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  1. Patch Tuesday: Here's what's new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this month We're 13 days into October, but it's not truly a new month until Microsoft releases its Patch Tuesday updates for Windows, and as we're on the second Tuesday of the month, that happens today. Along with all supported versions of Windows 10, there are also new cumulative updates rolling out to Windows 8.1 and some Windows 7 users. There are two kinds of updates for each operating system - the monthly rollup update and the security-only update. For Windows 8.1, the monthly rollup upda
  2. Microsoft releases Windows 10 builds 19041.572, 18363.1139 - here's what's new Today is Patch Tuesday, and you know what that means. All supported versions of Windows are getting updated today. In the arena of Windows 10, that means every version except for version 1511. Yes, Microsoft still supports nine versions of Windows 10, plus there's an update that Insiders are getting today for version 20H2. Let's start with the newest version. If you're on Windows 10 version 2004 or an Insider on version 20H2, you'll get KB4579311, bringing the build number to 1904
  3. Here's what's new for Windows 8.1 and 7 this Patch Tuesday We are now in the second Tuesday of September, and in usual Microsoft fashion, that means it's Patch Tuesday. Every supported version of Windows is getting updates today, and that includes Windows 8.1. Plus, if you're paying for extended security updates (ESU), there are new updates for Windows 7, too. As usual, there are two flavors of the monthly updates, one containing only security fixes and one with other quality fixes, the monthly rollup update. For Windows 8.1, the monthly r
  4. 0days, a failed patch, and a backdoor threat. Update Tuesday highlights A few of the more notable updates in this month's patch batch from Microsoft. Enlarge 67 with 39 posters participating, including story author Microsoft on Tuesday patched 120 vulnerabilities, two that are notable because they’re under active attack and a third because it fixes a previous patch for a security flaw that allowed attackers to gain a backdoor that persisted even after a machine was updated. Zero-day vulnerabilities get th
  5. Here's what's new for Windows 7 and 8.1 this Patch Tuesday If you look at your calendars today, you may notice that it's the second Tuesday of August, and that means it's time for this month's Patch Tuesday from Microsoft. As usual, every supported version of Windows is getting updates, and that includes Windows 8.1. Windows 7 is no longer support for most users, but if you're paying for Extended Security Updates (ESU), you can still get updates for a few more years. As usual, there are two types of updates going out - a monthly rollup update and
  6. It’s Patch Tuesday: These are the Cumulative Update changelogs for Windows 10 It’s Patch Tuesday again, and Microsoft has released a set of updates for all supported versions of Windows 10. The updates bring the following fixes and improvements: Windows 10 version 1903 and 1903 For Windows 10, version 1903 and 1903 Microsoft is releasing KB4549951 (OS Builds 18362.778 and 18363.778) which brings the following fixes and improvements: Highlights Updates to improve security when using Microso
  7. Disappearing SMBv3 patch, non-security Office patches, and a so-far-mild Patch Tuesday With lots of drama over a patch that was never released, and a handful of non-security Office patches that should’ve been released a week ago, this month’s Patch Tuesday is progressing surprisingly well. Thinkstock/Microsoft It’s been almost 24 hours since this month’s Patch Tuesday patches rolled out. The good news: Almost everybody patching individual machines reports smooth sailing. That’s remarkabl
  8. Multiple enterprise vendors fix security bugs: Patch Tuesday - Week 2, February 2019 Cisco Cisco has released three security advisories to fix major flaws in its products. They are described below. Cisco Webex Meetings Online Content Injection Vulnerability - This vulnerability allowed remote attackers to inject arbitrary text into a user’s browser when using Cisco Webex. Container Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products : February 2019 - runc CLI tool used by certain Cisco p
  9. Microsoft has released today its monthly roll-up of security updates known as Patch Tuesday. In this month's update train, the Redmond-based OS maker has patched 50 vulnerabilities across nine products, including the Windows OS, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, ChakraCore, the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps. While in the previous four months the company has patched four zero-days in a row, this month's Patch Tuesday did not include security updates for actively-exploited
  10. September Patch Tuesday rolling out The September 2019 patches are out, and there’s a bumper crop: 216 separate patches in the Catalog – for all versions of Windows 80 identified security holes (CVEs) Two listed as “known” and two listed as “under active attack” – but all four of those are listed as “Important,” not “Critical.” Three of the four are “Elevation of Privilege” which means you have to be infected first before these security holes can be leveraged. The fourth requires that the miscreant have physical control over your machine. Apparent fix for the Sear
  11. Patch Tuesday problems persist: Start stops, Edge crumbles, Outlook and VMware shake It looks as if we’ve escaped the major inherited bug in Microsoft’s rapid-fire series of Windows patches — the printing problems have subsided. Now we’re seeing reports of a second wave of bugs: Start menu has critical errors, Edge won’t launch, Outlook won’t authenticate, and VMware looks suspect. It’s a mighty mess. Thinkstock/Microsoft I reported two days ago that Microsoft seems to have fixed the printing bugs it introduced in the first CVE-2019-1367 Internet
  12. Patch Tuesday arrives with Access error, 1909 in tow, and a promise of no more 'optional' patches this year November's Patch Tuesday packed a wallop — errors in Access; an annoying carousel of never-ending Malicious Software Removal Tool installations, now fixed; several new Servicing Stack updates; another IE 'exploited' security hole shrouded in secrecy; a promise that we won’t see any more 'optional non-security' cumulative updates this year; and a new but not new version 1909 rollout. Thinkstock/Microsoft Editor's note: An earl
  13. Today is the second Tuesday of the month, making it Patch Tuesday. That means that there are cumulative updates available for all supported versions of Windows. The amount of supported versions goes up by one today, as version 1909 was released. Today also marked the end of support for version 1803, but only for Home and Pro SKUs, so there are still updates for Enterprise and Education. Moving forward, versions 1903 and 1909 will get the same updates, since it's just an enablement package that increases the build. Today's update is KB4524570, and that brings the build number to 183
  14. It's that time of the month again when every supported version of Windows gets an update with a bunch of fixes. This week, in addition to cumulative updates, we saw the release of the Windows 10 November 2019 Update. Windows 7 and 8.1 haven't been forgotten just yet, and there's a couple of updates for these older versions of the OS, too. As usual, this month's updates come in two flavors, a monthly rollup and a security-only update. For Windows 8.1 and Window Server 2012 R2 users, the monthly rollup is KB4525243, and it can be downloaded manually here. The security update is KB452
  15. It's that time of the month again when Microsoft unleashes an array of updates to all of the supported versions of Windows. This includes, of course, multiple versions of Windows 10, but also Windows 7 and 8.1. As usual, each OS gets two different kinds of updates - a monthly rollup and a security-only update. For Windows 8.1, the monthly rollup update is KB4530702, and it can be downloaded manually from here. It comes with a single change: Security updates to Windows Virtualization, Windows Kernel, Windows Peripherals, the Microsoft Scripting Engine, and Windows Server.
  16. Patch Tuesday brings a reprise of the Autopilot debacle, now quashed, and another Win7 nag December’s Patch Tuesday seems to be causing few problems — no doubt because it’s a very minimal crop, with very few announced bug fixes. The 'exploited' security flaw is a yawner. A one-off patch for Autopilot, KB 4532441, has already been pulled, reminiscent of the October debacle. But Win7 does get a full-screen nag, and 1909 hasn’t been fixed. Happy holidays. Thinkstock/Microsoft Patch Tuesday in December rarely brings anything worthwhile
  17. Patch Tuesday: 99 holes, 'exploited' IE fix, Win7 mayhem and UEFI ghost Microsoft’s February 2020 Patch Tuesday fixes are out, and the result is a huge, jumbled mess. With 164 patches plugging 99 separately identified security holes, klaxon calls to fix an “exploited” IE JScript hole, an unidentified UEFI software manufacturer in the crosshairs, and a Win7 rollout that would make PT Barnum blanch, you’re better off on the sidelines. Thinkstock/Microsoft What a month it’s been – and the Patch Tuesday patches have only been out for 24 hour
  18. While today's big news are around Microsoft's Developer Day event focused on dual-screen devices and the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event, Microsoft is still on course with Patch Tuesday. In addition to updates for every supported version of Windows 10, there's also a couple of updates for older releases. As you may remember, Windows 7 is actually no longer supported, so these updates are only for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. As usual, there are two different updates, a monthly rollup and a security-only update that only includes security fixes. Starting with the security
  19. WALLONN7

    Total Meltdown?

    Total Meltdown? Did you think Meltdown was bad? Unprivileged applications being able to read kernel memory at speeds possibly as high as megabytes per second was not a good thing. Meet the Windows 7 Meltdown patch from January. It stopped Meltdown but opened up a vulnerability way worse ... It allowed any process to read the complete memory contents at gigabytes per second, oh - it was possible to write to arbitrary memory as well. No fancy exploits were needed. Windows 7 already did the hard work of mapping in the required memory into every running process. Exploitati
  20. Microsoft resolved three public disclosures and updated its Spectre and Meltdown advisory this July Patch Tuesday. In total, Microsoft addressed about 54 vulnerabilities. Microsoft announced three public disclosures from the 54 vulnerabilities released in the July Patch Tuesday. An elevation of privilege public disclosure (CVE-2018-8313) affects all OSes except Windows 7. Attackers could impersonate processes, cross-process communication or interrupt system functionality to elevate their privilege levels. The patch addresses this issue by ensuring that the W
  21. Not sure if this goes here. Today 15th January 2014 I decided to run windows updates, a.k.a. patch Tuesday. I started it at 01:30. Downloaded, asked for a reboot. Windows rebooted. Then the pause, the update screen the ticker stating how much is done. Stuck at 32%. Then b.s.o.d. This happened twice. Finally it worked, so I thought. Darn updates interfered with my u.s.b. 3 2 t.b. h.d.d. configuration. Now one don't work. I fixed this before, by unplugging the u.s.b. 3 drive affected, rebooting and after display screen plugging in u.s.b. 3 drive. However go to desktop; notified that drivers were
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