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Found 16 results

  1. HX1


    This topic is dedicated to all nsane related graphic design, its members, and their creativity. This is the ' Designer's Corner '... for nsane.down and nsane.forums. All related work can be posted/shared here. This is open to everyone from Novice to Advanced. Do not be afraid to share! Accepted work: Wallpapers Banners Avatars Website Graphics Ads and Buttons Icons Visual Styles Themes Program Skins TrueTransparency Skins Rainmeter Configs Litestep Themes Sidebar Gadgets Videos Mods Resources Stock Images Templates ...anything else you can come up with... Reasons why this thread is good for you: show off your skills... show your creativity... show your support... finally put your software to good use... share with your friends... give nsane your own creative twist.. be a marketing specialist... impress the neighbors... bring peace and goodwill to mankind... have fun... be a fanatic! Questionable material may be moderated... Submission Guidelines: Use 800 x 500 size previews, for large images ( Preview as Attachment ) Smaller images can be placed as previews ( 500px wide or less ) Include short description Sharecode links to questionable resources and material * This post is being revised and updated 12.14.15
  2. ⍟[What's New]:- ChangeLog- AdGuard(Premium)Nightly(v3.1.84.Build.3001084):- ●[+] [Fix(regression)] Userscripts aren't exported/imported alongside AG settings; ●[+] [Fix] Change the user filter / whitelist export filename; ●[+] [Fix] Double tap is required to start the protection; ●[+] [Fix] Filters groups statuses aren't restored from the backup; ●[+] [Fix] Landscape mode freezes in latest Beta (3.1); ●[+] [Fix] Update CoreLibs to 1.4.79; ●[+] [Fix] Userscripts aren't exported/imported alongside AG settings; ●[+] [Update] Review the new current strings. ⍟Mod-Details:-AdGuard(Premium)Nightly(v3.1.84.Build.3001084)[Mod By Balatan]:- ●[+]Premium Features Unlocked. Reddit we Good! Site: http://www.mediafire.com Sharecode: /file/bcesg7c5v3kjw5o/AdGuard%28Premium%29Nightly%28v3.1.84.Build.3001084%29%5BMod+By+Balatan%5D.apk
  3. Twitch Is a game ©️ op that! Site: https://www.mediafire.com Sharecode: /file/ldhij6odssal1hs/tv.twitch.android.app-7.9.0-(709000)--(Arm64-v8a-%2B-Armeabi-v7a-%2B-x86-%2B-x86_64)_A2zApk.com.apk
  4. I have noticed recently that NSANE tabs are very slow to switch between if I have more than 1 NSANE tab open. All other tabs are fine. It is only NSANE tabs that are affected. I am using Firefox 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit. I have just switched to IPS Default theme, and it seems to be quicker.
  5. jalaffa

    nsane's cats

    Yes - I do have an appointment with the vet for a castration of you tomorrow. Sorry :( edit: This thread is for you to share pictures of your beloved friends who happen to be cats. Only private pictures (i.e not some that you found on the internet) should be posted.
  6. I keep getting the following when going to nsanedown.com This page isn’t working www.nsanedown.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  7. Ha91

    Recent Silence on Website

    Hi guys, I noticed that I was not able to post or comment. I don't know the reason as to why was there a lockdown on the forum? Can anyone elaborate on this matter? Thank you
  8. Pumpiron

    New Name, Old face

    Just wanted to say "Hey" was up, new name longtime member
  9. I upgraded ESET to ten and I remember posting on a post or thread about allowing ESET to allow this website an I have allowed it the problem it finds favicon and sixteen items from nsanedown to block and nsanedown doesnt load properly if anybody has any ideas please share and I apologize in advance if this has been posted then just show me the thread where its posted and lock this topic or send me a pm thank you in advance.
  10. Getting the same notification eMail message from the forum two times every minute. Please fix.
  11. hi, as I told a couple of admins my twitter login is not working. I'm a user since 2012 aprox. maybe more.. and I can't login so I created this account to complain about it. I tried different browsers without success. Regards
  12. 2005 VW Golf MKV GTI Manual Red Stock
  13. Hey guys.. i was just about to post a tutorial.. then i realized i can't copy & paste from notepad? the problem is only on nSaneForums? Im using: - IE 11 - Windows 8 i can copy & paste other sites like pastebin. i also enabled copy & paste in Security Options. anyone have any suggestions? ============================ EDIT: - found out why.. IE 11 is not compatible with PHP Boards :( - a work around is to turn off the Rich Text Editor (top left corner switch)
  14. locoJoe

    nsane is a good good

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate nsane and the forums. It is one of my favorite places on the web and I am damn glad it exists. I am not saying this to get brownie points or anything like that, I dont roll that way. I think anyone here who has read my posts and/or had a pm session with me knows I speak my mind (for good or bad) and I am certainly no ass kisser. BUT speaking ur mind dont always have to be negative. SO I am saying this as a proud member of nsane. A big hats off to all the staff/mods/admins and all members for making this a real cool place. I also appreciate all the work done to the forums lately, nsane has never been faster or more reliable for me atleast...Thank You. For those of you who do not care so much for me (you know who you are) this goes for you to. Anyways this isnt about me, it is about nsane and the truley unique and wonderful site that it is. Long live nsane, g/l have fun. Sincerly locoJoe.
  15. BookCase

    How to be a ViP member?

    I would like to be VIP, I don't post much but, have been coming here since 2007 and refer everyone i know to nsane.down. What else can I do?
  16. geeteam

    Twitter Spree

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