0 beta software. With the upgrade, users will experience an all-new look and underneath the surface, a new software framework is laying the groundwork for new features, products, and customisations in future updates. In terms of the front-facing features, you’ll immediately notice the work that has gone into the revamped user interface. According to the firm, the new interface has been designed to feel lighter and help you work faster. Additionally, you can access all of your other Proton services from the new UI including you
  4. The ProtonMail app on iOS is now fully open source Proton Technologies AG has announced that its ProtonMail app on iOS is now fully open source, with the code now available on GitHub. Giving some reasons for the open sourcing of the app, the firm said that it believes “in transparency, the power of community, and building a more private and secure future for all.” The open sourcing of the app follows a security audit of the software carried out by the security firm SEC Consult. Proton said that by opening up its code, it helps build the trust of its users wh
  5. ProtonMail launches public beta of its fully encrypted calendar ProtonMail has announced that it has launched the public beta of ProtonCalendar, the firm’s fully encrypted calendar solution. Unlike alternative products, ProtonCalendar encrypts event titles, descriptions, locations, and participants; this makes it “impossible” for others - including ProtonMail - to see your event details. Commenting on the new product, Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of ProtonMail, said: “Our goal is to create and make widely accessible online products which serve users instead of
  6. Bellingcat journalists targeted by failed phishing attempt Investigative news site Bellingcat has confirmed several of its staff were targeted by an attempted phishing attack on their ProtonMail accounts, which the journalists and the email provider say failed. “Yet again, Bellingcat finds itself targeted by cyber attacks, almost certainly linked to our work on Russia,” wrote Eliot Higgins, founder of the investigative news site in a tweet. “I guess one way to measure our impact is how frequently agents of the Ru
  7. Secure comms biz says it simply follows the law – plus, there's always Tor Updated ProtonMail, a provider of encrypted email, has denied claims that it voluntarily provides real-time surveillance to authorities. Earlier this month, Martin Steiger, a lawyer based in Zurich, Switzerland, attended a presentation in which public prosecutor Stephan Walder, who heads the Cybercrime Competence Center in Zurich, mentioned the company. In a live-tweeted account of the event, subsequently written up on German and recently translated into English, Steiger said
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