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Found 7 results

  1. Firefox 81: PDF Reader gets form filling capabilities and more Mozilla plans to launch several improvements to the PDF reader of the organization's Firefox web browser when the browser hits version 81 later this year. Besides design changes that bring the interface closer to the Photo-style of Firefox, it is form filling and support for layers that Firefox users can look forward to. Firefox 81 will be released on September 22, 2020 according to the Firefox release schedule. The Photon design implementation changes several interface elements of the native Firefox PDF viewer. Icons are now flat and the larger buttons are designed to improve control opens on touch-capable devices. Users may furthermore notice a lack of textures, unnecessary shadows and gradients, and that some animations have been removed to make the page lighter, load faster, and streamline the interface. The following two screenshots show the new PDF viewer in the new light and dark design. The new light and dark designs of the PDF viewer match the browser's own options in regards to light and dark interface themes. Firefox's native PDF viewer has been a reader application up to this point; users could load PDF documents in Firefox to read them right in the browser but there were no options to fill out forms using the component. Mozilla plans to introduce form filling support in Firefox 81. Firefox users may use the new functionality to fill out forms in PDF documents and to save or print the edited documents. Firefox 81 will support AcroForm by default and maybe also XFA-forms, but the latter is not clear yet and depends on how development of the feature progresses in the coming weeks. It is possible that the functionality is postponed and will be introduced in future versions of the browser. Firefox's PDF reader will support layers as well when the browser hits version 81. Lack of support of layers in the native PDF viewer could result in PDF document display issues as content that should not be visible would be visible in the Firefox PDF viewer. Closing Words Firefox users who use the built-in PDF viewer benefit from the change as they will soon be able to fill out forms using the reader. While that is probably only useful to a subset of users who use the reader, it is still a good improvement. Firefox 81: PDF Reader gets form filling capabilities and more
  2. Microsoft details its roadmap for the PDF reader in Edge Today, Microsoft published an update to its roadmap for the PDF reader in its Edge browser. Edge already does more for PDFs than most other browsers, offering a wide array of inking and editing capabilities, but there's more on the way. First, the company outlined the features that are most requested: Fill PDF forms Ink on PDF files with colors and stroke width of your choice Create highlights to [draw] attention to different parts of the file View PDFs in Dark mode Open Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) and Information Rights Management (IRM) protected PDF and view permissions Accessibility support including keyboard accessibility, screen reader support, and capability to view PDFs in high contrast mode Read Aloud (available in Canary) Of course, with those being the top-requested features, that doesn't necessary mean that the team is working on them. One of the things that it's working on, and has been for a long time, is smooth scrolling. This is something that was available in Edge Legacy and was promised for Edge Chromium since the beginning. The team is also working on supporting a table of contents, which can be used to view and navigate through a PDF. In the editing department, there's going to be a highlight mode that you can use by selecting text to highlight it, and you'll be able to add text notes to a PDF file. Support for digital signatures is on the way as well. In the security department, there are improvements to protected PDFs with Microsoft Information Protection. You're going to be able to see sensitivity labels, and you'll be able to view protected files from other organizations. Finally, Microsoft is promising accessibility improvements, such as filling out forms using screen readers and navigating using caret mode. Of course, this is a roadmap update, not a product announcement. These features should make their way into the product eventually, but there's no telling when. The team is still working on basic features like history sync. Microsoft details its roadmap for the PDF reader in Edge
  3. XpdfReader is an open source PDF reader for Windows and Linux If you ask me what the best free PDF reader is, my answer will always be SumatraPDF. Though I used Microsoft Edge (the original one) for PDFs occasionally, I never did shift to it completely. But it's always nice to have an alternative. Most PDF readers come with a "freemium" tag, which can be annoying. Xpdfreader is an exception to this. It is an open source PDF reader that's available for Windows and Linux. Use the File menu to open a new PDF, reload the current one or to print the document. The top left panel in XpdReader's interface is the tabs panel, click on the "+ tab" button to open a new file. Switch between any open documents with a single click. Or, you may open multiple instances of the program by using the "Open in New Window" option. The Window menu can be used to manage open windows and tabs, for e.g. if you want to close one. The other panel on the left is for viewing layered content, bookmarks, in your PDFs. If you find the sidebar distracting, you can toggle it by clicking on the first icon on the toolbar. This is also possible from the View menu. The menu also contains options to enable/disable the toolbar and page labels. You can rotate the page clockwise or counterclockwise or switch to the full screen mode from the view menu. The Display sub-menu in XpdfReader can be used to switch to Single Page, Continuous, Side-by-side Single, Side-by-side Continuous and Horizontal Continuous view modes. These are useful if you want to read a PDF like a book, or a single page document. Note: The view mode won't be of much use if you zoom in too much. Click on the round button in the toolbar to view the error window, it logs messages like incorrect password. The cursor icon is used to switch to the selection mode. When in this mode, draw a box to select an area. Now, click on View > "Zoom to selection" to see the content in a magnified view. Clicking the icon again reverts to the cursor mode, which is useful for selecting text (for copying to other programs). You can navigate pages in XpdfReader using the page number box, input a page number and hit enter to jump to the page. Or use the arrow buttons next to the box to turn pages manually. The next set of buttons are the zoom tools, personally I liked the Zoom menu better. The fit page options let you fit the page to the window, or the page's width. This can be useful, depending on the content of the book. Now one of the things that's considered a primary feature in PDF readers is the pan tool. Normally this is accessible from the toolbar, or left-click or right-click + drag to pan. Xpdfreader does have a pan tool, but to use this, you'll need to hold the middle mouse button. That's not exactly what I'd call convenient. XpdfReader comes with an optional set of utilities called Xpdftools. These are command line tools which come in a portable archive. You can use them to convert the PDF file to text, extract images, etc. Refer to the xpdfrc.txt (inside the tools archive) for more information regarding how to use the tools. The program is based on XpdfWidget which was created by the same developer. You can find the source code on the download page. XpdfReader is a Qt5 application. The program isn't portable. It's a light-weight and speedy PDF reader, though as a SumatraPDF user, I'd prefer the latter. Landing Page: https://www.xpdfreader.com/download.html Source: XpdfReader is an open source PDF reader for Windows and Linux (gHacks - Ashwin)
  4. Qoppa Software has added annotating and form filling capabilities in the latest version of its reliable PDF reader application for Windows, macOS and Linux, PDF Studio Viewer 2018. There are now a multitude of comments available to review and markup PDF documents with text and graphics. These include sticky note, typewriter, text box, callout, shape and text markup annotations. Interactive forms of type Acroform or static XFA can be filled and saved; and support for JavaScript allows for fields calculations, validation and formatting. Qoppa’s PDF Reader can open secure or signed PDF documents, validate digital signatures, manage digital certificates, turn on and off layers, render all types of gradients and transparency, print and search with advanced options, and more. The application has a friendly and powerful user interface. The ribbon layout makes it easy to find all the tools at users’ disposal to view and inspect PDF documents, such as a loupe tool, pan and zoom, grid and rulers. The navigation toolbar and side panels (that display comments, thumbnails, layers, destinations, digital signatures, file attachments and bookmarks) allow to efficiently navigate through PDF documents and their interactive objects. This latest version 2018 really opens up new possibilities for end-users and professionals on all operating systems, but specifically on macOS and Linux, where many existing PDF applications derive from the same technology and have limited support for advanced PDF functions. The PDF format is a very extensive file format, with specifications spanning over 1000 pages. Over the last 15 years, while providing products and services to companies and end-users all over the World, Qoppa Software has developed a robust PDF engine that supports a very wide range of functions and is one of the most advanced on the market. PDF Studio Viewer is free for personal and commercial use. It can be downloaded from Qoppa Software’s website, Amazon, and the Microsoft store. It will soon be available for download on the Apple store. Download PDF Studio Viewer. It comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04. For users needing more than viewing, commenting and filling forms, PDF Studio is also available in Standard and Pro editions with advanced editing capabilities such as OCR, optimization, permanent redaction, inline content editing and interactive form designer.
  5. Ekstar Pdf Reader & Create Link: Play Store Availability: 2 Days Left Ekstar PDF Reader is one of the best reading tools. It can help you to easily manage, and open all the ebooks on your phone.
  6. cinda30

    Genius PDF Reader 2.1

    Language: Multilanguage Platform: x86 / x64 Developer: http://liquidpsi.com/ Medicine: Not required (Freeware) System requirements: Windows ® XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1Download: deleted :unsure: Description: Quick view e-books and comics. Despite its compact size, extremely briskly works immediately downloading files. Allow any file to convert to PDF document, thanks to a virtual printer, install the operating system. Key Features and Benefits:• Opens PDF-files • Opens EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, FB2 • Opens CBR & CBZ • Opens the image files: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF, TGA • To print the PDF-files and eBooks • search and copy text • 100% FREE! • Multilingual: translations in 53 languages Note: This software includes optional additional software. The application also installs a virtual printer. In using it, you are in any application that knows how to print, you can quickly make a conversion every document into a PDF. You just want to ask a printout of the file and the list of printers, choose Genius PDF Converter. Changes in version Release date: 2013-11-14 New Features and improvements: • Improved compatibility with Windows 8.1 • Change default ebook font to Georgia (serif) • Correct a bug with Genius PDF Converter not working when reinstalled • Some language fixes • General bug fixing and improved performances
  7. Nitro Pro 9 It's free ! Description :Powerful – but inexpensive – PDF creation, editing and management tool. Between midday Thursday October 10th and midday midday Saturday October 12th, you can win one of 40 Nitro Pro 9, worth a total $5599, for FREE! get a 1-PC non-expiring license for free :) Promo link :http://giveaway.downloadcrew.com/offer/nitro_pro/31234
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